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Wedding Tent Decoration Udaipur|Haldi Mehandi Flower Decor|Reception Stage|Light Decoration

We offer a wide range of high quality wedding tent services that are widely in demand by our customers. We offer reliable services to our clients on timely basis and at leading market prices. We offer quality tent decoration and also customize our services as per client’s requirements. We, are highly appreciated by our clients for offering qualitative Pandal decoration services. Our experienced Pandal decorators beautifully craft the wedding Pandal that enhance the elegance of your wedding day. We also provide wide assortment of back-drops with the stage and our florist can provide you with classy flowers for the day. Tent, Light, Flower Decoration, Mehndi Function, Ladies Sangeet, Reception, Wedding Planner, Event Management Udaipur, Rajasthan

Welcome to Udaipur event Management, where we specialize in transforming dreams into reality amidst the enchanting landscapes of Udaipur. As your premier destination wedding planner, we curate unforgettable experiences that reflect your unique love story against the backdrop of Udaipur’s majestic palaces, serene lakes, and vibrant culture. Let us guide you through the journey of creating your dream destination wedding in the City of Lakes.

  1. Venue Selection: From opulent palaces to scenic lakeside resorts, we help you find the perfect venue that sets the stage for your dream wedding.
  2. Customized Planning: Our team works closely with you to create a customized wedding plan that encompasses every aspect of your celebration, from themes and decor to logistics and timelines.
  3. Vendor Coordination: We handle all vendor negotiations, contracts, and logistics, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is executed flawlessly.
  4. Guest Management: From accommodation arrangements to transportation and hospitality services, we take care of every detail to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience for your guests.

Udaipur for Your Destination Wedding

  1. Scenic Beauty: Udaipur’s picturesque landscapes, including the shimmering Lake Pichola and the majestic Aravalli hills, provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding festivities.
  2. Rich Heritage: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Udaipur, with its historic palaces, intricate architecture, and vibrant traditions that add a touch of grandeur to your celebration.
  3. Luxurious Venues: From heritage properties to luxury resorts, Udaipur offers a plethora of exquisite venues that exude elegance and charm, perfect for hosting your dream wedding.
  4. Destination Appeal: Udaipur’s accessibility, coupled with its reputation as a top destination wedding location, makes it an ideal choice for couples seeking a memorable and magical wedding experience.

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Wedding Tent Decoration Event Management Company Udaipur

  1. Truss Gate
  2. Gallery
  3. Lobby
  4. Stage
  5. Gazebo
  6. Food Truss
  7. Chair
  8. Sofa
  9. Couch
  10. Mandap
  11. Huts
  12. Sagai Sitting Arrangement
  13. Mist Fan / Cooler / Fan
  14. Deewan Setup
  15. Round Table Sitting Arrangement
  16. Light Decoration


  1. Frill Decoration
  2. Wooden Setup
  3. Glass Setup

Event Management Team Udaipur

  1. Food Management
  2. Venue Management
  3. Vendor Management
  4. Management Boys
  5. Help Desk

Logistics Transport Management

  1. Bus (AC / Non AC) 56 Seater
  2. Tempo Traveller 18 Seater
  3. Innova 7 Seater
  4. Swift 4 Seater
  5. Udaipur Sightseeing
  6. Old Vintage Car
  7. Limousine
  8. BMW
  9. Audi
  10. Jaguar
  11. Mercedes

Welcome Concept

  1. Kachhi Ghodi Dance
  2. Shahanai Nagara
  3. Ravanhatha Classical Instrument
  4. Sitar Vadan, Tabla
  5. Welcome Rajasthani Singer with Harmonium , Dholak
  6. Rajasthani Welcome Girls for Tilak and Garlanding
  7. Darjeeling Welcome Girls
  8. Punjabi Dhol for Welcome
  9. Flute Player Artist

Mehanadi with Carnival

  1. Mud Art (Pot Maker)
  2. Lac Bangle Making
  3. Astrologer with Parrot
  4. Puppet Show
  5. Gas Baloon
  6. Bioscope
  7. Mehandi Wali
  8. Tattoo Art
  9. Nail Art
  10. Barber
  11. Press Wala
  12. Shoe Polish
  13. Bindi Wala
  14. Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth
  15. Magician
  16. Portrait Artist
  17. kite flying
  18. Phoolo ki holi(flower shower machine, rose & flower petals)
  19. Auto,old Cycle for photo booth
  20. Spa Girls
  21. Malish Wala
  22. chana chor garam Wala
  23. Food Stall
  24. Pan Wala
  25. Fire Paan
  26. Gudiya Ball
  27. Sugar Cane Juice
  28. fruit stall(Bor, Imli, Amrud, seasonal fruits)
  29. Gola Wala
  30. Popcorn Counter
  31. Candy Floss
  32. Chai Wala

