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HR & Admin has their specific role in any organization and their support for various other related work process like employees engagement, incentives programs, town halls and conference planning etc are often well sought.
We assist HR & Admin to offload their pressure for managing all these events. With an experience of over 15 years and expertiseise of managaing around 300 HR & Admin Events , Our dedicated event planners team is always ready to take up any related task, from employee engagement, family day events to town hall events to induction programs.

We are a full service Event Management Company and best HR & Admin Events Planners in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We are into managing all sorts of HR Events. We have very good tie-ups with the venue and can source you an ideal venue as per the team size be it Udaipur, Rajasthan. We are into managing family days, annual days, day picnics, town hall, corporate offsite etc and all format of HR & Admin Events, Celebrations & Employees Engagement.

We understand that “People Matters”. If you are planning any HR & Admin Event for your Company, just call us to sit back and relax. Our team of HR & Admin event planners is always ready to assist you. Whatsoever be the occasion, be it corporate offsite or team building or foundation day : safeguarding the interest of HR & Admin is our first priority.

We help our clients to celebrate every occasion and festival. Be it Diwali Celebration, Holi Celebration, Christmas Celebration, New Year Celebration or any other celebration. We do office decor, theme based games stalls, food stalls, fun activities and photo ops etc.

We offer tailored event services “Crafted For Perfection”

Not only to meet your requirements and budget but to exceed your expectations. Whenever we plan HR & Admin Event, primary focus is always on the HR & Admin objectives. We plan every activity keeping the viewpoint of HR & Admin in mind. From the initial planning stages through to delivery we provide a dedicated event manager to assist you throughout the life cycle of your event from sourcing a venue to event set up to health & safety guide to choosing a theme.. practically everything from start to finish to have a lasting impression.

Till date we had helped many HR & Admin to achieve their corporate goals by delivering many events for their interests like..

  • Employee Engagement
  • Family Fun Day
  • Annual Party
  • Corporate Offsite
  • Team Building
  • Town Hall and R & R
  • Foundation Day Celebration
  • Corporate Anniversaries
  • Ground Breaking Ceremonies
  • Facility Launch
  • Employees Conference
  • Office Decor
  • Induction Programs
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Office Launch
  • CSR Actiities

If you are looking to organize HR & Admin events, Celebrations & Employees Engagement, Please feel free to call best HR & Admin Events Planners in Udaipur, Rajasthan for event suggestions, options & estimated cost proposal. If your event is in very early stage even though leave your query here for Ball Park Cost Estimation.

Engage Your Employees And Motivate Them To Personal Success

It’s time you take advantage of the latest employee engagement tools. With our platform, you can create effective campaigns and offer your employees the rewards they deserve.

Employee Engagement

If your business or startup lacks employee engagement, then you won’t be able to make it survive longer. Employee engagement is the key to the success of your business. It boosts your productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and enhances the company culture. All these things ultimately contribute to the success of your business.
You can use our platform to develop strategies for your employee engagement. We can find all the important tools and information that you need to keep your employees engaged and improve your business’s productivity.

Internal Communications

Your employees are the asset of your business. Internal communication is of great importance, especially in today’s competitive environment. Communication itself is a tool because it allows you to share your mission, vision, and values with your employees. You can develop a sense of security and trust within your employees with the help of internal communications. By doing this, you can engage them in a better way and make your business successful. From developing your internal communication strategy to implementing it correctly, we assist you at every step to ensure your business’s success.

Engagement Sessions @Office

Our services are not merely limited to boosting the engagement of the employees at a personal and professional level. We also aim towards keeping them engaged virtually and digitally. Through gamification at a collective level, we nurture focus, presence of mind, digital collaboration and co-ordination between employees while the employees get to enjoy themselves with each other playing digital games.

Corporate Sports

Collaboration amongst the employees should not be only limited to inside the office walls. We help the engagement of employees grow beyond the walls of their office. We organize several Games and Sports Activities in Udaipur such as cricket, football, basketball and so on depending on the interest of the employees. It increases reliance, trust, and understanding among the employees and inculcates sportsman spirit in them.

