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Punjabi Dhol Wala

Each and every occasion becomes really special and the energy reaches the top when Punjabi Dhol Wala plays the best dhol beats. We, Udaipur Event Management is a platform that is here to provide you with Punjabi Dhol Players in India. You must be wondering why there are so many crae in the realm of Punjabi Dhol. Well if you are new to this field, there are a number of reasons for this. Going further, one must always consider some most important aspects while choosing Punjabi Dhol Players for their entertainment services. Fortunately, we have all those features and those are also our specialties. What we provide that makes us stand out in the crowd in the realm of Dhol services is briefed below:

The Fire Dance With Dhol

There are very few bhangra dancers who are capable of performing this stunt. It is one of the most difficult stunts of the bhangra dance. Luckily, we have dancers who are capable to perform this stunt. They pass the hollow wheel which looks like a fireball. The wheel is lit with fire from side to side and when these dancers pass through them, it looks really amazing. They do it as their dance step which is really a rare sight.

Synchronized Group Dance

When a large group of bhangra dancers performs the hardest steps among the dhol beats, the guests cannot control themselves from loud claps and cheers. This type of entertainment is rare to find. Both male and female dancers perform the group Bhangra dance with the most difficult steps. The onlookers cannot stop admiring the performance such as the service we provide to our clients in this arena.

Special Dhol Combination

Our dhol players combine nagada and other types of Punjabi dhol in their services. Each beat sounds differently and they create an awesome repertoire by combining the different beats. No electrical DJ can match the sound and the richness that this combination of Dhol beats provide. We have special people for this purpose who have been practicing this exceptional art for years. These talents are hard to find and we have them for you. They make sure that the entertainment of your event is exactly as you had imagined.

Dance With The Dhol Beats

Our dhol players know the different kinds of footsteps which are performed while playing the DHOL. Playing dhol while dancing is one of the most difficult dance forms. But our talented dhol layers are fully capable of performing this art. When they play the dhol, they simultaneously perform the foot dance steps. This looks different and attractive at the same time. This kind of entertainment is something that the Indian people have not yet experienced. So collaborating with us means you will give something really rare to your guests in the entertainment realm.

Russian Dhol Player

Russian girls are a rage in Indian weddings today. The latest trend in this realm is the Russia Dhol Players. After seeing the Russian girls doing belly dancing and mermaid plays, people have a desire to see them entertaining in some Indian style. This is why we, Udaipur Event Management have Russian Dhol Player services. Only a few platforms in Udaipur provide Russian Udaipur players and fortunately, we are one among them. Why we are considered special in this realm is briefed in the points below.

The Exceptional Trained Players

Despite being of foreign origin, our Russian dhol players are deeply trained in this art. We have the players who are professional in the dhol playing and they are so proper that there is no room for complaints. First and foremost they look so beautiful that their looks play a major role in captivating the attention of the guests. On top of that, they play perfect dhol beats and this is really a deadly combination.

The Costumes And Makeup

We give the best costumes to the Russin dhol players. We even provide costumes that match the aura of the place of your event. We give the perfect color so the guests feel like these players belong in the place. The matching costumes also give the feeling of warmth.

We Provide Camaraderie

Our Russian dhol Players are familiar with the ways of Indian weddings and Indian parties. They know totally what all the people like and how to maintain camaraderie with the Indian crowd. They know the native language and while they play the dhol they call out some Hindi sayings like ‘Zor Laga ke’ etc and all this makes people feel really happy and excited. Along with the dhol, the Russian dhol players are also trained in singing/ They can also sing while they play the awesome dhol beats.

On-demand Dancing

Our Russian Dhol players are talented in dancing as well. We provide this service to entertain the audience to the extra mile. What we do is we provide a little bit of dancing with these Russian dhol players. This makes the crowd really go gaga with excitement. The dance steps are exactly what the Indian public expects from dhol beats. They know how to perform their steps and what steps to do. If any attendees want to join them, they can easily do and these dhol players know how to make the guests part of the merry-making.

Picture Clicking

Russian dhol players are not easily available and so there is a craze associated with them. People click pictures with the whole bunch. We provide this facility as we allow picture clicking with the whole band of Russian dhol players. It really makes a good memory. Our Russian dhol players are not uncomfortable in dealing with guests whether while dancing with them or clicking pictures. This is because they are well-trained in this scenario. We make sure that with awesome dhol beats, Russian dhol players provide all other entertainment associated with it.

Bhangra Dance Group

Nothing can take the fun factor as higher as the Bhangra dance group for weddings. In India, weddings are loud and people make special arrangements to make sure that each and every person attending the wedding is thoroughly entertained. What else could be a better option for weddings in the realm of entertainment rather than a thrilling Bhangra dance from trained professionals? Well, if you are considering this then you are at just the right place. We are Punjabi Dhol Players in India by the name Udaipur Event Management who provides the bhangra dance group for weddings. We have awesome dance groups in this arena and today we stand tall among the most desired bhangra dance group providers in Udaipur. There are a lot of reasons why we are in such great demand. Want to know why? Then keep on reading.

The Best Costumes

We know how authentic the costumes should be. We also know that the costumes of the dancers are one of the most important things if you are involving bhangra dancers in your entertainment services. This is why e have our costume designing team which gives the best costume to our bhangra dancers. They are bright and authentic. When our dancers perform their steps, their costumes give them a special attraction. This makes their dance even more exciting and attractive.

The Different Dance Steps

Our dancers do not perform those cliche dance steps which you are tired of seeing at every wedding and dance show. They have choreographers who make sure that the dancers have something different to offer as in dance steps. This is also one of the main reasons why people prefer us. The practice sessions are really hard and our dancers have unrepeated steps. This keeps the interest level o the people alive till the dancers dance.

The X-factor

We know what causes boredom in Bhangra dance performances as it is something that you can today see at every wedding. So we always do everything out of the box in this realm. For example, when yellow costumes are famous at weddings for the bhangra dance, we go for some other color. Due to this people experience a kind of refreshing. This also makes sure that the repetition has no chance to take place and your guests remain thoroughly entertained.

Affordable Budget

Even after providing top-notch service and dancers in the bhangra dance realm, our budget is affordable. We charge legit prices and do not have any policy of extra charges. We value the hard-earned money of our clients. We even try to provide customized services in the hangar dance realm without charging anything extra. This is the reason why people entrust us and choose us over others.

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