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Entertainment Ideas for Mehndi Functions

The wedding season started !!! Now many things are going on in your mind about how to do better about wedding preparation. The Mehendi function is an essential part of marriage. So here I am going to tell you about some Entertainment Ideas that can light up to your service in a better way.

Marriage and all other events related to it invite immense fun and ecstasy. We all seek different ways of entertainment to make such occasions as memorable ones. If you are looking for some entertainment ideas for mehndi functions, then you have landed at the right place. Feel free to explore the following amusement ways and use them as you please to invite a bag full of happiness to your mehndi function.

What are some unique wedding Mehndi Ideas? Mehndi function is the most fun & exciting out of all the ceremonies. Organizing some entertaining activities for your guests will make this day ceremony one to remember. These will involve each member present and will be the right way to bond with your near and dear ones. We have gathered a list of interesting Mehndi function ideas below that are hassle-free to arrange and are sure to be loved by all your guests.

Entertainment Ideas list
  1. Singing:

If you are attending a mehndi function, you will find music in every nook and corner of the venue, and if you wish to have some extra dose of entertainment, then getting involved in singing related tasks is the best way around.

Another Call around your guests and play Antakshari. This particular entertainment idea has always amused people. If you wish to go a step further, you can ask the guests to play musical instruments as well while they sing.

  1. Card Games:

Though not everyone knows how to play card games, a quick guide can solve it all. The best thing about cards is that there are several types of games to play with them. All you need to do is choose the ones that suit the occasion and can have as many players as possible. Guests falling in any age group can play these games and can enjoy the fun rendered by them.

  1. Dumb Charades:

If you have a knack for acting, but never got enough chances to flaunt it, then now is the time to exhibit your talent. The only difference here is that you don’t get to utter a word while you act. Think of other movies, act out it before your audience without speaking and let others guess the name of the film.Dumb Charades

  1. Musical Chairs:

You must have seen the musical game chairs being played, or you may have played it as well. It is one of the best entertainment ideas for mehndi ceremonies, especially when you have several couples around. All your guests will go awe at the thought of playing the game. To heighten the amusement, you can play several types of songs as well that have funny lyrics or the songs in other languages.

  1. Dance:

No celebration is complete without dancing, and if it’s a marriage or mehndi function, you have all the reasons to tap your feet on the dance floor. Invite couples on the dance floor and have about of who exhibits more funny or elegant dance moves. You will have several music options to play for dance, including in different languages.

  1. Fancy Dress Party:

Although we all buy new and alluring dresses for mehndi and wedding functions, you can give your guests another reason to have a blast of laughter and merriment by introducing the theme of fancy dresses. You will have your guests turning up in fancy and eye-catching dresses, which will add all new vibes of ecstasy to the event.

  1. Photo Props:

Photos are the best way to keep memories alive throughout your life. To give your guests a way to entertain themselves uniquely, place some cut-outs, frames, and props that guests can use to take funny pictures. People will keep such photos with them and remember your mehndi occasion as an indispensable part of the rest of their lives.

  1. Truth and Dare:

Who does not like playing truth and dare where you get to discover the secrets of others and confront them with weird tasks? Well, we all do, and if you are planning to invite people for truth and dare at your mehndi function, then you are opening doors to another realm of joy and playfulness. Brace yourself to know some unknown dark secrets and to watch your guests acting funny.

  1. Eating Fest:

You will have several types of food delicacies on occasion, and you can have a lot of fun by organizing an eating competition. All you need to do is have prepared some super spicy, challenge the involved guests to binge on them, and keep a prize for those who complete the task. You can start with Golgappas and move on to other cuisines.

  1. Hide and Seek:
    Yes, you read it right. The same old game that we played during our childhood days is now ready to amuse you again. The best thing about playing hide and seek is that you can involve people from all age groups in the game. Make sure to blend this game with a fancy dress theme as it will add a speck of confusion to the whole event.
  2. Tarot Card Reader:

The Tarot card reader tells you what lies ahead in your life, but this is not the idea exactly for your mehndi. Instead, keep a fake tarot card reader or astrologer at the venue of the event and tell them to make funny predictions for the people visiting them to know their future. Also, you can turn some ridiculous predictions into reality as well.

  1. Message Board:

A mehndi function is not only about having tremendous fun and gags but also about a flow of emotions that the concerned families experience. Keep a message board at the venue so that the guests who like to express articulate their emotions and feelings can use it. The married couple can keep the board with them for the rest of their life.

  1. Tug of War:

Now is the time to show some strength and pull tricks. For the event of tug of war, involving the married couples and put them in opposite teams to compete against each other. Keep prizes as well for those emerging as winners. To add some more fun, place a water-filled tub at the center of the competing teams so that the losing teams end up falling in it.