VR Sports

We are one of the few organisations that put a lot of impetus into team building through unique gaming experiences which will not only help the companies to bond better but also bring in some unique fun and an experience worth remembering. Our VR games help the employees to fulfil their fantasies as become Cricket, Football or any player. Our sessions are aimed at increasing the happiness quotient at workplaces and profoundly connecting the employees to their organization. Our VR Games incorporates a wide range of Games.

Creativity @Work

Our aim is to interweave fun and work in perfect harmony, such that they become complementary to each other. Until and unless employees aren’t enjoying their work, their full potential cannot be unlocked. We organize a wide range of fun activities like dumb charades, quirky quizzes, drawing& painting workshops, dance bustles, music buzzes and what not! We bring out the hidden talents in your employees through these fun-filled activities. It recharges and refreshes employees enabling them to utilize their utmost capabilities at work.

Annual Days

We organize customized programs for Foundation Day based on your needs and requirements. We promise to deliver a complete “fun+talent” filled package created for your employees by your employees. From identifying various talents in your employees to utilizing them in innovative performances, we cover it all, Once you have given us the responsibility, we manage the activity from top to bottom. All you have to do is to sit back and relax while your employees deliver their best performances.

Talent Hunt

We rekindle the talents of your employees by giving them a chance to delve into their passion once again. From photography, dance, music, art, poetry, storytelling to cooking; we bring out the hidden gem in your employees. The talent would sometimes silently peep out from the window of their hearts and now finally a chance to come out and roar in the office space.


We believe that each employee needs a dose of motivation and inspiration from time to time. You can trust us to increase the morale of your employees as we organize town halls and R&R. With our inspirational themes, new age simulations, and motivational speakers you can be assured that your employees would be filled with energy and enthusiasm.


Celebrating the day your company was founded is a great opportunity to remember why it was founded and what milestones it has achieved to date. It is a moment of joy and pride for both the employers and the employees to together remember and celebrate the achievements while setting future targets. We organize company anniversaries where we provide a platform for innovative and creative dialogue to boost further growth. It is a space for employees to voice their opinions, show their leadership skills and find a unique solution to the company’s problems.

Team Building Activities

A solitary star shining in the night sky might look beautiful but when several stars join to form a constellation, the view is simply mesmerizing. Team building exercises are the link for colleagues to form a constellation amongst themselves. We organize a range of team building programmes in Udaipur such as seven stones, theme-based treasure hunts, they could even be Harry Potter or Star Wars theme; tug of war and many others. We try to make it as memorable as possible and trust us your employees would go crazy. These games help the participants to form a bond that goes beyond the definition of mere colleagues, which in turn makes the employees trust each other. This leads to better collaboration at work and thereby leading to better results.

Sports & Leisure Activities

Sports are a great way to encourage employees to work in teams and indulge in their favourite sport; something they would have done while growing up. The sweat-soaked t-shirt on sun-kissed skin will exhilarate their senses and bring back childhood memories. Sports such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball will strengthen inter-personal bonds among employees and provide them with an opportunity to relive their childhood.

Fitness Activities

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We organize health and wellness programs while not compromising on the fun aspect that we promise as an employee engagement company. We organize walkathons, short distance bicycle activities, fun at gym sessions and assess the overall fitness of your employees. We also provide them with well-articulated and planned fitness routines for further use. These activities encourage them to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle. A healthy workforce implies an even better outcome for the company because a healthy body and a healthy mind respond better to situations and have higher potential.


Celebrating the day your company was founded is a great opportunity to remember why it was founded and what milestones it has achieved to date. It is a moment of joy and pride for both the employers and the employees to together remember and celebrate the achievements while setting future targets. We organize company anniversaries where we provide a platform for innovative and creative dialogue to boost further growth. It is a space for employees to voice their opinions, show their leadership skills and find a unique solution to the company’s problems.

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