Game Zone

  1. Horse Ride
  2. Camel Ride
  3. Ring Game
  4. Dart Game
  5. Baloon Shooting
  6. Bouncie
  7. Tempoline
  8. Bull Ride
  9. Bungee Jumping
  10. Archery (NishaneBaji)
  11. Rice Art

Bride Groom Entry Concept

  1. White Angel Open Auto Entry Concept
  2. Feather Girls Entry Concept
  3. LED Feather Girls Entry Concept
  4. Pandit Entry Concept
  5. Baggi Entry with White Angel
  6. Baggi with Lavajma
  7. Lawazma with Palki
  8. Flower Showering Helicopter

Revolving Stage

  1. Revolving Stage – Heart Theme
  2. Wedding Card Revolving Stage Entry Concept
  3. Revolving Stage – Moon Theme
  4. Revolving Stage – Pearl Theme
  5. Revolving Stage – Lotus Theme
  6. Fire Revolving Stage (Havan Kund)
  7. Cold Fire Entry Concept
  8. Old Vintage Car Entry Concept
  9. Flower sheet for bride (Phoolon ki Chadar)
  10. Ram Leela Bullet Entry
  11. Bullet Entry (Three Tyre)
  12. Punjabi Dhol with Dancer
  13. Lavajma
  14. Paan
  15. Chatra
  16. Mashal / Fire Torch
  17. Bhaala / Javelin
  18. Bankiya / Tutari
  19. Nagara
  20. Dulhan Paalki
  21. Chavar

Wedding Services

  1. Wedding Pandit
  2. Baraat Welcome
  3. Beauticians- Bride Groom Makeup Artist
  4. Safa Turban Pagadi Tieing for Guest
  5. White Ghori / Horse
  6. Baggi (single horse,2 horse, 4 horse)
  7. Elephant
  8. Fireworks Show
  9. Niagara Falls in Fireworks
  10. Rajasthani Dhabha Food Setup
  11. Car Decoration
  12. Mahila Ladies Sangeet Dance Choreographer
  13. Wedding Invitation Videos
  14. Venue / Hotel Booking
  15. Room kit
  16. Room Hamper
  17. Baraat Band
  18. Royal Brass Band
  19. Police Band
  20. Bagpiper Band (Punjab)
  21. Bagpiper Band (Udaipur)
  22. Dancing Brass Band
  23. Entertainment Program
  24. Folk Dance
  25. Mathura Mayur Dance
  26. Punjabi Dhol from Punjab
  27. Punjabi Dhol from Udaipur
  28. Bollywood Dance Troupe
  29. Male Anchor
  30. Female Anchor
  31. Comedian / Mimicry Artist
  32. Classical Orchestra Flute, Tabla, Santoor, Jaltarang, Keyboard
  33. Foam Dance Party
  34. Bachelor Party
  35. Rain Dance Pool Party
  36. Bollywood Singer
  37. Punjbi Singer
  38. Ghazal Singer
  39. Mehandi Singers
  40. Sufi Singer Band
  41. Mathura Radha krishna Milk stall
  42. Bar Tender
  43. Bar Setup
  44. Juggler
  45. Fire Breath
  46. Orchestra Band Live Rock Singer Concerts Performer
  47. Keyboard
  48. Octapad
  49. Drum
  50. Conga dholak
  51. Violin
  52. Langa Party (Rajasthani folk singer)
  53. Khartal
  54. Sarangi
  55. Morchang
  56. Harmonium
  57. Dholak
  58. Bhapang
  59. Algoza
  60. Photography
  61. Candid Photography
  62. Pre wedding Shoot
  63. Crane
  64. Helicam
  65. Photo Book Album Sheet
  66. Videography
  67. Photography
  68. Security Guard
  69. Parking Guard
  70. Bouncer
  71. Darban
  72. Gun Man

