Product Launch Party Event Management

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Launch Party

A Launch Party is thrown by a company to celebrate the release of a new product or service. A company will throw a launch party to draw in potential new customers and to increase public exposure for their brand name, using an open bar, catered food, and a variety of entertainers.

At a minimum, a Launch Party has freebies for guests such as branded clothing or bags, while some upscale launch parties will have gift bags filled with expensive branded items. The Launch Party also includes high quality catered food and drink, and entertainment. Circus performers, famous musicians, and everything in between can be found at a launch party, as companies struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition

Launch Parties are the best way to attract new and potential customers. So, if you are looking for a launch party, we can help you choose a venue for your Launch Party, handle all the logistics and technical planning with impeccable execution, and create an imaginative and stylish launch party to exceed your expectations.

Product Launch

Each and every product have their own value and needs, before market to aware from new product to the general customer and dealers, we plan unique and different idea for the product launch with the new marketing strategy with the help of entertainment show and publicity (Print, electronic, FM, hoardings, etc).

For Product launch, we undertake :-

* Venue management
* Fabrication with the light sound of launch concept
* Invitation of dealers from all parts of the nation
* Guest management
* Celebrity artist/guest management
* Boarding lodging of guest
* Publicity through Newspaper, Electronic channel, and FM

We deal in products launched for those companies who want to launch a product in the market. For a company to make the awareness of the product through product launches program has become a very vital part to show the feel and touch reasoning still remains strong in the mind of the consumer. So although you have advertised on other channels, how do you explain product usage to the audience?

A well-executed product launch as part of an integrated marketing campaign is of paramount importance in raising awareness of a new product or service and generating excitement amongst your target audience.

We understand that different industries have different needs and styles and after listening carefully to our clients, UDAIPUR EVENT will devise innovative and unique strategies to fully incorporate the brand, industry, and goals of each individual client into the launch. Our creative team will coordinate, design, and produce your unique launch with complete attention to detail, whether it be a new product or service or the re-launch of an existing product.


Be it your innovative new product or your swank new facility, Acme Events India helps you launch with panache and sophistication, enough to wow your target audience!
* Product Launches
* Service Launches
* Facility Launches
* Showroom Launches

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Marketing Events

Communicate your business or sales strategy in the most motivating of environments with Acme Events India.
* Sales Kick Off Meets
* Dealer Meets
* Customer Meets
* Partner Meets
* Press Conference Sets

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