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Anniversary Decorations & Party Supplies

Anniversaries reside special part of our lives and remind us of personal and cultural attachment. No matter if it is your first anniversary or 50th one, this special day allows all couples to rewind over years since they tied the knot for the first time and how that day of beginning shaped your relationship and love for each other. A celebration of a wedding partnership comes with mixed emotions. As the tradition of the gold and silver wedding anniversaries that are 25th and 50th anniversary has stuck, other anniversaries also represent a variant facet of commitment of couples with different stages of their relationship of togetherness.

Special Anniversary Years Decoration

1st Anniversary Party Decoration

Do you still think that it’s been just a year ago, you both tied knot together and vowed to be together for ages and ages? Time flies so quickly. It feels like yesterday only and now that your first wedding anniversary has arrived! Congratulations to both of you as you guys did it together! The first year passes by adjusting together, knowing each other more deeply, and managing married life. This new experience brings lots of excitement as well. Celebration of the first year of togetherness is a must!

25th Anniversary Party Decoration

25 freaking years! Did you ever think that you both have come so long in your life journey together? From being newly married couples to parents and making several relations, you have almost marked more than two decades together! No excuses as this special day call for a grand celebration too!

50th Anniversary Party Decoration

The 50th anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary which is traditionally associated with gold. Similar to the gold color, the year mines a wealth of couple’s togetherness and carries a wonderful future ahead. This special day marks a century of loving and committed relationships together and this is why this specific day is celebrated with a grand anniversary party!

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Anniversary Decoration Ideas & Themes

As the day is special in itself, anniversaries are meant to be celebrated with a wonderful and theme-based anniversary decoration. Celebrating this special milestone is very important and you should never miss it. Ranging from themes and decoration kinds of stuff for your wedding anniversary, we at Udaipur Event Management have curated a huge range of collections to make your party decoration a memorable one.

Get a Heart Out of Heart Decoration

There can nothing be more romantic and pure than showcasing your heart in the form of a heart made out of balloons. Light up the room with red heart-shaped balloons clubbed up together in heart shape and outlined with LED light. Also, scatter some other balloons across the room to make it look more memorable.

Gold and Silver Anniversary Decoration

Celebrate another one more year of togetherness with a gold and silver color combination for your anniversary decoration at home. This theme can also be perfect to adorn the party space for your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary balloon decorations. Add all the anniversary decoration items such as anniversary decoration balloons, banners, and foil curtains in shades of silver and gold to make it look elegant and classier.

Decoration with Balloons and Candles

Happy Anniversary balloons and candle decorations make a memorable anniversary bedroom decoration. Add perfumed candles all around the room with some balloons on the floor, floating in the air, or on the walls. You can also add a foil balloon banner that wishes HAPPY ANNIVERSARY more stylishly!

Romantic Red Themed Decoration

The significance of love, the red color can be best to throw a surprise anniversary that has all anniversary decorations painted with red. Get red balloons, red flower petals, red banners, and red candles everywhere and make the room or party space more stunning.

Dreamy Umbrella and Light Decoration

A beautiful room full of umbrellas and lights on the ceiling and a few balloons all around can make the room dreamy. Umbrellas hanging upside down with fairy lights can make you feel special. Fulfill your dream of living under a canopy of fairy lights come true with this theme which can be the best surprise anniversary decoration for your better half.

Car Deck Anniversary Decoration

Surprise the love of your life in Bollywood style and a romantic gesture. A car deck anniversary decoration can be done in a more unique way with the addition of I LOVE YOU foil balloons, some confetti balloons, and flowers along with a soft toy and an anniversary cake.

Stylish Proposal with Beach Theme

Style your party in the most stylish way and propose to your loved ones stylishly with a beach theme this year. Add balloons all over the room to make your better half feel out of the world. You can also add other anniversary decoration items for decoration. Add vibrant anniversary decorations that reflect the beach to make it cool and pleasant.

White & Red Theme

It always feels great to celebrate another year of togetherness and blossoming love together. Covert your room into a picturesque decoration with the addition of white and red-themed anniversary decorations. Get foil or latex balloons, banners, foil curtains, swirl decorations, and many more to make the day ideal.

