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Mehendi Entertainment Options to keep your guests entertained!
Mehendi’s are slowly, but surely becoming the most FUN parts of an Indian wedding. And whether you are having a small, quaint get together at home or a full-blown event in itself these small activities can ensure your guests have entertained apart from just getting squiggly lines drawn on their hands.

mehendi entertainment

  • Games

Games are free, fun and most people enjoy playing them:

1.) Hide the bride game: Yeah I know, you hide the bride???? Well for ten minutes…and make your friends find out where she is with a set of clues. It’s cute, it’s fun and you can plan a nice entrance once your friends find you. Think of it as a treasured hand with you as the prize

2.) Tug of war: One of the weddings we featured- Rasna & Chirayu had a tug of war on their Mehendi. While it gets a little impractical for women to ‘tug’ with Mehendi on their hands, this is a fun game to ensure the boys don’t get bored. Have a fight between the girl’s side boys and the boy’s side boys to kickstart it

3.) Find the hands: You can take a large bedsheet and cut holes inside it. Ask all the girls including the bride to put their hands through it. When the groom comes, he is supposed to identify the bride only by looking at the hands!! FUN.

4.) Traditional “Jaago” ritual: A Punjabi ritual, this is basically when a colorful matki is passed around from head to head while the singer tells you who to give it to next- the mom, the bhabhi, the sister – everyone gets involved

  • Activity Corners

Attending mehendis where there are tarot card readers, tota valas, face readers, and palmists are ALWAYS such fun! And the thing is, these guys are not expensive really.

1.) Tarot Card Reader: Pretty common now, but always a crows puller

Price: Tarot card readers can charge anywhere between 5000/- to 11000/- for sitting for about 4 hours on your Mehendi

2.) Face Readers, Crystal Ball Readers, and Palmists: We would love to get our faces read at a Mehendi

Price: Face readers and palmists also don’t charge more than 6000/- to 8000/- for a mehendi event

3.) Parandi Tieing person: If your friends are the kind who can experiment with their hairstyle then getting a parandi vala from a local village can be totally fun as he braids and ties parandis to your friend’s hair. They r super affordable too

Price: Approx 8000/-

4.) Nail Artists: While a lot of people don’t love Mehendi, you can always keep a nail artist to make sure girls are totally glued to their seats

Price: Approx 5000/- for a nail artist (ofcourse not the high end ones)

5.) Tattoo Artist: Fake tattoos on your wrist or ankles anyone? These ones can whip up anything you want!

6.) Live Bangle Maker: Bangle makers who make Lac bangles can also be called as an alternative to just a bangle stall!

  • Food Activities

These fun, interactive food activities will ensure your guests stay entertained even while eating food

1.) Changing the name of the dishes to represent a family member/ Bollywood celebrity: Ritu Maami ki teekhi biryani or maybe Big B Bhature chane? Such a simple, free of cost element but can be totally fun for your Mehendi!

2.) Having an interactive “Make your cupcake” or “Make your own sundae” counter: Just ask your caterer to keep one table aside with elements such as plain ice cream, nuts, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, sprinkles so guests can make their own sundaes!

3.) Food contests: Since the women can’t use their hands to eat anyway, they will be dependent on their better halves to feed them (hopefully!), might as well turn it into a game with a “Guess the flavour ” of this chocolate or “Guess the ice cream flavour” contest.

4.) Churan / Ice Gola Stand (You can make Alcoholic Ice Golas too): One of our favorite weddings in Udaipur had her Mehendi in which they had a churan vala making churan in front of everyone.

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