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Udaipur Event Management is a Wedding Theme planner and Decorators based in Udaipur also providing its services in Gogunda, Jhadol, Kherwara, Kotra, Lasadiya, Mavli, Rishabhdeo, Salumbar, Sarada, Vallabhnagar, Rajasthan. our company has a group of youthful and inventive Indian wedding planners, who specialize to implement the wedding themes to assuage the customers. Whether you are planning theme wedding or looking forward to exclusive wedding decorations concepts, Udaipur Event Management has one-stop solutions for all client’s demands. our company has its own theme wedding event management company in Udaipur with its colleague in (Rajasthan- Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer) \or in any part of India. Our best theme wedding planner team comprehend the requirements of our customers and provides them with the latest wedding themes and wedding decoration ideas. The wedding event is deliberated as an encouraging moment in everyone’s life. To make this event more significant and extraordinary, we provide highly trustworthy Wedding Stage Decoration With Theme. Our comprehensive wedding event management service leaves a memorable impact on the clients. We plan, organize, and accomplish wedding events in an awe-inspiring manner. We take care of each and every minute thing for making the event successful and gratifying. The decoration should be stylish like a flower, colors, fabrics, lighting, luxury, party themes, etc. We believe in integrating such Traditional ingredients with Modern Elements to make it more stylish & dignified.

Stages Decoration

Wedding stage decoration may contain numerous elements such as traditional flowers, oriental flowers, standees and props, curtains, drapes, crystals, decorative stones and mirrors, and other soft decorative elements. Each wedding stage is customized for different couples and their tastes and opinions are incorporated in the design. Based on budget and color preferences, the wedding stage decoration will be customized.

With due care given to lighting, movement, and flow, the designing team creates 3-D models of the entire wedding venue. 3-D modeled stages are the rough outputs of how a wedding stage would look on the wedding day.

Here is a look at some of the wedding stages designed and conceptualized by our in-house wedding stage designers
  • Diamond Jaimala theme
  • Lotus Theme
  • Karlie manage theme
  • Led Split Theme
  • Lotus Theme
  • Led Flying Drummer
  • 3D Mapping Theme
  • Catering Setup

Today, many couples are choosing destination weddings and holding a reception for their local friends and family members once they return home. Other financially savvy couples are paring down the cost of their big day by holding the ceremony and reception at their home or the home of a family member.

Whatever your reason you’re choosing to hold your reception at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t feed your guests well. It also doesn’t mean that you have to prepare and serve the food and clean up afterward.

Reception Catering Services

Before you work out your wedding catering menu for home reception, consider the space to determine the logistics of feeding your guests.

Many couples set the food up on tables in the backyard, as this provides a large, open space for your guests together – and it helps keep food off your carpet and furniture. If you plan to set your reception up in this way, be sure you have an alternative in the event of inclement weather.

You can also consider setting up the food in different parts of the house. Consider setting up finger foods and a beverage station near your home’s entryway. That way your guests can grab a few noshes and a beverage when they arrive. You could also consider having passed appetizers, circulated by servers. Then set up the main meal as a buffet in the kitchen or dining room.

Or, you could choose a more formal route and have a plated dinner.

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Wedding Catering Menu Ideas for a Home Reception

Design your wedding catering menu based on how you choose to set up the food.

If you’re planning a buffet-style set-up, consider using a theme. A backyard barbecue, for example, or a Hawaiian luau. Or consider having chefs’ stations in various locations around the property, each serving a different delicacy.

To ensure that your at-home wedding reception food is everything you’ve dreamed of, develop the menu in conjunction with your catering company. They can make recommendations based on your budget and the logistics of your venue.

Choose Your Wedding Catering Company Early

If you’re planning an at-home reception, get your wedding caterer lined up as early as possible in the process. If you choose Udaipur Event Management, we can help you coordinate many of the tasks associated with planning a wedding reception.

We are committed to making your wedding reception stress-free, no matter what venue you choose. And, because we handle more than 500 weddings every year, you can rest assured we know exactly how to do that.

If you’re planning an event in Provo or anywhere in the Lake City area, we would love to craft the perfect menu for you and your guests to enjoy. Our prices are affordable, and we are known for the quality of our food. Contact us today to attend a tasting, request a quote, or to learn more about wedding catering for your upcoming reception.

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