Radha Krishna Peacock Dancers at Shahi Bagh Jodhpur

Radha Krishna Dance Wedding Entry Udaipur | Mayur Peacock Dancer | Phoolon Ki Holi

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Mayur dance (Nritya) is comes from an era of love between Krishna & Radha. This dance belongs to the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh. In that Radha , pinning for Krishna after a brief separation, decides to console herself by the sight of peacocks, whose feathers, Krishna wears on his crown, at the Mor Kuti pavillion. Krishna Knowing her mind from afar, playfully causes the peacocks to disappear, leaving Radha distraught. He eventually yields to Radha’s entreaties and himself appears in the guise of a peacock to dance with his beloved.

Book Radha Krishna ki Jhanki in Udaipur

Jagran ki jhanki symbolizes the truthfulness of God in every devotee’s life. It should look realistic as well as well-structured. All the types of jhankis demand the professional treatment. Hence, Udaipur Event Management is already bestowing its clients for the same. Jhankis like Radha Krishna ki Jhanki, Shiv Parvati Jhanki, Hanuman Jhanki, Bhole Parvati ki Jhanki, and, whatnot are some of the decorative jhankis we provide.

We do value the sentiments of all the religions. Hence, we also provide Shirdi Sai Baba Jhanki, Maa Durga jhankis, etc. Always remember that doing all these as an event company is not at all an easy job to do. It requires creative, strength, and, management skills. Hence, choose a one for you very wisely.

We provide jhanki’s like Shiv Parvati, Hanuman, Radha Krishna, Shirdi Sai Baba, Kalka Maa, Sudama Ji and Maa Durga for Mata Ki Chowki, Mata ka Jagran, Sai Bhajan Sandhya, Sunderkand and other devotional programs.

Professional Jagran ki Jhanki decoration also requires the decisive role of the artists that too with enough experience so that they can deliver their best. Just for an example Radha Krishna ki jhanki needs the dramatic form and structure of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Here the role for a skillful and experienced artist arises. Although, different clients have different choices and charges may vary according to that.

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