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Wedding Female Anchor

A wedding female anchor, also known as a wedding emcee or hostess, is a professional who takes charge of hosting and managing the wedding reception or other wedding-related events. She plays a crucial role in ensuring that the event runs smoothly, keeps the guests engaged, and maintains a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Here are some aspects related to a wedding female anchor:

  1. Hosting Skills: A wedding female anchor possesses excellent hosting and public speaking skills. She can confidently address the guests, introduce various segments, and keep the audience entertained throughout the event.
  2. Scripting and Planning: Before the wedding, the anchor collaborates with the couple or event organizers to plan the flow of the reception. She prepares a script, which includes announcements, introductions, interactive games, and other entertaining elements.
  3. Engaging the Audience: The anchor interacts with the guests, encouraging them to participate in various activities, games, and dance sessions to create a lively and engaging atmosphere.
  4. Introducing Performers: If there are dance performances, singers, or other entertainers at the wedding, the anchor introduces them and maintains a smooth transition between different acts.
  5. Time Management: A wedding anchor is responsible for ensuring that the event stays on schedule and all planned activities are executed within the allotted time.
  6. Handling Contingencies: In case of unexpected situations or changes, the anchor remains adaptable and quick on her feet to manage any contingencies smoothly.
  7. Personalization: The anchor personalizes her hosting style to match the preferences and cultural background of the couple and their guests.
  8. Language Skills: She may be proficient in multiple languages, especially if the wedding involves guests from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  9. Coordination with Vendors: The anchor coordinates with other wedding vendors, such as photographers, videographers, and caterers, to ensure a seamless and coordinated event.
  10. Creating Memorable Moments: Through her charisma and hosting abilities, the anchor helps create memorable and emotional moments during the wedding reception.

A skilled wedding female anchor brings energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism to the event, leaving a positive impression on the couple and their guests. She ensures that everyone enjoys the celebration and takes home beautiful memories of the special day.

Wedding Carnival Stall

Turkish Ice Cream Stall for Wedding Carnival Stall

Introduction: Step into a world of delightful surprises as we bring you a unique and exotic experience at Udaipur Event Management. Udaipur’s charm meets the flavors of Turkey with our Turkish Ice Cream stall, a delightful addition to our celebration. Get ready to be enchanted by the mesmerizing ice cream showmanship and the rich, creamy goodness of Turkish ice cream.

Turkish Ice Cream Stall Highlights:

  1. Traditional Turkish Ice Cream: Experience the velvety smoothness and distinct flavors of authentic Turkish ice cream. Made with premium ingredients, this delectable treat is sure to tantalize your taste buds.
  2. Entertaining Ice Cream Showmanship: Our skilled ice cream vendors are not just ordinary servers; they are artists who put on an entertaining show while serving ice cream. Watch in awe as they perform delightful tricks and playful acts while preparing your ice cream cone.
  3. Stretchy and Chewy Texture: Turkish ice cream is known for its unique stretchy and chewy texture, which adds a fun twist to the ice cream experience. It’s a delightful surprise that will leave you smiling.
  4. Turkish Ice Cream Flavors: Indulge in a variety of delicious flavors, ranging from classic favorites like vanilla and chocolate to exotic options like pistachio, saffron, and rose. Let your taste buds embark on a journey of delightful discovery.
  5. Photo-Worthy Moments: The Turkish ice cream stall not only offers scrumptious treats but also presents the perfect backdrop for memorable photos. Capture the joy on your guests’ faces as they savor the unique ice cream and interact with the talented ice cream vendors.

Dress Code: As we embrace the exotic allure of Turkey, we invite guests to dress in vibrant and colorful attire, creating a festive ambiance that complements the Turkish Ice Cream experience.

Note: The Turkish Ice Cream stall will be open throughout the event, ensuring all guests can indulge in this delightful and unique culinary journey.

Come, join us in this exotic ice cream adventure, where the flavors of Turkey blend harmoniously with the cultural richness of Udaipur. We look forward to creating lasting memories with you at Udaipur Event Management!

Our Services :

Turkish Ice Cream Stall

Exotic Ice Cream Experience

Turkish Ice Cream in Udaipur

Authentic Turkish Ice Cream

Entertaining Ice Cream Showmanship

Stretchy and Chewy Ice Cream

Turkish Ice Cream Vendors

Exotic Ice Cream Flavors

Turkish Desserts for Event

Turkish Delight Ice Cream

Udaipur Event Ice Cream Stall

Turkish Ice Cream Tricks

Turkish Ice Cream Artist

Photo-Worthy Ice Cream Stall

Turkish Saffron Ice Cream

Exotic Turkish Treats

Udaipur Event Food Stall

Turkish Ice Cream Entertainment

Turkish Ice Cream Experience

Authentic Turkish Delights

Kids Toys Stall

Introduction: Get ready to spark the imagination and bring smiles to the faces of our little guests! At Udaipur Event Management, we have curated a whimsical Kids Toys Stall, a haven of enchanting playthings and endless fun. Let the children delve into a world of creativity, exploration, and delight as they explore the wide array of toys awaiting them.

