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The Chang Folk Dance came a long way from Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. This ancient traditional dance is highly favoured and appreciated by the Rajasthani people. This outstanding dance performance actually signifies that there are no barriers of caste in the society. All the people either of high caste or low caste, take active participation in the dance happily.

What is the Chang Folk Dance about?

This Chang Folk Dance is mainly a participatory show which is usually performed during the season of Holi, the famous Indian festival of colours and happiness. Young male dancers dance about the stage holding a Chang in their hand. Among them, one boy becomes the main female persona and other dancers dance around him. This dance is performed on traditional Rajasthani folk songs that signify the spring break or what you may call as ‘Falgun’. These songs are related to love, devotion, marriage celebrations, etc. This Chang Folk Dance is often accompanied with flutes, dholaks, ankles, etc. The notes of the Bansuri bring to mind countryside music forms and to the Indian psyche are reminiscent of the love stories of Krishna playing the flute for his beloved Radha.

Churu, Jhunjhunu, Sikar regions of Rajasthan are the main hub of Rajasthani Chang Folk Dance. If you want to hire the astonishing Chang Folk Dance Group to any of your events, all you need to do is to contact Udaipur Event Management. With the Chang Folk Dance Group of Udaipur Event Management, you will be left with a breathtaking performance.

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For every event of Holi celebration, the right set of songs and dances have to be organized to rejoice the festival wholesomely. Akhepura folk music group organizes Holi Chang Dhamal party across the outside the geographical borders of India. Chang or Dhamal is one of the most popular Rajasthani folk dances and performed during the colorful festival of Holi and to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Our troupe boasts of a group of famous Rajasthani folk dancers and Rajasthani folk singers who have performed hundreds of private Holi parties and made the events hugely successful for the organizers

Deep in the forest and far away from the hunting tribe – Lodha Sabars reside. The forest is their heavenly abode, and their only dance is Chang. It is held during festivals, marriage, at times in funerals also. An instrument called “Changu” like daffli is made from Karat tree is played during the dance. Five to seven of the male artists dance from eve till the mid night. This dance is not very popular to the greater world. Due to rapid economic development and urban culture these tribes and dances are always subdued. Though it is still found in the jungles of Jhargram, being civilized these is our part to preserve the culture of tribal dance.

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