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  • The Bioscope is an early movie projector. It is portable and therefore its name – “traveling cinema box
  • Kids watching short clips through a bioscope in India. Shots of a bioscope
  • Vintage New Antique Finish Bioscope Gramophone

WOODEN MADE ANTIQUE FINISH BIOSCOPE It is completely in good working condition it works manually as there is arrangement of gramophone music system for play songs, it is key winding instrument you can see pictures inside of bioscope like – All india Monuments All worlds famous places Wild animals Cartoons Beautiful Birds and your pictures etc we provide video system also , we make arrangement in bioscope for installation of tab or phone but tab and phone will be yours and for the sound you will have to use small speaker with compatible your devices then you can enjoy video and photo of your tab and phone in bioscope bioscope size will be L 32″ B 20″ H 18″ with stand height will be 3 feet bioscope will be with stand

bioscope available for rent UEM has work of Bioscope We sell Bioscope in quality in good working condition It is wooden made item good sound good shine good can see picture inside Bioscope hear the songs also it works manually no need electricity Easy to use And easy to maintain.

Bioscope depicts the inner meaning of moving images. It is a story about Diwakaran and what became his very close friend, the bioscope. Traveling through villages, he erected tents and screened early film strips using a projector, known at the time as bioscope.The concept of the bioscope, however, is still fascinating – a hand-driven projector with a low-watt bulb is placed behind the reel. As the handle is turned, the reel moves. A person peeping through a fixed lens gets to experience a wonderful cinematic treat accompanied by music.

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