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We are Specialising in Organizing Shahi Marriage Occasions in and out of Rajasthan. Services We are having Special arrangement for:Band,Ghodis,Elephants,Mashal Persons,Baggi With Four Horses (White),Baggi with Two Horses,Baggi With one Horse,Victoria Baggi Old Years with Two Horses,Mirror Baggi with Two Horses, Lawajama,Punjabi Dhol,BankyaKacchi Ghodi With Three Persons,Kathputali Dance,Welcome Girls,Decorated Camels,Doli for Girls with four Persons,Paalki with four persons,Langa Party,Revolving Stage,Flower Decoration,Jhumar Set,Light Set,PalkiAatish baazi,Shehnai, Dhol,Taasha,Bhangra Party,Tahsa, Fireworks,Rajasthani Folk Dance,Chattar Zariwala,Baggi with Flower,Baggi with Lights,Well Flower Decorated Palki for Entry ,Well Flower Decorated Doli for Bidai,Flower’s Chatter,Jhoomar Lights and many.

Udaipur Event Management provide special attention while catering our Wedding Services to clients. All the planning is carried out by our skilled professionals, who take care of wedding baraat, ghodi services, decorations, fire works and other things. We can also personalize the event as per the requirements of clients. Keeping the demands of our clients as our priority, we provide Elephants for wedding purposes that delivers a royal touch to the ceremony. The Howdah placed on the elephant back is manufactured following international standards, and offer high comfort to the Groom. The arrival of Baraat on elephants with the musical bands gives an exciting experience. We decorate Elephants with unique decorative items and make your wedding a memorable moment.

we also offer Fireworks display at the time of Baraat, Jaimala, Doli, Baggi and various other special occasions. We arrange these Fireworks Services in safe and secure manner and offer enjoyable firework event. We make the wedding night as the night of light and offer the sparkling and dazzling fireworks. Our expert and skilled organizers arrange various colorful firework displays for our valued clients.

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🎉 Elevate Your Celebration: Grand Baraat Entry for Your Wedding! 🎊

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and every groom dreams of making a grand entrance on his big day. One of the most exciting and memorable moments of any Indian wedding is the Baraat procession, where the groom arrives at the wedding venue accompanied by his family and friends. From traditional to contemporary, there are countless ways to add flair and grandeur to the groom’s Baraat entry, making it a spectacle to behold and cherish forever.

Here are some majestic Baraat entry ideas for the groom that will leave everyone in awe:

  1. Royal Horse-Drawn Carriage: Transport yourself back to the era of kings and queens by opting for a regal horse-drawn carriage for the groom’s entry. Adorned with intricate decorations and floral arrangements, the carriage adds an air of grandeur and sophistication to the procession.
  2. Vintage Car Rally: For a touch of old-world charm and elegance, consider arranging a vintage car rally for the groom’s Baraat entry. Vintage cars decked out in flowers and ribbons create a timeless and stylish procession that will surely make heads turn.
  3. Dazzling Elephant Ride: Elevate the Baraat procession to majestic heights by having the groom arrive on a beautifully decorated elephant. This ancient tradition exudes grace and grandiosity, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness it.
  4. Vibrant Dhol Tasha Procession: Inject energy and excitement into the Baraat entry with a lively dhol tasha procession. Accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, the groom and his entourage can dance their way to the wedding venue, creating a festive atmosphere that is impossible to resist.
  5. Enchanting LED Dancers: Illuminate the night with a mesmerizing LED dancer performance as the groom makes his grand entrance. Dressed in dazzling costumes and wielding LED props, the dancers will captivate the audience with their enchanting moves and vibrant displays of light.
  6. Spectacular Fireworks Display: Light up the sky and add a touch of magic to the Baraat procession with a spectacular fireworks display. The dazzling bursts of color and light will create a breathtaking backdrop for the groom’s arrival, leaving everyone in awe of the grandeur of the moment.

Experience the magic of a Grand Baraat entry and transform your wedding day into an unforgettable extravaganza of love, joy, and celebration! Contact us today to arrange the perfect Baraat procession and let the festivities begin! 🎉🎊👑

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