Kids Toy Stall Highlights:

  1. Vibrant Toy Collection: Our Kids Toys Stall boasts an extensive assortment of vibrant and age-appropriate toys, carefully selected to cater to the interests of children of all ages. From adorable plushies to educational games, there’s something for every young heart.
  2. Educational and Imaginative Toys: Encourage young minds to learn and explore with our selection of educational toys that promote creativity, problem-solving, and cognitive development. From building blocks to interactive puzzles, we aim to nurture their potential through play.
  3. Safe and High-Quality Toys: We prioritize the safety and well-being of our young guests, which is why all the toys in our stall are of premium quality and meet the highest safety standards. Parents can rest assured that their children will play with toys that are not only entertaining but also safe.
  4. Friendly Toy Facilitators: Our trained and friendly toy facilitators will engage with the children, guiding them through various activities and encouraging interactive play. They will be on hand to ensure the children have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  5. Craft Corner: In addition to the toys, we have a dedicated craft corner where the children can unleash their creativity. Let them express themselves through arts and crafts, adding a personal touch to their day of fun.

Dress Code: We encourage our little guests to dress comfortably, ready for a day of exciting play and adventure.

Note: The Kids Toys Stall will be open throughout the event, allowing children to enjoy uninterrupted playtime and exploration.

Come, join us in this enchanting world of play and wonder! The Kids Toys Stall promises to be a haven of joy, laughter, and cherished memories for our little stars at Udaipur Event Management!

Live Lakh Bangle Making

Live Lakh Bangle Making in destination weddings Udaipur

Live Bangle Making is a very interesting activity for Females in any event. The Bangle maker will make bangles with lac lively in the event. Lac will be heated and molded in a circle shape and will be decorated with colors, glitter, stones, etc. Bangles are gracefully created and finished with the utmost attention to each precise detail. The history of lac in India finds mention in ancient scriptures and texts including the Vedas, the Mahabharata, and the Shiv Purana. Lac bangles are associated with Shiva and Parvati. It is said that during the wedding of Shiva and Parvati, a community of bangle makers called Lakhera made lac bangles for Parvati. Shiva gifted these bangles to her as a mark of their marriage. Since then, brides and married women are adorned with lac bangles. Live Lakh Bangle Making in destination weddings Udaipur.

A coil is attached to a wooden rod, known as a hati. The artisan uses this hati to heat the lac over burning coals or a sigdi. This process makes the lac soft and easy to mold. The hati is rolled from time to time to roll the coil into elongated coils. The softened lac is molded using a hand-held tool called hatta. To add colors to the lac, colored lac blocks are used. These blocks are used by mixing lac with colors available in the market. The blocks are also attached to wooden rods. They are heated over the coals and then applied over the lac. Several designs and patterns can be made by applying different colors in varied styles. To make a bangle, the colored coil is cut into small pieces and rolled out again. Using a wooden tool called Khali, which has a groove in it, the colored coil is pressed. The coil takes the shape of a narrow groove. Using this, the long coil is joined into a loop. This is then heated over the coal again. The artisan inserts the completed lac bangle into a wooden mandrel to calibrate its size and refine its shape. It is well-polished by rubbing it between a soft cloth. After all these steps, a bright colorful bangle comes alive, ready to adorn the wrist of its wearer!

Udaipur Event Management offers various entertainment activities and stalls to make your celebrations unforgettable. Our team strives for perfection in every possible way because your happy moments make us more happy. These entertainment activities will make your celebrations more happier and memorable.

Live Lakh Bangle Making in weddings. Book your entertainment stall for making your celebrations memorable. Contact: +91-99286-86346, 94131-74160

Live Ice Gola Stall for Event in Udaipur

Ice Gola is a common name for snow cones. Other common names for Snow Cones are Baraf Gola, GolaGanda, and Ice Lolly. Everyone likes Ice Gola, especially kids the most. Ice Gola live stall is very much suitable for gatherings like birthdays.


  • Live Ice Gola counter.
  • One Person handles the live stall (arranges and attends the counter).
  • All material (Ice, Flavors, Disposals, tissues, etc).

It can be served for up to 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice at booking).

Requirements from your end:

  • A chair and table are required for the machine setup.
  • Power supply and backup need to be taken care of from your side.
  • Service prices may increase/decrease for many reasons like city, population, vendor’s competition, different qualities, vendor’s outstation transportation/travel/stay/food expenses, etc…
    The image shown here is of other vendors or only for illustration purposes. The actual Presentation/Look may vary depending on the vendor or city.
    Contact the nearby manager through WhatsApp to get the latest pictures/price. We have hundreds of franchisees across India.

