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Are You Looking wedding car decorators in Udaipur? We are the best florist for Wedding Car decorations (Car decorations for marriage in Udaipur). We provide all types of car decorations in Udaipur Rajasthan according to our customer budget, we make long term relationship with our customers.

Wedding car decoration is an important part of an Indian wedding. The importance of wedding car decoration came into being because as per traditional customs the groom used to arrive at the marriage venue on a decorated horse (horse carriage). Even today this system is very popular and followed in most Indian cultures. Wedding car decoration in Udaipur Rajasthan NCR primarily involves a lot of floral arrangements and accessories like Flowers (Roses, Marigold, Orchids, Carnation), Ribbons, Balloons, Artificial flowers, Confetti, Satin, Colorful threads, etc.

The Wedding car is also used after the marriage rituals are over to take the bride to her new home. This ceremony is known as Vidaai, where the girl bids farewell to her own family and is ready to start the journey of her married life. The groom and bride generally sit on the rear seat and the wedding car is preferably driven by a relative friend or family. Sometimes the wedding car is also given as a gift by the parents and family members to the newly married couple.

Decorating a Wedding car involves a lot of skill and tact as one has to be careful about avoiding any damage to the car and it is, therefore, best done by professionals. It is advisable to have adequate knowledge before proceeding for the decorations. Wedding Car Decorators have put below some very effective tips based on inputs from industry professionals which might be useful.

Although innumerable design concept can be used with flowers, some popular placements are

  • Single individual flowers all around the body of the car
  • Bouquet of flowers at the center of the bonnet which acts as a centerpiece
  • Bouquets on the sides of the bonnet.
  • Bouquet on the sides of the dickey
  • Hanging garlands across the roof of the car
  • Floral arrangements on the side view mirrors

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Decorating the car of bride and groom in weddings is a famous trend followed throughout the world. It is a way to wish them a happy and successful marital life ahead. The car décor is an important component of the wedding and you should only trust the experts in this field to make your first romantic marital journey worthwhile. Udaipur Event Management has introduced the wedding car decoration service through which they will weave their magic and make it the best ride of your life.

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Car decoration is considered an important part of the Indian weddings. The concept of the wedding car decoration came into existence a long time back and since then it has become a traditional custom followed in all the cultures in India and abroad. The wedding car is used to take brides to in-laws’ place once all the marriage rituals have taken place. The wedding car decoration may differ from region to region, which is considered an excellent way to wish the bride and groom a happy and successful married life ahead. Decorating the wedding car requires great knowledge and skills as one has to be very careful and avoid any damage to the car. That’s why FNP has come up with professional wedding car decoration services to offer the …

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