D.J Sound & Light Setup

  1. Basic Sound Setup 2 Top speaker, 1 Cordless Mic, Laptop
  2. One Way Truss 1 way Truss, 2 Base, 2 Top Speaker,2 Monitor, Mixer, 8 Standing LED Light, 2 Sharpee, Smoke Machine, 2 Mic
  3. Two Way Truss “2 Way Truss, 2 Base, 2 Top Speaker, 2 Monitor, Mixer, 16 LED Light, 6 Sharpee, 2 Smoke Machine, 4 Mic
  4. Four Way Truss “4 Way Truss, 4 Base, 4 Top Speaker, 4 Monitor, Yamaha Mixer, 50 LED Light ,8 Sharpee, 2 Smoke Machine, 8 Mic
  5. Four Way Truss with VRX “4 Way Truss, 4 Base, 4 Top Speaker, 4 Monitor, 2 VRX, Yamaha Mixer, 50 LED Light ,8 Sharpee, 2 Smoke Machine, 8 Mic
  6. LED Wall 8 X 12, 12 X 20, 16 X 40, 2 X 10
  7. Decoration
  8. Balloon Decoration
  9. Flower Decoration
  10. Home Light & Flower Decoration
  11. HandiCraft
  12. Mozari Wala
  13. Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth
  14. Lac Bangle Making
  15. Bangle Stall
  16. Photobooth
  17. Rajasthani Photo Booth
  18. Old Scooter
  19. Old Cycle
  20. Old Rickshaw
  21. Photo Props Sticks
  22. Flower Frames
  23. Old Open Auto
  24. Vintage Car
  25. Vintage Bullet (Three Tyre )
  26. Flex
  27. Welcome Banner
  28. Welcome Standee
  29. International Artist
  30. Belly Dance
  31. Wings Dance
  32. Fire dance
  33. Hostess
  34. Flower & Red Carpet Girl
  35. Led Table & Bar Staller
  36. Dummy Violin for Bride Entry
  37. Musicians
  38. Mujra Dance
  39. Carnival Dancer
  40. London Girl For Barat
  41. Cheerleader
  42. Led Butterfly Angels
  43. Pixel Poi
  44. Welcome Models Fairy Flower Girl Hostess
  45. Chandelier
  46. Flute Mermaid
  47. Live Human Fountain
  48. Gogo Coyoye Pole Dance Act
  49. Martini Act


Detail Description Of Udaipur Event Management

A royal wedding requires a warm and special welcome. We cater to your needs for the Royal welcome at the wedding. We provide you with a number of options for Royal welcome for weddings to choose from. We provide wearing Rajasthani welcome girls for weddings to receive the guests, who are dressed up in elaborately embroidered colorful costumes. These welcome girls receive the guests with Perfume spraying and rose petal shower or tilak on the forehead

Experience the heartwarming hospitality of Rajasthan with our exquisite guest welcome services. At udaipur event management, we take pride in extending traditional Rajasthani warmth and charm to all our guests, ensuring that their arrival is marked with joyous celebrations and memorable experiences.

Why Choose Our Rajasthani Guest Welcome Services?

  1. 🌟 Authentic Rajasthani Welcome: Immerse your guests in the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan from the moment they arrive, with our authentic Rajasthani welcome rituals and customs.
  2. 🎉 Vibrant Welcome Celebrations: Add a touch of festivity to your event with vibrant welcome ceremonies, featuring traditional music, dance, and colorful decorations.
  3. 🏰 Royal Treatment: Treat your guests like royalty with our regal welcome services, inspired by the grandeur of Rajasthan’s majestic palaces and forts.
  4. 🌺 Personalized Touch: Tailor-made to suit your preferences and requirements, our guest welcome services can be customized to reflect your unique style and vision.

The guests welcome services we provides are:

  1. Traditional Arti and Tikka Ceremony: Extend blessings and good wishes to your guests with a traditional arti and tikka ceremony, performed by skilled artisans.
  2. Shehnai and Nagara Performance: Enchant your guests with the melodious tunes of the shehnai and the rhythmic beats of the nagara, creating a joyous atmosphere.
  3. Rajasthani Folk Dance Performance: Transport your guests to the colorful world of Rajasthan with captivating folk dance performances, showcasing the vibrant culture of the region.
  4. Welcome Drink and Refreshments: Quench your guests’ thirst with refreshing welcome drinks, featuring traditional Rajasthani beverages and delicacies.
  5. Floral Garland Exchange: Welcome your guests with garlands of fragrant flowers, symbolizing love, respect, and friendship.
  6. Decorative Rangoli and Toran: Adorn the entrance with intricate rangoli designs and torans, adding an auspicious and decorative touch to the welcome area.
  • Elephant
  • Ghodi
  • Camel
  • Baggi
  • Doli – Palki
  • Lawajama
  • Brass Band
  • Royal Welcome
  • Bagpiper Band
  • Dhol And Bhangra
  • Lights
  • Rajasthani Folk
  • Safa Bandhai
  • Shehnai
  • Vintage Car
  • Rajasthani Welcome Girls
  • Traditional Welcome Girls
  • Rajasthani Poshak Girls
  • Cultural Welcome Performers
  • Rajasthani Folk Welcome
  • Traditional Greeting Girls
  • Rajasthani Hospitality Girls
  • Vibrant Welcome Performers
  • Rajasthani Folk Dancers
  • Traditional Rajasthani Greeters
  • Rajasthani Ghoomar Dancers
  • Cultural Welcome Entertainers
  • Rajasthani Welcome Dance
  • Folk Welcome Artists
  • Rajasthani Welcome Ceremony
  • Traditional Rajasthani Welcome
  • Rajasthani Cultural Ambassadors
  • Authentic Welcome Performers
  • Rajasthani Welcome Entertainment
  • Folk Dance Welcome Girls


