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Hire the best wedding entertainers through our curated list of entertainment DJs, celebrity artists, live singers, rappers, dancers, band performers, emcees, and anchors. We have the most exciting wedding entertainment ideas to choose from.
Our wedding entertainment services include a plethora of options, which will make you and the guests swoon with pleasure. From stand-up comedians to guitarists, we have out-of-the-box ideas for each and every occasion. Wedding entertainment is not just limited to celebrity performances, we offer a wide array of wedding entertainment services including party games for the couple and the guests to keep them amused throughout the function.
The wedding dance is one of the memorable affairs for the couple and the guest, for which we provide the best wedding choreographers to choose from. From the latest numbers to Bhangra performances, we have a wide array for you to select from.

Furthermore, the bride and groom entry is an unforgettable memory that leaves a lasting impression on the spectators, so look no more – because we conceptualize the couple’s entry in unique ways that definitely leave a mark.

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Dhol Wala in Udaipur

We can provide experienced and professional Dhol players for your next event. Our traditional Dhol is make a great addition to the Mehndi night, Sangeet, Baraat Procession or during the Shaadi. Although we specialize in Indian Weddings, our talented Dhol is are available to play at various other occasions including Private Parties, Cultural Shows/ Performances, Club Events and Concerts. We are dedicated to creating a memorable night and leaving the crowd inspired, energized and ready to Bhangra.

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Live Dhol can add fervor to any service. For the occasions, we differ the beats for each combine that meets and furthermore modify as indicated by what’s going on. Towards the finish of every union when the festoons are traded, the Dhol is played the loudest and speediest. Upon ask for, our Dhol players can likewise dress in customary Punjabi outfits to make an energetic yet social environment.

Punjab Bagpipe Band

Hire professional Brass band, Bagpiper band, Dhol Band, Fauji Band & Shadi Band in Udaipur for mehandi, ring ceremony, wedding. Bagpipe bands always look so fascinating and listening to the tunes of it is always fun. These bands have their origin rooted to Scottish and Irish military. They were used at formal ceremonies and other national events before. Over the time bagpipes were liked by people and started getting all the fame and their demand for other events arose. Bagpipe bands are now in demand for ceremonies like marriage, corporate events, promotions and other functions as well.

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