Trending & Popular Anniversary Decoration Items

Shower Your Love to Decoration With Balloon: Balloons can be an additional embellishment to mark your wedding anniversary extraordinarily. With balloons, you can do anniversary decoration at home or another venue more conveniently and beautifully. Your final decision of the theme decides your selection of balloons according to the color and material. Get some latex, foil, or confetti balloons to cherish the celebration together.
Banners To Express Your Love: Amuse your better half on your anniversary with an embellished wall that includes a stunning anniversary banner. The banners can be best to wish both of you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and remind your special day. You can select paper banners or foil balloon banners to enhance the wall decoration without much effort.
Cake Toppers and Candles For The Special Cake: You can never miss cake on anniversaries, but there are chances you miss the cake topper and candles! Do make such a blunder as these two essentials can make a huge difference to your anniversary party decoration. Toppers and candles hold the superpower to convert the look of your cake to the next level. Get a happy anniversary cake topper to make your cake look super gorgeous.
Mesmerizing Table Décor: Celebrate your and your loved one’s special day insanely this year with special anniversary decorations. Make a romantic table decoration to amuse them. Small table decorations can be the cherry on top to mark your day romantically.
String Lights to Cherish the Day: As string lights are the heart and soul of special events and festivals, you can not miss them on anniversaries as well. Decorate the party space with string lights that brighten up the space. You can also get an LED String Photo light to showcase both of your special memories captured together.
Swirl Decorations For the Finish Touch: Swirl decorations can add merry to even the small anniversary decoration details. Add this trendy anniversary decoration at home along with lights and balloons to make an eye-catching effect for your guests.
Express Your Heart Out With Heart Shape Paper Fan: Express your heart and feelings through a heart-shaped paper fan for your anniversary decoration. They look unique and gorgeous and you would love us to offer such amazing decoration stuff curated specially for all the anniversaries.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Anniversary

We very well know that you might be super excited to throw your anniversary party and still get butterflies thinking of the special day when you both got together forever. That happily ever after story needs to be celebrated every year to commemorate your special day. There can be many possible romantic ideas to celebrate your special day while considering the decoration, however, the most essential thing is the planning. Try getting some ideas from the below-listed tips that need to be kept in mind while planning a memorable anniversary

Estimate How Much You Can Spend: Like every event and celebration, an anniversary celebration also needs to be considered according to your budget. If you are not able to make an exact budget, you can round figure estimation of your spending. Budget fixing plays an essential role as it is the only thing that further decides another important aspect of the party.
Lock the Venue & Date: Now that you know very well how much you can afford for the party, the next important part that comes is the venue of the day. Depending on your budget, you can plan a party at your house, restaurant, hotel resort, or even banquet! Get to know which data can be perfect for your guests to attend the party comfortably and fix the date.
Guestlist and The Invitation: A party needs to be planned thoughtfully and step-by-step so that you do not miss any important aspect. Make a list of guests and make sure you do not miss out on anyone who is not supposed to be missed. Get the invitation thing done. You can send invitations in form of e-invites or printed invitation cards.
An Anniversary Theme That Rocks: Anniversary parties reflect the year of your togetherness and so does it reflect your taste. Show your taste and preference with an amazing anniversary theme that wows your guest and makes it the best anniversary party ever.
Finalize the Menu: People often remember the day for its food and drinks so make sure you have made an arrangement of delicious delicacies for the menu. Make the menu simple as minimal but delicious items. You can order online, get it done through a caterer, or prepare yourself too!
Jazz Up Space with Anniversary Decoration: An anniversary celebration without anniversary party decorations is considered incomplete. Based on your anniversary theme and selected color for the day, go along with personalized touches of balloons, banners, lights, foil curtains, swirl decorations, and many more. The addition of this decoration can be perfect for your special day. While making the space look more happening, consider adding a picturesque photo booth prop to add fun.
Entertainment: the entertainment! A party without entertainment feels incomplete and this is why you can not miss out on music and DJ. You can also add speeches and tributes from your dearest ones to speak a few lines for the couple.

Cake & Pictures: A special day calls for a special cake and this is why to try ordering the anniversary cake a few days before so that you do not miss out on anything. Get the cake baked according to your theme. Accompany your cake with a unique cake topper that looks adorable and emotional too as s keepsake. Click as many pictures as you can with the guests and your love to mark the special day and capture the special memories together.

Why Choose Udaipur Event Management?

Over several years of being in the industry, we are well-versed in all party decoration needs and we recommend the best anniversary decoration items that complete your need. We take pride in having a huge range of anniversary decorations at a reasonable price. We believe in serving our customers with their needs to fulfill their dream and a sincere heart to value your special day. Every event including anniversaries certainly deserves a remarkable celebration and this is why we have stood by your side to help you in hosting a grand party hassle-free! Irrespective of your theme and budget, our party favors speak for us as we are the one-stop destination to make your celebration a success.

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