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Annual Day Celebration Planning Udaipur

Annual days could be memorable for everyone if they are organized in a good manner. School, colleges, companies and other organizations celebrate annual days for entertainment and award purposes. If you are also planning to organize this event then you should contact a professional service for this. We are working as an Annual day celebration planner in Udaipur and we have served lots of clients with perfection. We are expert in the organization of events, parties, conferences, and meetings. But with our annual day event service, we are approaching customers with world-class service for this special occasion.

Why choose us as an annual day planner?

To organize a large scale annual day, it requires expert individuals and a hardworking team which you will get in our service. Some of our service specifications are below.

Stage Setup and Stagecraft

A stage is the most important thing in any event. If we talk about the annual day, then stage must be attractive and well crafted. Our team is good at placing stages at best places and decorate them with beautiful materials. We use advanced stage fabrication and good equipment. We can give you a stage of any size, shape, and design as per your requirement. We will take care of transportation and installment also.

Visual and Sound System

We will provide you the best in the city sound system and lighting solutions. Your annual day will not look like the same traditional annual day. You will get a feel of professionalism in our work and your annual day will be appreciated by your audience. We have various types of coloured lights, disco lights and a good DJ to make you function enjoyable for everyone.

Annual day themes

We plan and do everything with trends. Annual days are celebrated these days on the theme. We have the latest theme ideas which are never done before in any event. We also have choreography services for themes. We provide you the best equipment, costumes, tools to perform the theme elements in a good way.

In case, you are also searching for the Annual day celebration planner in Udaipur then feels free to contact us anytime. We are the most affordable and reliable in this work in the whole city. You can contact us anytime related to any question or query. Our customer support team always stay ready to help.

Annual Day Plans

One of the most important and grand event of the year is the ‘Annual Day’. It is an occasion of celebration, feast and festivity when students not only display their talents through wonderful performances but also get felicitated for their curricular and co-curricular accomplishments in presence of the parents. It’s also a time for team work and being proud of what the school stands for and believes in.

Schools look for new and interesting themes each year. The themes chosen are either based on history, mythology, science, great personalities of the world, political events, current social issues, environmental awareness, topics inculcating social responsibility, patriotism, moral values, life skills, knowledge etc.

We provide annual day plans ranging from 1.5 hours to 3 hours duration which includes interesting drama scenes woven with several dance performances based on a theme.

Each annual day plan would include:
  1. Drama Script (split into several scenes having dialogues of characters) along with the flow of the event (from introduction to conclusion which would include lighting of the lamp, principal’s speech, compere’s speech etc.)
  2. Backdrops for each scene
  3. Stage props and decor ideas for each scene
  4. Costumes Ideas (For participants of drama and dances)
  5. Music Files (Includes songs for dances, dance choreography example videos, transition music, background music – which ever applicable according to scenes.)
  6. Event Production Notes

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🎉 A Grand Celebration: Crafting Your School’s Annual Function in Udaipur 🎉

🏫 Introducing Our School Annual Function Planning Services: 🏫

Step into a world of imagination and creativity as Udaipur Event Management takes the lead in bringing your school’s annual function in Udaipur to life. We understand the significance of this event in showcasing your students’ talents, fostering a sense of community, and creating cherished memories. Our dedicated team is here to transform your vision into reality, ensuring that every performance, decoration, and detail adds a touch of magic to the occasion.

🌟 Why Choose Us for Your School’s Annual Function: 🌟

Complete Coordination: From concept to execution, our experienced team covers every aspect of your annual function. We weave together a seamless program that highlights student achievements and keeps the event engaging for all.

💡 Innovative Themes: Every school has a unique story to tell. Our planners collaborate closely with you to select a theme that encapsulates your institution’s spirit and resonates with the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.

🎉 Enthralling Performances: Our choreographers and performers breathe life into the stage with captivating routines that showcase students’ talents. Whether it’s dance, music, drama, or a blend of artistic expressions, our performances leave the audience spellbound.

🌆 Magical Ambiance: Transform your venue into a mesmerizing world that complements your chosen theme. Our team designs enchanting decor that immerses everyone in the event’s atmosphere and sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

📸 Capturing Cherished Moments: We understand the significance of preserving these special memories. Our photographers and videographers ensure that every smile, every dance step, and every proud moment is beautifully documented for eternity.

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Are you prepared to celebrate your student’s achievements and create a celebration that resonates for years to come? Udaipur Event Management is delighted to be your partner in orchestrating a school’s annual function that radiates talent, creativity, and unity. Contact us now to embark on a journey of crafting an event that embodies the spirit of your school and unites your community in Udaipur.