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Jaltarang Player In Udaipur

Jaltarang is a part of our Indian culture from ancient times. It is an Indian musical instrument that entails different bowls of water and plays with 2 cane sticks. It creates a compulsive harmony that stirs up the ambiance of every event. Jaltarang has gained eminence recently as a result of its easiness and magnetism. We at Bodhisattvas have unrelenting this practice and arrange the most multitalented and proficient Jaltarang artists in Udaipur at the most reasonable rates. The artist can play classical Indian ragas along with soft melodies. Our Indian jaltarang artists perform at weddings, shows, corporate events, and other events. Just call us and book the most adaptable Jaltarang Player in Udaipur for marriage, corporate events, and so forth. We arrange the best jaltarang player in Udaipur and promise you to make your big day special. For more info contact us over the call or mail us.

A Jaltarang is an instrument that is part of our Indian heritage. It is a melodious Indian percussion instrument that consists of different bowls of water that are used to create a mesmerizing tune that is pleasing to the audience’s ears. Unknown till recent times, this instrument has gained prominence in recent times due to its simplicity and attractiveness. It was one of the most widely used instruments in ancient times and finds special mention in the Puranas.

It gained worldwide fame in 1982 when famous artist George Harrison used it in his musical album. We at Udaipur Event Management have continued this tradition and provide the services of the most versatile and professional Jaltarang players in Udaipur, India. What makes us so special is that we are specialists through and through. We have spent years practicing and honing our skills to be where we are. We provide our services at the most affordable cost.

Watching a Jaltarang performance is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A Jaltarang player sits in a vertical position with various bowls filled with water in front of him. These bowls form a semicircle. He uses short china sticks to hit the bowls at different places to produce various sounds. The level of water is so important that even the difference of one drop changes the tune. The Jaltarang has a pleasant characteristic tone. The player can produce on it, classical Indian ragas and light melodies as well. Not just those, he can play songs on demand as well. He is very able to partner with other artists and musicians.

We perform at temples, weddings, shows, and other events. We have performed in radio shows as well. Although it is South Indian art, Udaipur has recently stood up and taken notice of this great art. Performances have attracted a lot of applause and are a cause for celebration. We provide video and audio performances of all artists for your satisfaction. Mixed with other Instruments like Tabla, Flute, Sitar, and Shehnai the Jaltarang makes a long-lasting impact.

Contact us at udaipureventmanagement.com at the earliest for the best artists on your bookings. We hope you have a great time at our performances!

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