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April 10, 2019
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April 10, 2019
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Wedding Decoration Service

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Every wedding has its own beat, but to express that you need the best sound management and light design. Udaipur Event Management has the whole works to make sure the music, traditional or contemporary, played in a wedding reaches every corner of a venue. Our sound engineer will make every note and every voice ring out crisp and clear.

Our light and pyrotechnic team with our light designers will turn your wedding into a festival of lights. We will coordinate and sync the lights to enhance the mood of every aspect of a wedding. We will keep it elegant during traditional rituals like sangeet and up the game when it is time for dancing. And we will light up your sky with a spectacular fireworks display as a grand sign off to the festivities.

Our sound and lights team can also customize a design that falls in line with your perspective of how the look and feel of your wedding should be. The choice is yours: leave it to us or tell us how you’d like it, and we will execute it for you flawlessly.

Wedding decoration includes sets, flowers, lighting, and ornamental details such as centrepieces,drapes, etc. to add to the décor. The choice of decoration is based on the venue as well as the aesthetic choices of the bride and the groom. Any special requests are taken into consideration and the budget is also a deciding factor while choosing a theme for decoration.

Themes can be as simple as picking colours or as layered as you want them to be based on concepts. Concept based themes make weddings interesting and entertaining for the family as well as for the guests. Some of our most popular themes are Meena Bazaar, Moulin Rouge, Champs Elysses, Royal Wedding, and Moroccan theme to name a few. Culture specific themes are also often requested for traditional weddings such as Maharashtrian, Oriya, Tamilian, and Bengali, to name just a few.

A wide range of simple and sophisticated lighting effects are used to create the right ambience for the wedding. Ranging from soft coloured lights and candles to strobes and bright halogen lights, the combinations and possibilities are endless. Consider bright lights like strobes and halogens for evening functions and outdoor events and subdued lighting such as chandeliers or torch lights for indoor events. Twinkle lights and hanging lanterns can be used to create little spots of magic at the venue.

Apart from the sets and the lighting, additional features such as sculptures, fountains, carpets, live statues, drapes, and other ornamental and decorative touches are added to complete the look and feel of the theme. We also make sure that the catering choices, the costumes, the entertainment, and even the giveaways reflect the spirit of the chosen theme.

As far as themes go, we usually choose a different one for each event based on the client’s choice and to reflect the energy and spirit of the occasion. The Meena Bazar/ChandniChowk theme goes well for Mehendi. For Sangeet, we play around with a lot with light effects such as LED screens. Some examples of themes that go well for Sangeet are Bollywood night, Moulin Rouge, and Champs Elysses. For the wedding, most clients prefer culturally rich themes with lots of floral decorations such as, Royal Theme, Pearl Theme, Gold Theme, etc. The reception is usually a fusion/modern set with an elegant stage and decoration that complements such as,lighted tents, fancy chair backs, and table runners with decorative centerpieces(e.gwhite lilies,China roses, etc.), to name a few.

Based on your preference, we can clue you in to what is trendingor help you set a new trend by doing something daring and different.

Vintage Style Wedding Decorators In Jaipur

Step into a land from a different era with this stunningly beautiful and rustic style of wedding decorations. By pushing the boundaries of creative design, we create and make your unique wedding fantasies a reality with the combined talents and creativity of our wedding decorators. we strive to make your wedding decorations picture perfect and reminiscent of the classical times.

Traditional Royal Stage Wedding Decorators In Udaipur

Let’s transform all your wedding dreams into dynamic and layered event experiences, with traditional royal stage wedding decorations. By adding beautiful pops of colours and lots of flowers let’s create a stunning wedding decoration design that’s only fit for a real-life Maharani & her Maharaja!

On The Beach Wedding Decorators In Udaipur

Planning on tying the knot with the wind in your hair and the sand everywhere? Well, the ideal beach wedding decorations seamlessly balances nature and love coupled with a perfect background. With decor that has a natural and tropical aesthetic, lets pair together with our beach wedding decorators to bring your vision to life, Our purpose is singular, to make your wedding day experience a walk in the breeze.

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