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If your child’s Birthday is around the corner and you are thinking to do the decoration with balloons then have a look at these theme ideas. Here’s the list of the TOP 10 KIDS’ THEME BIRTHDAY BALLOON DECORATION IDEAS.


The most trending decoration nowadays is a Mermaid theme Birthday decoration. The mermaid signifies life and fertility within the ocean. The most loved Disney Animated Feature film and Favorite Cartoon Character of Kids inspired by the Little Mermaid Movie. Her magic and mystery still make girls all over the world dream about becoming a mermaid at least one day. Decoration for The Little Mermaid party is the key to creating the right underwater atmosphere. Luckily someone came up with the idea that makes their dreams come true a Mermaid Theme Party.

Material Required- Big and Medium size Balloons, Frill ribbons, Fairy Lights, Mermaid Cutouts, Paper fan, and Age Mosaic Letter.


After Mermaid the most sorted theme is the unicorn theme Birthday Decoration. Every parent wants to fill their kid’s birthday party with as much magic and wonders as they can. You look forward to the joy and excitement in your child’s eyes the moment they see their unicorn birthday party full of Rainbow themes.

Materials Required- Big and Small size Balloons, Unicorn Foils, Unicorn Cutouts, Frill Ribbons, Lights, and pictures (Not necessary).


Almost every kid in the world love to watch animated movies it isn’t surprising that Baby Boss has been one of the most popular kid’s birthday theme. It’s your kid who wants theme parties and movie characters so what can be better than a Boss baby theme Birthday Balloon Decoration which defines every kid as they are the boss of the family and house? The most loved animated movie character and the most stubborn too.

Material Required- Big and Medium size Balloons, Fairy Lights, White Backdrops, Cutouts, and Foils.


Everyone loves Mickey Mouse. He’s an all-time childhood favorite and Mickey Mouse parties are still one of the most popular party themes. Mickey Mouse is a cheerful character Disney Character to the young and old around the world. A cheerful, innocent character just like your child whose decoration can be better than Mickey Mouse Birthday Balloon Decoration on your child’s birthday grab the opportunity and make their birthday special.


Have a little one at home who’s absolutely in the car? There’s something about boys and cars related? The most lovable toy of boys and girls is the car. They love to play with cars maybe a simple one or a remote control and every child’s dream is to own a branded car when they grow old what can be more special if you make your child’s favorite toy into his or her birthday theme? yes, we are talking about a car theme of Birthday Decorations.

Material Required- Big and Medium Size Balloons, Happy Birthday Bunting, Car theme flex, and decorations stuff.


With its simple lyrics and stick-in-your-head melody Baby Shark has become one of the cultural sensational. So why not let the song and video be combined with a kid’s birthday theme decoration? The viral tune might be maddening to some adults but it’s irresistible for kids. Toddlers might be the target audience but there are many fun things you can do to plan a Baby shark theme birthday decoration that is fun’s for everyone- Mommy and Daddy Shark included.

Material Required- Small and Medium size Balloons, Baby Shark cutouts, and Baby Shark Flex.


The stories about dinosaurs naturally call upon two to three elements- vegetation, greenery, and bones. The words and colors have a magical effect it doesn’t take a lot to transform simple and unassuming things into something great. Throw your little paleontologist to the most amazing dinosaurs’ birthday theme party. The most innovative and attractive theme.

Material Required- Big and Medium size Balloons, wild animals foil or cutouts and flex, Happy Birthday Bunting, white backdrops, and lights.


If your kid is a jungle movie or animal lover then this jungle theme Balloon Decoration is perfect for their birthday celebration. Visions of palm fronds, exotic birds, tropical flowers dancing, and animal pictures what more thing do you require to make your child’s birthday more exotic and beautiful?

Material – Balloons, Flex, and Cutouts.


Everyone deserves to be a queen for a day! What’s better than a princess theme birthday party? The princess is the character adored by all little girls. Therefore if you have a daughter, a Princess Theme Birthday Decoration party is inevitable at some point. Whether it’s your birthday or your daughter’s birthday you can think of being royal for a day is definitely fun and a great excuse to wear a tiara.

Material Required- Big and small size balloons, princess cutouts, white backdrop, and fairy lights.


The mystery, is beautiful, playful, and whimsical is there anything more magical than a butterfly? The mystery and whimsical of the butterfly make this creature a great choice for a birthday party theme decoration. If possible host the birthday party in the garden, park, or backyard. That’s why mother nature will do most of the decorating for you.

Material Required- Big and Medium size Balloons, white backdrop, age foil, lightning, and Butterfly cutouts or stickers

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