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Celebration Cold Cracker with Niagara Fall, Birthday Party Cold Fireworks, Cold Fire Niagara fall fireworks service and Hands Cold Firework Entry offered by Udaipur Event Management.

This can be the final act of the elaborate play that is the wedding. The fireworks will light up the sky as the newly-weds drive off into the horizon to begin your journey of life together.

What do we offer?

Fireworks come in different shapes, sizes and with different impacts. Want to announce to the world you’re married? Choose the biggest and loudest rockets. Want to have a simpler and smaller send-off? End the night on a bright note with smaller rockets and more earth-bound crackers.

We’re here to free you from the hassle of choosing the best brands, buying them, having them stored and set off, etc. Hold hands and drive off or watch the spectacular show with everyone; this is your day.

With our years of experience and knowledge, we are committed to providing Cold Fireworks in Udaipur and Jaipur. In accordance with all our customer specifications, our selected range of high-quality chemical compounds and innovative technology is treated. The fireworks offered are tested at different stages by our skilled professionals, ensuring their flawlessness. In addition to this, our fireworks are highly demanded by our customers for their pollution free and efficiency. Our offered range also consists of fireworks and events crackers.

Celebration Cracker Cold Niagara Fall

We are a well-known company engaged in the manufacture and delivery of a quality-approved Celebration Cracker, widely used to celebrate in different weddings, birthdays and festive parties. Our experienced professionals treat these stools with superior quality chemicals and sophisticated methods according to international quality standards. To get the maximum satisfaction for our precious customers, our offered range can be customized in different specifications. We deliver free delivery to the home. Features: -? Efficiency Emits sparks Long shelf life.

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Udaipur Event Management is one of the most renowned destinations in Udaipur, Rajasthan that offers event management services, artist management as well as celebrity management services. The biggest asset of the company is its team members who offer excellent services to the clients. Customer satisfaction is given the most priority so that the clients come back again for availing the services from the company. Udaipur Event Management organizes different types of events like wedding event, birthday party, corporate event, shows concerts and lot more. Creative Wedding fireworks in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Wedding is the most memorable and biggest event in anyone’s life. To make the wedding event even more successful the professionals at Udaipur Event Management make all the possible arrangements that help to create the event memorable one. Wedding fireworks in Delhi is another vital area in which the professionals of Udaipur Event Management show their creativity. Firework displays are provided for different festive occasions. The staff members of Udaipur Event Management are highly professional and offer the best display of fireworks for any occasion. The wedding fireworks in Delhi create an impact that will last for a lifetime in the mind of people.

The firework display is provided with complete precautionary measures so that the fireworks cause no damage to anyone or in anyone’s property. The fireworks that are provided includes one sound cracker, goa electric cracker, multi comet Arial function fireworks, two inch comet fireworks, three inch comet fireworks, garland crackers, single sound crackers as well as giant crackers. Udaipur Event Management provides all the services according to the requirement specified by the client. Special care is taken for the decoration of the venue. All the arrangements are made especially so that the wedding becomes the most memorable wedding that lasts in the mind of the people for a lifetime.

Having a wedding day firework is certainly unforgettable, but the budget will be based on time limit and quality of display. It is often recommended to have not more than 4-5 minutes and slightly longer for bigger displays. You will be expected to pay anything between Rs 10,000 and 15,000.

Get permits and insurance

Even if your state allows fireworks, you still need to apply for a permit to use them. You also need to apply for insurance before obtaining permit.


Safety is the major concern even if you are using sparklers. The possibility of an accident must always be kept in mind. Just to be safe keep all your guests close by and warn them it is going to be too noisy. Our professionals will also ensure that the fireworks display is done in the safest place possible and all procedures are put in place to prevent accidents.

Don’t forget the cleanup

Be it indoor or outdoor, there will be a lot of debris left over after the display, and it is a common courtesy that it must be cleaned up. When you hire a professional, they will take care of the cleaning as a part of their fee, if not make sure it is done before you wind up.

Types of Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics is the art and science of creating things such as fireworks, safety matches, explosive bolts, parts of automotive airbags as well as gas-pressure blasting in mining. Some of the common examples of pyrotechnics include recreational fireworks, model rocket motors, highway and marine distress flares, sparklers and caps for toy guns. Some types include bird scarers, shell crackers, whistle crackers and flares designed to be fired from a rifle.

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