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Udaipur Event Management is a offer premiere Tent house Services, established in 2010 & committed to excellence and professionalism. Very high quality designs & innovative presentations are our key strengths. We put up Pandals, Shamiyanas & Mandaps of various attractive styles ranging from traditional Indian forms to stylish modern designs. The water proof canopies, air conditioning of these wonderful decorative structures are our unique features. We also do exclusive catering under the brand name of Century Caterers. Thru Century Caterers we only serve authentic vegetarian delicacies. Our main focus is to make your celebration Grand but Elegant, Colorful but Artistic. Please have a look at some of the designs we did in the past. These designs were created by some of the finest Designer’s in India. For upcoming designs please visit our office or call us.

Flower Decorations

A wedding ceremony without flower decoration is incomplete. Wedding flower decorations can be of different types. One can go in for a beautiful centerpiece or a large arch, keeping in mind the need of the wedding place. One can use one’s own creativity and make unique flower decorations for the wedding ceremony. The fact that has to be taken care of is that the flower decoration should be complimenting the rest of the wedding decorations.

There are innumerable types of wedding flower arrangements that can be used. A wedding bouquet should be chosen carefully. A unique and beautiful bouquet would make a great addition to the wedding ceremony. It could be matching with the bride’s body proportion, skin tone, and facial appearance and also the attire that the bride is wearing. The boutonnieres are the flowers that are worn by the groom. Boutonnieres are made up of small flowers and are attached to the jacket of the groom. These flowers could be of various colors of which a suitable one needs to be selected. Wreaths are the round-shaped flower decorations that consist of flower rings which can be used as centerpieces in the wedding hall. They can also be used as hangers and headpieces which add to the overall look of the venue.

Wedding Decoration

Décor is a boundless artistic expression that can escalate an ordinary place to fantasy land. With a perfect blend of colors, style, and intimate details, we accomplish décor keeping the function in mind.

  • Marriage Decor
  • Reception Decor
  • Cocktail Decor
  • Mehndi Decor
  • Ring Ceremony
  • Religious Function
  • Birthday Decor
  • Anniversary Decor
  • Corporate Decor
  • Theme Decorations

Lately, theme parties have become quite a rage and the absence of theme makes a party just like yet-another-party where no distinctive passion is attached. We have themes for every function, mood, and outlook and we’re sure to give you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

  • Rajwada Royal Theme
  • Pecock Pink Theme
  • Sufi Pink Theme
  • English Theme
  • Candle Theme
  • Flute Theme
  • Wodden Rafter Theme
  • Raj vilas Theme
  • Lotus Theme
  • Baby Shower Theme
  • First birthday Theme
  • Retro / Rock n roll Theme
  • Halloween Theme
  • Casino Theme
  • Disco Theme
  • Bollywood Theme
  • Love Theme
  • Bachelor Theme

Decor By Elements

Wedding by elements basically means picking up several important elements at a wedding and planning their décor in a very special manner. For instance, the entry and the passage are designed specifically to bring on warm welcome to the esteemed guests.

  • Hitting wall
  • Hitting wall Props
  • Props Bar
  • Bar Rangoli
  • Rangoli Stage
  • Stage Vedi
  • Vedi Entry
  • Entry Table Arrangement
  • Table Arrangement Passage
  • Passage Lounges
  • Lounges Hitting wall
  • Hitting wall Props
  • Props Bar
  • Bar Rangoli
  • Rangoli Stage
  • Stage

Indoor Decor vs Outdoor Decor

Wedding planning is something that starts as you start looking for a match and sometimes goes on till Vidaai. Whether you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding is quite a decision based more on external factors that really your heartfelt desires.

t starts as you start looking for a match and sometimes goes on till Vidaai. Whether you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding is quite a decision based more on external factors that really your heartfelt desires.


For indoor weddings, we suggest several themes, color schemes, and attractive centerpieces enhance the interiors of the banquet hall in Udaipur, you have chosen. From the entry and stage to the lounges and the vedi, we ensure every small part of your banquet hall is covered gracefully to enhance the space for utility as well as panache.


We work on an appeal, convenience, and style to ensure your farmhouse leaves a lasting impression. As an outdoor wedding gives us a massive canvas to play around with, we have everything that you’d ask for. From impressively created passage to the astonishing varmala themes, we have lots of options to make an offer to you.

Wedding By Religion

India is a land of secularism and every religion is celebrated in our country. That’s why we have come up with religion-based wedding décor in Udaipur which facilitates traditional décor for your wedding event.


