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Gulf Oil Corporate Event Udaipur


Dealer meets are aimed to share new development, achievements and future plan of the organization in between the direct & indirect associates of the organization. At another hand this is some kind of Promotion and Motivational Act to make the association bond much stronger. Udaipur Event Management do organize Dealer Meet very consciously in order to inform your product and services to them. These meetings are being conducted to spread out new technology within respective community to enhance the qualitative & quantitative output of individuals. This is for overall up gradation of the specific community.

During dealers meeting we manage following things which are as follows:

Signage displayAudio-Visual equipment
Decoration with FloralRegistration
Hall managementAnchoring
instantaneous InterpretationDocumentation, including translation
Exhibition & Stand-up displaysCatering
EntertainmentBusiness information display system
Accompanying Persons Programmers

Maintaining existing customer base is much important task today. Relationship with dealer is another important aspect in marketing which marketers in these follow in order to make their business more proficient and professional in the market. Dealers meeting are the only tool which provides solution for the same. Udaipur Event Management do it in an organized and efficient manner to build strong individualized relationships with customers. In present era “High tech is not sufficient, high touch is must – as well.”Udaipur Event Management also build brand image for your business and create positive good will so that to create a buzz about the product and services in the market.

In dealers meet there is the introduction of product or service wrapped with fun and entertainment for entire associate members in business to provide a unique tool of communication. Udaipur Event Management understands the identity base of brand “promise of value” i.e. different from any other.

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