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You Can Host An Oscar themed Party And Make It An Elegant Affair

Oscar themed party is very unique concept in party planning. Seeing the Oscars award ceremony is a treat to eyes! Some people are very impressed with the manner the event unfolds. The glamour quotient involved is something everyone likes.

You too can choose to host an Oscar themed Party. Just make sure you keep certain facts in mind. Some of these are enumerated below:

Do Not Forget To Serve Dazzling Drinks

This is no ordinary party. It has more to do with glamour and sophistication. You can easily attain this goal simply by serving dazzling drinks to guests. Instead of settling for some cheap drinks, go for the top notch brands. It helps to build the mood of the Wine and Cheese Party and everyone present will feel elevated.

Opt For DIY Décor

Buying all décor might be an expensive preposition. You can always choose to go the inexpensive way. Simply rely on DIY décor items. Why not create your own Gilded Plastic Cups for Denim and Diamonds party? Also, These are very easy to make and does not need a lot of money.

oscar themed party

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For instance, you can choose the affordable plastic cups instead of expensive glassware. You can always glam up these cups. Sprinkle gold glitter at the bottom. Do not forget to cover top of every cup. Also, You can use one loose piece of paper. Besides that, Arrange for some Champagne bottles. Take glitter and adhesive spray and spray it on the Champagne bottle.

Make Arrangements For A Living Silver Statue Photo Booth

You had spent a lot of money for the Havana Nights party. In addition, you have taken painstaking efforts to come up with an excellent party. It is natural that you would like to preserve the priceless moments of the event. Having a living silver statue photo booth is the best way to capture these moments.

Even the guests will take immense pleasure in getting clicked in such booths. After all, it will allow them to post the picture in their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts!

Also, You can create the booth utilizing simple things at your disposal. For example, take a big rectangular cardboard and wrap it in Black bulletin board paper. With help of a knife, make provisions for arm holes and face. Make a silver statue on its front using silver glitter and spray adhesive. And you are all set for lights, camera and action!

Wow Your Guests With A Popcorn Bar

You can always come up with unique ideas to wow your guests. For instance, you can install a popcorn bar. This will help in creating the right ambiance of movie theater snack. Therefore, Think about elevating this affordable snack. For example, you can roll popcorn into the shape of lollipop-style balls. Additionally, add one decorative straw to it.

Serve Meatballs On A Fork

Serving single-bite meatballs during Old Hollywood Glamour Party is a wonderful choice. This is considered to be a delicious and hearty party option. Choose flavors that are massive hit with people. For instance, you can choose classic meatballs or something else with little more jazz. When serves in mini festive fork guests love it more!

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