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When we talk about Mehendi ceremony in the best wedding destinations in India, we always think of colors, vibrant hues, fun, dance, music and lots and lots of entertainment. Udaipur Event Management is an Indian wedding planner based in Udaipur and Jaipur city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. We have organized a number of luxurious weddings as well as budget destination wedding India. Our forte lies in planning end – to – end management of destination weddings in major cities of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Pushkar, and Udaipur to name a few. If you are an unable plan to your big day in the palatial properties of Rajasthan, it shouldn’t keep you away from having a fun Rajasthani carnival/ mela theme for your big day. Why have a normal and common gathering to kick start your wedding festivities when you can have vibrant, colorful and vivacious Mela theme Mehendi function planned by your Indian wedding planner? Udaipur Event Management will suggest some must-have elements and ideas for your mela theme Mehendi function.

Colorful Drapes: well if you have budget destination wedding India planned by a wedding planner, then having colorful and vibrant drapes will add the required character to the function. You can have a large canopy at the center of the venue with drapes of different bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, purple and other bright colors.

Marigold Decoration: for best wedding destinations in India to look and feel more beautiful decorative elements like flowers play a vital role. And for your mela theme Mehendi function, the Indian wedding planner suggests the use of Indian flowers. And what better than the use of beautiful marigolds for the same!! Using marigolds as a hanging, in centerpieces, on the pillar and almost everywhere possible will give traditional and lively vibes to the venue.

Pin Wheels For Fun: in order to make your Mehendi function a memorable event makes sure you don’t forget to add elements that define a Rajasthani carnival and one of these could be used of pinwheels for decoration. Even for your budget destination wedding India, the elements will make the ambiance feel more real and fun just like in the image below.

Game Stalls: carnival or mela is incomplete without having games stalls planned by the Indian wedding planner. You can have a balloon shoot game or ring game or crossbow and other games to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Folk Music And Dance: depiction of Rajasthani culture is not impossible without having folk music and dance in the ceremony. And since we are talking about Rajasthani carnival-themed Mehendi in best wedding destinations in India, having the performance of folk music and dance of Rajasthan will make it an unforgettable event.

Food And Give Away Stalls: your guests have traveled from different parts of the globe to be a part of your special day. How about making your guests feel wanted with giveaway stalls like – bangles, mojari, bags, and nail art stalls along with food carts or trucks like Punjabi snacks or Chaat stalls.

I hope these ideas help you plan a perfect Mehendi function in the best wedding destinations in India under the guidance of the Indian wedding planner. For further assistance, get in touch with us at 9928686346, 9413174160

You will not need many flowers but few varieties of ferns and grass orcas and complimentary props to complete the setting. Here you are with an evergreen archway, a green mandap, and a refreshing stage. This wedding décor theme gets more natural in an outdoor venue with a real fountain or a traditional jhoola (swing) decorated with ferns. To add glamour to this setting add props with mirror works.

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Rajasthani Turban Stall Rajasthani Mehndi ArtistRajasthani Shoes
Rajasthani Bangle MakersRajasthani Handicrafts StallRajasthani Tattoo Artists Stalls
Rajasthani Pot Making Demo Caricature/Sketch ArtistWomen Nail Artists
Palmist/Astrologer/JyotishParrot Tarot Card Reader Astrology StallHead Massage / Sar Malishwala
Rice Painting Artist/GiftingBalloon Shooter GameKulhad Chai Wala
Miniature Painting StallChana Jor Garam…Babu ArtistHuman Statue Artist
Live MagicianRope Walk ArtistTiny Dwarf Man
Bamboo Artist Fire Juggler ArtistLong Wide Mustache Artist
Kids Bowling GameKids Bioscope WalaKids Jumping Bouncy
Kids SliderKids Cartoon Walk In EventsKids Trampoline To Play
Kids Aim Dart GameEvent Kumkum GirlsEvent Garland Girls
Kids Ring Toss GameKids Shoot The Can Game

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