Our Services :

Live Ice Gola Stall

Ice Gola Vendor

Fresh Ice Gola for the Event

Ice Gola Counter in Udaipur

Chilled Ice Gola Station

Flavored Ice Gola

Gola Chuski Stall

Icy Delights for Event

Ice Gola Cart

Gola Chuski Vendor in Udaipur

Iced Slush Stall

Cool Ice Gola Treats

Refreshing Gola Counter

Live Gola Chuski for Guests

Udaipur Event Ice Gola

Summer Coolers Stall

Colorful Ice Gola Station

Gola Chuski Delights

Iced Flavored Snow Cones

Icy Gola Bar

Cotton Candy Live Stall in Udaipur Rajasthan

Cotton candy is also called sugar candy. Everyone likes cotton candy. Especially kids like most. The cotton candy live stall is very much suitable for kids \’s gatherings like birthdays. All kids can have fun and enjoy the cotton candy.

  • Live cotton candy stall.
  • One Person handles the live stall (arranges the counter, operates the machine, makes candy sticks, and serves at the stall).
  • All the equipment and materials (Sugar, sticks, tissues, etc) will bring by the operator.
Time: Can be served for up to 3 to 6 hours (based on your choice at booking).
Requirements from Your End:
  • A chair and table are required for the candy machine setup.
  • Power supply and backup need to be taken care of from your side.

Our Services :

Cotton Candy Live Stall

Fresh Cotton Candy in Udaipur

Cotton Candy Vendor

Fluffy Cotton Candy for the Event

Cotton Candy Cart in Udaipur

Spun Sugar Candy Stall

Colorful Cotton Candy Station

Sweet Cotton Candy Treats

Live Cotton Candy Counter

Cotton Candy Floss Stall

Cotton Candy Artist in Udaipur

Cotton Candy Delights for Guests

Cotton Candy Machine Rental

Cotton Candy Bar at Event

Cotton Candy Artistry

Cotton Candy Creations

Spinning Cotton Candy Station

Cotton Candy Flavors in Udaipur

Whimsical Cotton Candy Stall

Fluffy and Sweet Cotton Candy

Games on Rent in Udaipur

Games on Rent !! Birthday Party Planner !! Here we will tell you about different types of games. Which adds to the beauty of birthday parties. These games have a lot of craze among the kids. Kids and a certain age group are crazy about these games.  These games are highly trending in Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, Nathdwara, and Rajasthan. etc.

Our Services :

Games Stall on Rent

Carnival Games Rental Udaipur

Game Booths for Rent

Fun Games Stall Udaipur

Event Games on Hire

Game Stalls for Parties

Rent Funfair Games Udaipur

Game Carnival Rental

Carnival Booths on Hire

Rent Amusement Games Udaipur

Fun Games for Rent

Game Stalls for Events

Rent Arcade Games Udaipur

Carnival Games for Rent

Game Rentals for Functions

Rent Interactive Games Udaipur

Rent Carnival Rides Udaipur

Game Rentals for Fairs

Rent Traditional Games Udaipur

Rent Fun Games and Activities

Rajasthani Puppet Show for Event in Udaipur

Rajasthani puppet show is a very old and famous form of dance and entertainment form. This is also to teach or tell stories to mass people. But nowadays it is very common and famous to entertain kids. rajasthani puppet show, puppet show organizer, Rajasthani puppet show organizer. The most endearing of which are games and shows, puppet shows have always held a special place in a child’s mind.
Skyline Event organizes excellent Birthday Parties, Best Theme Parties, Birthday Party Balloon Decoration, Birthday Game Stalls, Magician, Puppet Shows, Host Birthday Parties, Birthday Party Organizer Planner, and Birthday Party Venues in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Our Services :

Rajasthani Puppet Show

Puppet Show for Event

Traditional Puppetry in Udaipur

Rajasthani Kathputli Show

Puppeteers for Event

Cultural Puppet Show Udaipur

Traditional Rajasthani Puppets

Puppetry Entertainment for Event

Kathputli Performance in Udaipur

Rajasthani Puppet Artists

Puppet Show on Hire

Puppetry Art for Event

Folk Puppet Show Udaipur

Rajasthani Kathputli Performance

Puppet Show for Cultural Event

Rajasthani Puppetry Troupe

Puppet Show at Wedding Event

Traditional Puppet Show Udaipur

Rajasthani Puppet Masters

Puppet Performance for Special Event

Rajasthani Welcome Girls in Udaipur

The Traditional welcome seems very Royale and Alluring to the guests. In Rajasthani style, the Rajasthani Welcome Girls dressed up in special Rajasthani dress and make-up welcomes the guest. On the occasion of any social events and gatherings such as weddings, the Rajasthani Welcome Girls greet guests by applying tilak on the forehead. It holds a traditional and cultural taste of welcoming guests at various events.

Rajasthani Welcome Girls

Traditional Welcome Girls

Rajasthani Poshak Girls

Cultural Welcome Performers

Rajasthani Folk Welcome

Traditional Greeting Girls

Rajasthani Hospitality Girls

Vibrant Welcome Performers

Rajasthani Folk Dancers

Traditional Rajasthani Greeters

Rajasthani Ghoomar Dancers

Cultural Welcome Entertainers

Rajasthani Welcome Dance

Folk Welcome Artists

Rajasthani Welcome Ceremony

Traditional Rajasthani Welcome

Rajasthani Cultural Ambassadors

Authentic Welcome Performers

Rajasthani Welcome Entertainment

Folk Dance Welcome Girls