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If the words “fairy-tale wedding” defines your idea of a dream wedding, Udaipur is the perfect magical setting for you and your partner. Amidst the royal charm and grandeur, not only does your chariot await, but so do your palaces, gardens, and royal forts.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a royal destination wedding, why not make your day extra special by celebrating it in one of the most romantic places on earth: Udaipur! Udaipur, also known as ‘Venice of the East’ and ‘City of Lakes’ is a city of unparalleled beauty and romance. Its lakeside palaces, surreal forts, rich heritage, vibrant bazaars, colorful traditions, narrow winding lanes, and delicious cuisine make it one of the most desirable and coveted wedding destinations in the world.

Udaipur is a wedding paradise as it offers a host of heritage hotels and spectacular locations for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you’re looking for an intimate classy wedding or an extravagant royal affair; Udaipur’s wonderful wedding venues, lavish accommodation, easy accessibility, and delectable cuisine make it one of the best locations to make your dream wedding come true. Feel like royalty as you take your wedding vows and let “great wedding pictures” take care of themselves.

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Udaipur Destination Wedding Planner

Udaipur Event Management as your wedding planner, the entire event will be pulled off to perfection. We are a one-stop-shop for couples looking to plan a sophisticated wedding in Udaipur. Our professional team of planners can help with everything. All you have to do is arrive, enjoy, and say, “I do.”When it comes to wedding planning in Udaipur. We have extensive local knowledge and strong local vendor resources. We take care of planning your entire wedding- right from venue selection, vendor management, logistics, decor designing, budget management, and coordination.

For most couples, one of the most intimidating aspects of planning is selecting the wedding venue. Once we have established what kind of wedding you wish to have, we can start looking at venues- from royal palaces, lush gardens, fabulous Havelis, amazing forts, breath-taking hill-top views, etc. We need to get a good idea of what your dream wedding would be like first. Once we understand your vision, it’s off to start on the venues – eventually narrowing it down to the ideal wedding venue for you, your family, and your guests.

Please go through our testimonials page, where our wonderful clients testify to the quality of our services, the level of dedication which we put behind every single task, and the way in which we devote ourselves to making your dreams come true.

Destination weddings are the new trend. With an increase in the trend towards hosting destination weddings, Udaipur Event Management plan for an aesthetically-pleasing and memorable wedding ceremony. Owing to our rich expertise in wedding planning, we have become one of the Best Destination Wedding Planner in Udaipur Rajasthan. Rajasthan is known as the land of kings and queens, offers palaces for royal palace weddings. Udaipur Event Management can serve as your royal palace wedding planner in Rajasthan. We ensure that a couple celebrates and creates memories of the special day at majestic destinations amid mesmerizing venues.

Udaipur Event Management is among the top event management companies in Udaipur, it is known for its Destination Wedding Planner in Udaipur. It is the brainchild of Devvrat Tanwar who founded it 7 years back based on his belief of adding a WOW factor to the wedding ceremonies. What motivates him is the merriment and a satisfactory smile on his clients’ faces.

What began as a passion for undertaking something creative went on to become a leading wedding event management company in Rajasthan also provide the service Destination wedding in Rajasthan. Even the epigraph of the organization holds a trivia behind it. Udaipur Event Management ensures that each of their clients appraises their premium quality services by branding them as “Ultimate.”

The one-stop solution for all the wedding planning needs, Udaipur Event Management holds an immense experience of wedding management. Right from client initial brief meeting to the checkout, we, at Udaipur Event Management, serve with full fervour, enthusiasm as well as dedication.

Check the Services offered by Udaipur Event Management For Destination Weddings or Event Management, in Udaipur

Rajasthani Langa Party

We aim to provide you with the best Rajasthani folk singers in India. We believe that India is full of talent and skills. Talents from different places have their own importance. If you see Rajasthani folk singers performing in any event or even performing at home, they will make you feel like goosebumps on your body. Your heart will be melted by their performance and then you will come to know how proud you are to have this talent in your nation.

