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Ravanhatta – Of Bards and Villains

It is an instrument most popularly associated with wandering bards and folk musicians in Rajasthan. But did you know that the simple stringed instrument known as the Ravanhatta is said to have been invented by Ravana the villain of the Indian Epic – Ramayana. While there is an interesting story, within the story of the legend, what is important is that even music historians from across the world, vouch for the Ravanhatta’s antiquity. Some claim, that this simple stringed instrument is the ancestor of the modern Violin.

The Ravanhatta is a fiddle played by the bards and minstrels of the Nayaka community in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Known as Bhopas, these minstrels perform religious-themed songs in honour of Pabuji, the folk deity of the Rabari or shepherd community of Rajasthan. There are more than 32 different nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes living in Rajasthan, each with their own unique cultural identity and traditions. Rabaris are pastoralists and camel herders who believe they were sent by Lord Shiva to tend the camels owned by Parvati.

The instrument is made of bamboo attached to a coconut shell and covered with goat’s skin. The string is made up of horse hair and it is played with a wooden bow.

The instrument’s name, Ravanhatta is a corruption of the word ‘Ravan Hasta Veena’. According to legends, Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, from the Ramayana, was a great devotee of Shiva and played the Ravanhatta as a musical offering to the god. The legend goes that after the death of Ravana at the hands of Lord Rama, the Ravanhatta was brought to India from Lanka by Hanuman. However, there is no historical record of such an instrument ever existing in Sri Lanka.

Corporate Event Entertainment

Illusions and magic are a great way to engage people around you. It engages across age and location. Be it on a street, a closed premise like an office building or a house full of relatives coming over for celebrating festivals. It is engaging because of its essence which is nothing but a very fundamental belief that I will catch a corporate magician playing trick right in front of me. A corporate entertainer or an illusionist can easily engage individuals for hours without letting them know.

Best Entertainer for Events

An illusionist possesses the skill to involve everyone around with its walk around magic, whether it’s a child or the grandparent. The magic tricks are available for one and all knowing no time and location boundaries. The stage is his playground and he plays with our mind and our imagination. Over the years, Magic has proved to be significant for and is being used in corporate events. Mind reading helps revealing the company’s facts and figures. Doing same work repeatedly in an office makes the employees dull -as they say- “All work and no play make Tom a dull boy”. Illusions created challenge the minds of the employees which foster productivity of the organization. The tricks involving magic, illusion and mind reading refresh the employees’ minds and a happy worker is a productive worker.

Entertainment for Awards Show

Our domain is diversified wherein I’ve performed varieties of magic on the awards shows and stage using many props like hats, table, wand, ribbons etc. Integral to my events is the importance I grant to the theme, occasion and pricing of the event. I am actively involved in the planning the event and organizing it at an optimal price. For clients who face time crunch, I also provide some pre-designed events.

Why Should You Hire Corporate Magician or Entertainer?
  • Adding spice to the Dealers/Distributors meet: Magic that refresh your senses, Magic that creates a bond between your company and dealers, Magic that reveals success stories of your company and create an everlasting effect in the minds of your dealers/ distributers. It is a great way to make your dealers feel belongingness to your brand which goes a long way in the professional relationships. This furthers the business deals and helps you grow. You can see my latest entertainment for events for Delphi dealers. It is evident that the dealers were enthralled and had a great time. The diverse expressions on their faces say it all.
  • Fun and Frolic on Annual days: Employees of any organization eagerly wait for the annual Days because this day they all enjoy, eat, dance and play games leaving the daily nagging worries of their jobs behind. Magic is a sure shot way to pamper your employees, show them you care, make them feel their importance in the organization. All the employees go home with the wonderful memories you have given them. How I do this?? Watch my performances as a corporate magician in India in various annual functions and decide for yourself. My performance revolves around engaging and entertaining audiences. I do not believe in conventional mode by just being stationed at the stage but I involve my audience with the variety of magic like table to table magic, close up magic which gives an individual experience.
  • Lighten up the boring conferences: The era we are in, leaves us always busy with hectic schedules to follow every day. One conference after the other, repetitive content, meeting same people regularly makes it a dry and draining process. Imagine that suddenly an illusionist or a comedy magician appears and takes your mind away from work. How enjoyable and refreshing that could be. So, give a chance to entertain your clients or employees by arranging a quick magic break which will definitely increase their productivity by refreshing their minds. Interactive close up magic or table magic and other magical effects can do wonders.
  • Festivals and Magic: India is land of diversity. We have diverse religions and beautiful festivals are celebrated here. Everyone is busy running and meeting up their personal and professional goals and these are the only times new-age families come together and spend some time. Families arrange these get-togethers in order to have great time, great food and some fun filled games and activities Why not to make such moments memorable with the help of illusions and magic tricks. I engage the family members with the help of various tricks, mind reading activities and illusions. Members feel that the magic dust is all over them and they enjoy the tricks being performed so up-close to them. The feeling that I will catch the magician performing the trick is what interests all of us in illusions since our childhood. We further get engrossed and wish the magic never to end. The idea is to encourage such gatherings which in turn fill you with sweet lovely memories to be cherished forever. Such events also foster value education and bring the relatives together in a strong bond.

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🎵 Elevating Traditions: Booking a Ravanhatta Artist for Your Udaipur Event 🎵

🎻 Introducing Our Ravanhatta Artist Booking Services: 🎻

Step into the world of Rajasthan’s rich musical heritage with the enchanting melodies of the Ravanhatta. At Udaipur Event Management, we offer you the opportunity to infuse your event in Udaipur with the soulful and authentic tunes of this traditional instrument. Our platform connects you with skilled Ravanhatta artists who can add a touch of cultural elegance and musical brilliance to your special occasion.

🌟 Why Choose Us for Ravanhatta Artist Booking: 🌟

Cultural Enrichment: The Ravanhatta is more than just an instrument; it’s a piece of history and tradition. Our artists take you on a musical journey that resonates with the cultural essence of Rajasthan.

💡 Authentic Performances: Our Ravanhatta artists are not only skilled musicians but also cultural ambassadors. They ensure that each note played echoes the authenticity and emotions of the instrument’s heritage.

🎉 Versatile Repertoire: Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a cultural gathering, our Ravanhatta artists tailor their performances to suit the theme and mood of your event.

🌆 Ambiance Creation: The soft, melodious tones of the Ravanhatta create an ambiance that captivates and mesmerizes your guests, leaving them with an unforgettable experience.

📸 Photo-Worthy Moments: The sight of a Ravanhatta artist in traditional attire adds a touch of visual splendor to your event. Capture picture-perfect moments that tell a story of tradition and celebration.

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Ready to elevate your event with the magic of Ravanhatta music? Udaipur Event Management is here to connect you with accomplished Ravanhatta artists who can infuse your Udaipur event with cultural richness and musical brilliance. Contact us now to book a Ravanhatta artist and add a harmonious touch to your special occasion.