From Swastika, Ganesha, and Rangoli to Vedi and Jaimala, a Hindu wedding has a lot more to do than any other religion in India and who knows it better than us?
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For a splendid ‘Anand Karaj’, all you really need is the right decor, for, of course, there cannot be any pomp and show, noise, and beats in the Gurudwara Sahib.
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Christian weddings are a lot more fun as they give us a great deal of freedom to experiment with the decor. Whether you like it elegant, rustic or contemporary,

Wedding By Community

When a wedding décor is based on community specifications, it not only takes us back to our ethnicity but also reminds us of our culture and heritage. Not all cultures are the same, and nor are their legacies. A wedding is a perfect time to celebrate our community or race and strike a chord to relive the traditional heritage. Doing it through cultural décor is certainly your best bet.


When it comes to a wedding in the ‘land of Rajas’; everything exquisite and splendid is expected. And so is our Rajasthani decor service-
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Kashmiri culture is subtle, decent and impressive. Unlike the pomp and show of Punjab, Kashmiri weddings are slow, musical and pastel-ized.
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South Indian

India is the land of diversity and each community has its own precious heritage to showcase. When we talk about South India, we talk a lot about wood

Wedding Decorators in Udaipur

A wedding, for us Indians, is a lifetime event that we all look forward to. Be it your wedding, or a neighbor’s distant cousin’s, we just know how to celebrate! From Baraat to Shehnai, Mehendi, and Sagai to Sangeet and Vidaai, an Indian wedding can get as fat as you let it be. Talk about food, frolic, fashion, or furnishings, there isn’t one small nook that can be left ignored. But what leaves a lasting impression and makes your wedding magical as well as memorable? The Décor, of course! And nobody can do it better than the specialists in wedding decor in Udaipur.

We, at Udaipur Event Management, believe that there are no limits to the amazing possibilities when it comes to wedding décor. That’s why; we’ve come up with a wonderful service of wedding decor in Udaipur to add oomph to your wedding. From couple stage decoration, elegant arches, gorgeous flowers, exciting balloons, and charming style columns, to impressive tabletop centerpieces, backdrops, and trousseau packing, our wedding decor in Udaipur will leave you breathless and your guests spellbound.

We, at Udaipur Event Management, are the turn-key wedding decorators in Udaipur who attend to all the confronts of an event. We specialize in out-of-the-box event decorations and specialized wedding planning. With years of experience and a creative squad of professionals, we believe that when a job is to be done, there is no room for goof-ups, delays, and inadequacies. We represent style, grace, and classiness for these are the basic elements that make a wedding perfect and memorable. Udaipur Event Management offers customized, idiosyncratic ideas that drag all the attention towards your special day.

Your wedding celebration calls for an aesthetically pleasing décor. Be it an elegant indoor wedding or a quirky outdoor beach party, we present to you the best rendition of your imagination! We create stylish, classy, and innovative wedding themes, décor concepts, and sets for weddings. From stunning tables to tiny details, from photo drops to wedding signs, beautiful and affordable wedding decorations await you! So go ahead! Add a personalized design to your vision as we deliver a unique and tailored ambiance, making your dream wedding come true.

Decor by Destination

Your wedding at your dream destination deserves an awe-inspiring décor that captures the charm and elegance of your personality. We, at Udaipur Event Management, ensure to transform the venue into a resplendent space of celebration with a wide range of designs. From magnificent and majestic regal look to splendid and sophisticated natural airy style, our skilled and experienced professionals bring to life such dreamy creations. Balancing between traditional and conventional designs, we adorn the venues with luxe details such as lavish light backdrops, floral accents, pretty cocktails, and sheer monumental structures. Thus, perfecting your beautiful moments for a priceless memory!

Decor by Event

Make every wedding ceremony special and unique with beautiful designs that speak the exclusivity of each event. Indoor or outdoor, we embellish every space with details accenting the extravagant theme. Our artists create shimmering details for engagement, a traditional touch for a fun and frolic mehndi and sangeet celebrations, and gorgeously grand and bright lights for the reception. In addition to this, we decorate your entertainment events, such as Sufi night and pool party, with a ceremonious vibe.

Decor by Theme

Adding an exclusive vibe of personal touch and imagination, decorate your wedding destination with a theme that reflects you. With various elements resonating with you and the celebration, we design a theme that generates exuberance and individuality. We help in curating a wide variety of themes, ranging from extravagantly glamorous and cinematic Bombay Bliss, to tranquil and peaceful yet majestic Buddha Beauty, to a mixture of modern and traditional touch of Conventionally Classic with floral accents, to antique and regal Victorian Vanity with lots of chandelier elements, and many more.

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