Phoolon Ki Holi

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Phoolon Ki Holi:- Krishna and Radha play Holi with flower petals. Several quintals of flower petals are used in this Leela

Rasleela & Rasiya:- Raslila is a famous art form originating in Braj in Uttar Pradesh in north India. This folk art has elements of classical music, dance, and drama. Raslila is associated with Radha and Krishna and their divine love. It is a joyous circular dance of Shree Krishna and his playmates. Today we have villagers in India taking part in Raslila and depicting various stories of Radha and Krishna through dance, music, and drama. It also portrays Krishna’s association with the milkmaids or gopis of the village. It shows how Krishna casts a spell on the gopis who wanted him to be their dance partner. Raslila has a basic script that has to be followed, but it has enough scope for improvisation as well. Though the emphasis of Raslila is on ‘darshan’ or the visual appeal, it is important to capture the ‘bhava’ or the sentiment. This is done through music, dance, and drama enacted by the actors. The various ‘raasas’ or dramatic flavors like friendship, conjugal love, parental love, amazement, compassion, humor, chivalry, fury, fear, and dread are expressed through this traditional folk form.

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