Punjabi and Western Dance Groups

Punjabi and Western Dance Groups

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For entertainment that really gets your party started, it’s hard to beat a professional Western dancer for sheer energy, visual impact, and more than a touch of glamour.

Dancers and dance companies perform choreographed routines that combine music and movement into an energetic and elegant form of entertainment. Most dance groups offer a range of traditional, classical, and contemporary dance styles, including elegant ballroom dancing, street dance, Las Vegas-style showgirls, traditional Irish dancing, Latin American tango, Spanish flamenco, and the more risqué charms of burlesque.

Most dancers and dance troops offer either a standard show that can be adapted to your venue and event or as a bespoke option to create exactly the mood and feel you require for your event.

Whether you’re looking for a solo belly dancer to surprise guests at a birthday party, or classical ballerina to add grace and elegance to your product launch, dancers and dance groups provide an energetic, engaging, and ultimately highly entertaining show for your guests.

Udaipur Event Management provides a wide range of services from teaching and weddings to corporate team building and charity events. In everything we do we strive to bring happiness and joy into people’s lives through the medium of Bhangra. So if you are looking for some Indian Dancers for hire so we are ready to do it.

Hire from 2 to 12 Bhangra dancers – male and female… We can cater to all events be it weddings, birthdays or a business conference… We have everything including exciting Bhangra routines to all girl’s Gidha dancers and freestyle performers.

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