Nowadays all the events and weddings are crowded with dancers and singers performing on Bollywood songs. You listen to them and forget them. But when you listen to the Rajasthani folk singers performing on their folk songs, they made it feel like we have touched our motherland and feel so proud every time we listen to them.

Our team has chosen gems from all over the country to perform Rajasthani folk songs at your events and make your events give a lively feel. Their performances not only praised by our country people but foreign people also love their performance. Due to their love for culture and their motherland, their talent is still alive in the country within thousands of people.

Whenever we want to make arrangements for the wedding, we have to go through all the managements whether it’s catering management, event management, or anything that needs to be managed. When it comes to event management, we are very choosy in choosing the performers on our special events. The ones we should encourage are not even thought of by us. We always want perfection in our events. This is all we do by making them perform. They don’t need any practice or rehearsal for their performances. They sing from the bottom of their hearts that is why their voice reaches the bottom of the hearts of the audiences.

In order to make your event classy with a traditional look, do hire us and we will get with the best Rajasthani folk singers at your place to create magic on the stage. You will not have to regret choosing us for your event. You will rather recommend us to your friends and relatives after watching our artists’ performances. We have the best Rajasthani Folk Singers in Rajasthan, India. If you want to hire us, go to our contact page and contact us with not a single minute wasted.

Rajasthani Folk Dancers

The Kalbeliya and Ghoomar Best Folk Dance of Rajasthan have gained International recognition. Kalbeliya is one of the most sensuous dance were known for their frequent movement from one place to another in ancient times. The Ghoomar dance from Udaipur is a community dance performed on auspicious ceremonies. The Ghoomar name of this dance is derived from Ghoomna and speaks about the colorful and graceful beauty of the long skirt of the Rajasthani women

Udaipur Event Management provides are the best folk dance group of Rajasthan who is a master in performing Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, Chari, Bhavai, and Teratali Dance. Udaipur Event Management is not only performed as the Rajasthani dance group in Udaipur but has performed in many countries like China, Sweden, Thailand, Belarus, Bangkok & many European countries. We have a team of well trained professional dancers with our perfectionist leader Meena Sapera who can put the stage on fire and enthralled the audience to their extreme level. We have done various events and shows Nationally and Internationally at different Corporate, Award Functions, Tourist Fair, and Parties. We believe dance should be created for the audience as well as the dancers. Using perception to fuel their dance liberates them to create outside of the box.

Udaipur Event Management is known as the best folk dance group of Rajasthan was founded by Ms. Meena Sapra. She is very fascinated by dancing since her childhood and finally gave her first stage performance when she was Five.

Punjabi Gidha Boliyan

Giddha is a popular folk dance form originating in Indian and Pakistan derived from an ancient dance known as the ring dance, just as energetic as bhangra yet more eloquently participated in displaying feminine grace, elegance, and elasticity. While dancing the Giddha, the women usually sing traditional folk songs at the same time or dance along to the beat of traditional folk or bhangra songs playing in the background. One important element of the Giddha is the hand-clap; if you know Giddha, you know this!
‘Mehndi Masti’ is an all-female group of performers who specialize in Giddha dance among other things. These talented ladies will perform and interact with an all-female crowd, getting them up to partake in the Giddha too. Sometimes on occasions like this, no one is willing to be the first person to be up on the dancefloor but ‘Mehndi Masti’ assure that this will be one thing which is no worry, as they’ll be up there first getting everyone else involved too!

The group also specializes in other forms of entertainment such as singing, playing the harmonium, and dholki playing. This is great for a Mehndi or Sangeet night where the dholki playing and singing session is a very important part of the evening, bringing all ladies together for lots of fun, frolics, and music. Their repertoire includes old and new Bollywood songs, as well as traditional Panjabi ghazals and mehndi folk songs ensuring nothing is spared when it comes to keeping in line with tradition.
Dressed in traditional Panjabi attire consisting of bright colors and embellishments, your guest will look on in awe as these women sing and dance along to boliyaan.
‘Mehndi Masti’ are available to hire for all-female events through Udaipur Event Management now, so if you are in the search of someone to get your party started you’ve certainly found yourself in the right place! Call us today.

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