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Bhangra Dance is the traditional dance of the Punjab region. It has now become famous all over India for all major celebrations. The Influence of this dance form has also been seen in Bollywood and followed by the mass audience. We have maintained a good reputation as we serve our clients with the best dhol and bhangra dance group. For so many years, we are in the dance industry and our incredible dance group perform stunning dance and make our guest gawp.

Hire our dance troupe for:

• Wedding
• Corporate events
• Birthday party
• Cocktail party
• New Year Party
• Baby shower
• Engagement
• Corporate workshops
• Award ceremony
• Festivals and celebrations
• College annual event and many more ..

Our team

We have a team of professional and trained dancers. They are young and vibrant and take pride in presenting traditional bhangra with folk dance. They are full of energy and make the party mood lighter and enchanting. Your audience will be amazed to see such a fabulous performance and they will carry long-lasting memories of the event. We take pride to have such a wonderful team of dancers who leave no stone unturned is it any event. We can provide all forms of dance like Dhamal, Jhumar, Daankara, luddi, Giddha, Jhuli, contemporary western folk dance, Bollywood mix dhol, etc. You give it a thought and we make it a real performance with our strength and ability. We have customized solutions whether you have an upscale modern taste or stick to a traditional one. Our team of dancers wore Punjabi dresses during the performance and bring the traditional touch to the occasion. As per the event theme, the dancers wore headpiece, hairpieces, spangled jackets, and jewelry and everything is perfect from head to toe. Our performers are full of glitz and glamour.

Your guest will experience authentic bhangra which they have not seen for a long time. They will add a sense of entertainment throughout the event and engage the guest in the performance.

Why choose us?

We can tailor-make the perfect package for you as per your need and demand for the big day. We ensure to exceed your expectation through our outstanding services. Our professionalism speaks a lot about our services. We are a committed team of professionals who never failed to please the client and guest. Let us add some spark through a breathtaking performance of our bhangra troupe on your special occasion. We are a trusted brand and have a team of skilled and talented dancers. Contact us today for the best entertainment dance packages at economical prices.

The Growing Demand For Punjabi Bhangra Troupe in Udaipur

Dancing is fun and a way of expressing joy. Functions are often associated with dancing and it is an integral part of the entertainment. Several Dance Troupe are there in the city that is doing exceptional business as they are working in collaboration with companies like Udaipur Event Management. The Wedding planners in Udaipur are doing great business. The company provides full-on value-for-money entertainment avenues to the client. Weddings in Udaipur have a high demand for Punjabi Dancers as they like to shake a leg with the dancers to the tune of the Bollywood numbers. It is a common practice on the capital and hence is very much appreciated by the guests also. So the company is always ready with dance groups in Udaipur so that they can fulfil the requirements of the clients.

It is a well-known wedding planning company in Udaipur and people always like to associate themselves with an established organisation so that they are assured of great services. Bhangra is a popular dance form and a very common feature in Udaipur weddings. No preparation or practise is required to do this dance form. This is the main reason behind its popularity. Anyone can do it. The company provides good music players and bands to the client so that they can make their events memorable. The company has a set of professional personnel who has contributed towards the successful company. Prepare for the function with the help of such companies. Gear up for the function.

Our organization is engaged in offering reliable Punjabi Bhangra Dance Troupe management services. The team members involved keep us in close contact with customers to provide the services as per their specific requirements. The Punjabi Bhangra dance groups are selected by us according to the requirement of the customers. We have a list of well-known dance groups that will help us in selecting the best group for our valued customers.

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