Birthday Party at Archi Peace park Udaipur

Kids Party |DJ Sound Setup|Party Games Anchor|Birthday Cake Booking in Udaipur

At Udaipur Event Management, flawless execution of birthdays is they big or small, are the cornerstone of the company policy. As circumstance demands, they are sometimes organized with flamboyance, sometimes with muted elegance, but always with panache and an intuitive grasp of the party.

Over the last 13 years, Udaipur Event Management has set precedents in impeccable planning and immaculate execution of every client’s specific vision. The repertoire for kids currently spans the spectrum of celebration, from birthdays – both small and large in scope and scale – to carnivals and children’s parties that range from cozy affairs to theme-based celebrations designed particularly for the enjoyment and entertainment of the crowd. With a distinctive talent for the unusual and the capability to organize events of any scale, Party Planet has the unique knack of customizing its services to client requirements.

Our Services Include :-

Theme Invites
Venue Management
F&B Catering
Theme Cakes(Photo/3d)
Theme Decoration
Audio-Video(DJ,Projectors,Live Bands etc.)
Artists & Entertainers(Host,Game Host,Clown,Magician,Jugglers,Face-painters,Tattoo-artists,Tarot Card reader,Bangle-maker,Potter etc.)
Games & Activities( Indoor/Outdoor/Game-stalls etc.)
Videographer & Photographer
Gifts & Return Gifts………..

Birthday parties for kids are always a fun destination to be around. Children of all ages gather up and have lots of fun, which is a site to behold. Their pure hearts of innocence and blooming friendship touch one another, as it also touches our hearts too. For bigger parties, you need organizers and planners, who will be able to light up your child’s special day with their innovative ideas and creative minds. With our experience, we will be able to help you celebrate a party with your little champ that you will remember for a long time, even after your kid steps into teenage life. From decorations, seating arrangements, eatables, beverages to lighting and themes, we take care of all the nitty-gritty so that you don’t have to worry about all these things. We make sure that you spend the maximum amount of this wonderful day with your child. You will not miss out on your child’s first birthday laugh, or a smile because you were too busy with the decorations. For kids, especially for those below the age of 3, can be a very frightful and uncomfortable place to be, this is the reason why many children cry, as they get surrounded by strangers.

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