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Theme parties are just pure fun. A good theme can take a party from average to wildly creative & spectacular. From conferences to weddings to social parties, we offer many creative and innovative ideas for theme decoration, party planning and guest engagements. From tips on how to turn classic theme parties—like village theme or Bollywood Theme — into truly memorable displays to some seriously creative theme ideas—like a ‘great gatsby theme’— you’re sure to find the most epic theme for your next party with Udaipur Event Management.

We create beautiful, Bespoke Parties to wow even your most discerning guests, paying attention to detail, because details matter. We’ll work closely with you to design your dream event and take care of everything from theme selection to theme decoration. Regardless of the kind of theme party you’re looking to host, our team of event specialists will work with your budget and transform your ideas into a sensational private party that’s sure to impress. We are a leading theme event and decoration company in Udaipur, Rajasthan. As complete party planners, we do it all – from design to construction of beautiful sets to theme decoration to Sourcing Good Venue. You deal with one contact point to simply enjoy your perfect party.

We Offer the Best Theme Party Ideas

A theme for your party can be a great way to bring your celebration to life. We have hundreds of corporate event ideas for parties of all kinds, and props, furniture, and entertainment to match.

Whether you’re Hosting A Gala Dinner, a customer meet-and-greet, or Celebrating The Annual Party, we can help you find the right theme for your party. We have themes and ideas for every celebration. Corporate Themes, Gala Dinner Themes, Annual Day Themes, Family Day Themes, Luncheon Themes, Cultural Themes, Wedding Themes, Occasions Themes, Celebration Themes, etc. Udaipur Event Management is a leading theme event planner In Udaipur, Rajasthan.

We Are A Specialized Event Decorator

We are a complete Party Planner and right from the selection and designing of themes we can help you to plan the complete theme party, from theme invites to theme decor, from theme set up to theme props, theme entertainment to thematic return gifts, practically everything.

We have been creating themes & decor and designing gala dinners and corporate parties for over 16 years and have a selection of perfected packages. We are a leading corporate theme events & theme decor company in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

We Can Transform Your Idea Into Reality

We have an ultimate collection of event & party themes. Our vast collection of theme props, theme furnishings, and theme lighting effects combined with innovative ideas, unmatched passion, and 15 years of vast experience will guarantee an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Right from the selection and design of the theme, we can help you to plan the complete theme party. In the past, we have organized themes for many corporate and social events. We utilize cutting-edge technology with access to an extensive range of linens, furniture, props, centerpieces, etc. Our Theme Styling team is always ready to shape your event to transform it into a wonderful spectacular experience.


From start to finish, our party planners can plan, manage and create your ideal event package, provide lighting, event design, and production, and enhance the event according to your vision.

A theme for your party can be a great way to bring your celebration to life. We can help with all types of party themes such as Vegas, Masquerade, Casino, Mardi Gras, Bollywood, and more! Whatever the occasion, we can help develop your theme into a reality for your event. Using stunning décor and drapery, props, and lighting, any venue and any location can be transformed. Call us any time to explore more inspiration and an idea of the expertise we can apply to your party.

Darbaan for Guest Welcome

The person who announces in the courtroom of a kingdom is known as “Darban”. Udaipur Event Management gives you a full Rajasthani simulation from the ancient to the present time. Rajasthani Darbans are mostly used for welcoming guests. They can also be used according to your choice. They are also used sometimes to escort the dulha or groom to the stage. Being a crucial element of Indian Culture showcasing history in one or the other forms, Durbans are used in events to mark the authenticity of culture and tradition in one or the other ways. You can even book Darbans from Udaipur Event Management for entertainment or corporate events apart from wedding ceremonies.

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🎉 Elevate Your Corporate Experience: Premier Theme Party Planning in Udaipur 🎉

🏢 Introducing Our Corporate Theme Party Planning Services: 🏢

Welcome to a world where corporate events transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. At Udaipur Event Management, we specialize in crafting immersive and unforgettable corporate theme parties in Udaipur. Our team of creative experts is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, ensuring that every aspect of your event is perfectly aligned with your chosen theme.

🌟 Why Choose Us for Your Corporate Theme Party: 🌟

Theme Innovation: We understand that your corporate event isn’t just a party; it’s an opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity. Our planners excel in conceptualizing and executing unique themes that resonate with your company’s culture and objectives.

💡 Creative Customization: Your corporate theme party should be an authentic reflection of your brand. We tailor every detail, from decor and entertainment to culinary offerings, to create a cohesive and immersive experience.

🎉 Engaging Experiences: A successful theme party goes beyond decorations. Our team designs interactive experiences, entertainment, and activities that keep your guests engaged and excited throughout the event.

🌆 Impeccable Execution: Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every element of your corporate theme party is flawlessly executed. From set design to lighting, we create an ambiance that captivates and inspires.

📸 Memorable Moments: The heart of any theme party lies in the memories it creates. Our photographers capture every vibrant detail, leaving you with a collection of visually stunning moments that showcase the success of your event.

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Ready to infuse your corporate event in Udaipur with creativity, style, and innovation? Udaipur Event Management is poised to be your partner in designing captivating and impactful corporate theme parties. Let us transform your vision into an extraordinary reality that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and colleagues. Contact us now to embark on a journey of corporate celebration that breaks the mold.