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Destination wedding trends are blooming wide nowadays. Unique and classy wedding in some other gorgeous wedding destination with all near and dear ones, all you need an expert wedding planner to handle all the stress and provides amazing wedding experiences. But, the question is how to choose the best wedding planner in Udaipur ? Who is the best wedding planner in Udaipur We have an answer Udaipur Event Management is the best wedding planner in Udaipur and all PAN India also out of India.

Udaipur Event Management, Best Wedding Planner in Udaipur

A wedding planner is not only a professional to handle a client’s event or wedding ceremony. A wedding planner is the one who gives you the best wedding experience through his innovative thinking. Wedding planning is not just to organize a wedding, it is a wide and creative journey of creating somebody’s dream. Udaipur Event Management creates their clients’ dream, we not only assist but we design, plan, manage, and create a unique wedding experience for a lifetime.

Musical Entertainer for Wedding

Want to book the right Musical Entertainer for Wedding? We have a musician, instrumentalist, music band, musical entertainment to suit you and your guests. Whether that’s a String Quartet during the ceremony, Jazz Band, Rock band, fusion band throughout the wedding Function Band for the evening reception, finding the right balance can make your wedding day even more memorable. Wedding reception music is always a nice touch to really add to the atmosphere of your sit down meal.

There are a number of options depending on preference and budget. The preference is from a solo pianist to a Jazz Trio or maybe even a String ensemble. All of these options provide you with soft, ambient background music to really set the scene. So, Udaipur Event Management providing top musical entertainment, Music band, Singer, musician, instrumentalist for any kind of events.

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Hire a Live Musical Orchestra for a Wedding

We Hire a Live Musical Orchestra for a Wedding, Musical Entertainer for Wedding, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, ring ceremony, birthday party, mehndi sangeet, corporate party, private party etc.

our artists are the best young classical musicians located in Udaipur who performed all over the world, and regularly performing well-known venues in Udaipur events such corporate, college fest, wedding, birthday, private party and other commercial events and concerts. Our musicians will inject your event with fresh, vibrant, and professional performances whether they be for your wedding, corporate function or party.

Mehndi Function Ideas for Maximum Fun

Here are some ideas that are crowd-favourites and will earn you brownie points amongyour guests. They won’t be able to stop talking about them even at other people’s ceremonies.

Live Bangle Making

Mehndi function always calls for some vibrant accessories, so, having a live Lak bangle maker will surely be a hit. Your guests can choose the colours and designs that they want and can even match them to their outfits.

Live Entertainment

A pleasant dance performance or a captivating voice will make the Mehndi function livelier. The charisma of live entertainers is always loved and they help you to engage all the present members in the function.


Take the entertainment to the next level with karaoke. Make a selection of the most popular and well-loved wedding songs and let your guests pick their jam and test their vocals. We all are anyway singing our hearts out when on the dance floor so why not make an activity out it?

Dance with the DJ

No wedding function is complete without setting the stage on fire. Going from Boliyan to Bollywood with an extra-long Rail Gaddi reaching every corner and picking up every family member and friend, a wedding DJ is a must in every Mehndi function.

By the poolside

Poolside Mehndi function is a good idea for any summer wedding. Throw some floaties and accessories in the pool for your guests to take a dip and beat the heat. Once in the pool, the Masti quotient will only rise.

Message Basket

A sweet and creative way to enable the guests to give their blessings to the bride and her family is to make a message basket. You can add options for different stickers and coloured markers to choose from to make it even more creative. Want to take it a step forward? Hand twines or strings with clips and ask each guest to clip on the message slip after writing. It will also add a unique and creative charm to the décor.

Nail Bar

It’s Mehndi night, so, it’s only fair to lay focus on those pretty hands. Having a nail art bar will perfectly pair with henna. Your guests can get their nails done for the function and even get it customised to match their outfits for the wedding functions. And who does not love gorgeous nail art on their hands?

Make your own cocktail

Let your guests go behind the bar and make their own cocktail concussions. This can be a fun experiment with different ingredients as they explore the world of spirits to make their signature drink. To add a little dash of wit, they can even give names to their original mixes.

Mela Vibes

Nothing is more eventful, full of colours, music, happy vibes and excitement than a Desi Indian Mela. Bring that to your Mehndi ceremony with a Mela theme.

Recreate Mela vibes in your mehndi function with incorporating light-hearted activities like balloon shooting and throwing rings on a prize. Adding games like, Tambola, Jenga, Carrom board etc. involving all the guests will take the excitement to the next level.

Photobooth and props

Create an ‘Insta’ area with different frames, props, quirky placards and gorgeous backgrounds where your guests can take fun pictures. You can even arrange for Polaroid cameras for immediate printing of those precious moments. This is one of the hit Mehndi function ideas that are readily available.

Everyone loves a creative photobooth and we can guarantee that it will be one of the most crowded stalls at your Mehndi ceremony.

Function Favours

Get creative with your Mehndi function ideas and add interesting favours that your guests can take back with them.

This could be anything from crackers, colourful accessories, jewellery, potli bags, cupcakes, chocolates etc.

You can even make a small care package for them to relax the day after and include could pyjamas, eye mask, face sheet masks, and a hangover kit.

Fun Food Stalls

Think outside the usual buffets and include unique food combinations and stations to please all the foodies. Live teppanyaki counters, sushi bars, make your own pizza, chocolate fountain, customisable waffle counter, gourmet popcorn, give the crowd what they like the most and expect the least. One of the fail-proof Mehndi function ideas would be to include the childhood favourites for nostalgia – cotton candy, Barf ka Gola, Bhelpuri and the likes. You can never go wrong with good food.

Apart from these Mehndi function ideas, try some more Mehndi decoration ideas which we have earlier explored. Make it cool, casual and quirky for all to blow off the steam before the big day. Let them relax and have fun making it the most memorable. Having cute and creative images that hold precious memories is just an added advantage!

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