Are you planning to get married? Then hire the best wedding planners in Udaipur, to make your wedding day memorable and unique. Our Wedding Planners help successfully plan your wedding day and see that everything runs smoothly. One of the important parts of the wedding is Bride and Goom Entry. We are specialists in Bride and Groom Entry Concepts in Udaipur whether we have to plan Bride and Groom Entry in Sangeet or it is wedding entry for bride and groom, we do it all. We offer Couple Entry Theme, Bridal Entry Theme, and Groom Entry Theme and do arrangements to make your entry special and exclusive whether in a couple or either as a Groom or Bride. To make your entry special we offer Bride and Groom entry in Vintage Cars, Dance Entry, With Dhols, Horse Carriages, and many more. Our services make us the best Bride and groom entry planners in Udaipur planning your entrance to a wedding with our unique bride and groom grand entrance ideas.

A wedding or reception party holds a very important place in a couple’s life. For brides, their entry is the moment when everyone’s attention and eyes are on her and the way she enters. Keeping in mind the most important walk of your life, our planners plan your entrance and make it a grand bridal entry to your wedding. We plan your entry with a pretty phoolon ki chaadar, Carnival Theme, Carriage Bride Entrance, Sparkler Bride Entry, Vintage Car Bride Entrance, Palki Bride Entry, and many more Bride entry themes for your wedding. One of the options is a bride entry song that will set the mood for everyone. Whichever style you may want to pick for your entry we.

Our Services :

Bride and Groom Entry Planner

Wedding Entry Ideas

Grand Entrance Planner

Unique Bridal Entry

Groom’s Entry Concept

Wedding Entry Decorations

Bridal Entry Theme

Groom’s Entry Ideas

Dramatic Bridal Entry

Creative Groom’s Entry

Bride and Groom Entry Choreography

Wedding Entry Props

Bridal Entry Entertainment

Groom’s Entry Performers

Grand Wedding Entry Concepts

Bride’s Entry on Doli/Palki

Groom’s Entry with Fireworks

Royal Wedding Entry Ideas

Bridal Entry with Floral Canopy

Groom’s Entry with Band Baaja

Punjabi Dhol Bride Groom Entry

Punjabi Dhol Wedding Entry in Udaipur

Dholi for Bride and Groom Entry

Punjabi Dhol Baarat Entry

Dhol Wala for Wedding Entry

Phoolon ki Chaadar for Bride Entry

Floral Canopy Bridal Entry

Flower Canopy for Bride’s Arrival

Bridal Entry under Phoolon ki Chaadar

Flower Canopy for Indian Wedding Bride Entry

Floral Archway for Bride’s Grand Entrance

Phoolon ki Chaadar Decorations

Bridal Canopy with Fresh Flowers

Flower Canopy for Wedding Procession

Flower Decorated Chaadar for Bride’s Welcome

Phoolon ki Chaadar with Rose Petals

Bridal Canopy Entrance with Marigold Flowers

Floral Canopy Walkway for Bride Entry

Phoolon ki Chaadar at Wedding Venue

Flower Covered Canopy for Bride’s Walk

Bridal Entry under a Canopy of Flowers

Floral Canopy with Jasmine Garlands

Phoolon ki Chaadar for Destination Weddings

Flower Canopy for Bride’s Pathway

Bridal Entry with Lavender Flower Canopy

Groom’s Entry with Punjabi Dhol

Bridal Entry with Dhol Players

Traditional Punjabi Dhol Entry

Dhol Beats for Bride and Groom Entry

Punjabi Dhol Baraat Procession

Grand Bridal Entry with Dhol

Groom’s Entry with Bhangra Dhol

Punjabi Dholi for Baarat

Dhol Players for Wedding Welcome

Bhangra Dhol Entry for Bride and Groom

Punjabi Dholi Performers

Groom’s Baraat with Dhol Players

Bridal Entry with Live Dhol Music

Traditional Dholi for Wedding Procession

Punjabi Dhol for Indian Wedding Entry

Groom entry in Indian weddings is one of the most awaited moments for each and every guest in the wedding. We can help you plan your entry with our Groom Entry Theme to make it grand and special. Make an entry to impress your bride and guest in Bollywood style like a hero, in a bike, in a horse, vintage car, and with many more options.

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