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DJ Sound & Light Setup

Wedding DJ Sound in Udaipur|Theme Light Decoration services

Udaipur Event Management made our event unforgettable! There was never a dull moment at our events and everyone had a blast. All the venues looked stunning because of all the lighting that was set up, all the plasma TVs and projectors they put up to the actual DJ set up everything looked amazing. Udaipur Event Management still cannot believe how packed the dance floor was.The music sets were phenomenal and catered to everyone at our events and across all age groups. I have been to a lot of events and have almost heard every DJ, but I do not think anyone can compare to the music selection they have and the actual timing of what to play when to keep the party and the crowd on the dance floor. Udaipur Event Management also made life easier on us when we were confused on selecting songs for our cake cutting, first dance, entrance songs for us and our bridal party. They had some fantastic suggestions that we used. Udaipur Event Management was very professional, and flexible. They always picked up our calls and even met up with us at our home. They were on time for every event and were set up at least a half hour prior to our events starting. They also did an amazing job in cutting and mixing all the songs for our family and friends who performed dances at our events.

At The Udaipur Event Management we have recognized the needs for different decoration for different occasions and if the occasion is a wedding and Corporate Event then lighting and decoration takes a front seat as one can’t think of a wedding and other ceremonies of wedding without light and color or without pomp and show.
Udaipur Event Management assure you the best lighting and decoration for your entire function/ ceremonies. You can choose from our options and we’ll create it for you and we can even create a theme on your choice.
For Functions creating an ambience requires skilled Best lighting effects to create a atmosphere as one can have a different venue effect by different lighting methods.
There are loads of options. Here are a few to get you started:

Colored lighting can set the mood and theme ,soft washes of color across the walls or wherever you would like them.Majenta , clear , Pinks and yellows are gentle and flattering; blue can be striking and contemporary.
Candles are romantic and pretty. Popular ideas include alter candles raised high as table centerpieces, surrounded by flowers; or little tea-lights floating in bowls of water.
Twinkle lights though very popular, do create a magical atmosphere.
LED lighting technology has come on and sophisticated effects are affordable. Projecting light shapes on the walls is another option.
Hanging lanterns are popular. White or coloured, they are pretty, affordable and still unusual enough to create a decorative statement. You can hang flowers or swathes of fabric alongside.
Mashal Lighting to create old vintage classy look
Parken Lights used for focussed lighting
Strobe lights for dance floor and life effects
Laser lights for creating magical effects 3D effects
Halogen lights for simple flood lighting
Many other spl lights are also used as per the need of the occassion
Our experts can specially create lighting themes based on your requirement or you can choose from our resource library based on past lighting samples.