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360 Degree Photobooth Rental Service Udaipur | Spinner Selfie Booth | Revolving Slow Motion Video Booth

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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable with Our 360 Photo Booth Rental in Udaipur. Guests Will Love Being the Star of Their Own Slow-Motion Video for 3 Hours!”

Introducing the newest trend in event photography – the 360 Photo Booth, now available for rent in Udaipur for up to 3 hours! Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events, our 360 Photo Booth allows guests to create unforgettable slow-motion videos where they are the star. Simply stand on the platform and let our rotating camera arm capture you from every angle. Plus, with our collection of fun props like photo frames, feather boas, crazy hats, wigs, masks, afros, and lips, the possibilities are endless!

Share your video instantly via WhatsApp and make your event one to remember. Want a custom backdrop? No problem! We can create one for you at an additional cost. Plus, we provide an assistant on-site to oversee the process and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Don’t miss out on this exciting new trend – rent our 360 Photo Booth for up to 3 hours at your next event in Udaipur!

It’s lights, camera, action all the way with our 360 degree photo booth that is a hugely popular feature at parties, both formal and informal. Turn the dial up on the filmy glitter and give your guests’ esteem a hearty boost. By opting for a 360 degree photo booth for rent, you can give them a moment that is uniquely theirs and for which they are the stars of the show.

The users are required to stand on a platform inside the booth, to which a rotating camera arm is attached. The mobile camera films the guests from all sides, completing a 360 degree spin and captures a 10-15 seconds long video. The clip can then be edited for various effects such as slow motion, background music, etc. and you can also brand it with a special hashtag for the occasion or one specific to your company.

A 360 degree photo booth rental is a crowd favorite, and you cannot go wrong with something that makes every one of the users feel like they’re soaking up attention from all around. Take your guests on a high glam spin with the 360 degree spin photo booth and offer them a moment that’s all theirs, one to remember for how special it makes them feel.

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A 360-degree selfie booth is a technology in which your guests step onto a platform one by one, alone or with a group, perform a simple dance, and an arm is attached to which a capturing device such as an iPhone or GoPro is placed with special software. The arm then moves quickly around the platform and records video for six or eight seconds. Its slow-motion output is 20–25 seconds, with boomerangs and music added by built-in software. The output is instantly available to the guests on their mobile phones, and the output is so exciting that the guests are ready to share it with their friends. Sharing slow-motion videos on various social media platforms brings great joy and thrill.

Our team will come to you at your event with the necessary 360 platform and allied properties and operate whole your event carefully to entertain your guests.

one of your choice graphics overlaid with the name of your celebration will add to 360 slow-mo videos with music that will share by us with all your guests.

Why are we difference from other 360 booths rental service providers

In many events or occasions, it is seen that the 360 photo booth rental provider or operator captures slow-motion video of the guest standing on the platform on the guest’s mobile phone, but this is a very poor presentation of 360 slow-motion, such a video is not done in slow motion. Therefore, 360-degree photo booths have not been researched, and such videos are not directly useful in slow motion. It does not have the boomerang effect, reverse effect, speed fluctuation, or music, so it does not feel the thrill of Bollywood royalty.

When you book our 360-degree slow-motion booth for your event, you’re guaranteed to have a thrilling time. We will create a professional and exciting environment at your location. We will make the event memorable and lasting for you and your valuable guests. Our extra accessories will make your guests happy and bring a smile to their faces.

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