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Royal Brass Band

Royal Wedding Brass Band|Shadi Marriage Band|Rajasthani Lavazma Band UdaipurĀ 

Typically the brass bands in Indian sub-continent perform in weddings processions, of bridegroom and his guests, towards the wedding venue to go onto introduce them to the bride family. The Indian weddings are a grand & colourfull occasion with hundreds of guests dancing on the band music.

The earlier wedding bands consisted of instruments like the Shahnai (a double reed instrument) alongside percussion instruments but these days this has changed to the use of the clarinet alongside brass instruments such as trumpets, saxophone and sousaphone.

Our band is a strong 200-piece brass band which can vary in size depending on the clients budget and requirement, usually it would have between 30-40 members in a sub-set or even more. The band usually consists of a leader accompanied by other regular musicians, together with various session musicians.

Udaipur Event Management has the capacity of sending a band party of 11 ,21, 31 or 41 people, according to the requirements of its avid customers. In addition to the old and new melodies, Udaipur Event Management Brass Band also amuses the listeners with classical music and other music, as per the taste of its customers and listeners.

Udaipur Event Management Provides You the best Wedding Best band,Lawazma With Brass Band,Shadi,Marriage Band and The band group is as big as 150 musicians consisting of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, and play a range of instruments including, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, dhol & other traditional Indian style leather/fiber based rhythm instruments and percussions.If you want best brass band Come Udaipur Event Management.