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In Indian marriage, Mehandi is for good omen and the color of mehndi shows the love of the groom towards the bride. A professional mehndi artist is called upon to design attractive henna in the bride’s palms. Mehandi is taken to the girl’s place by the groom’s sister and brother-in-law. This Mehandi is then applied to the girl’s hands and feet in beautiful motifs.

It is one of the favorable rituals of Indian marriage that takes place a day before the wedding in both the bride as well as groom’s home. The female members of the family prepare a special paste from Turmeric, Rosewater, and Sandalwood and apply it on the body of the bride and the groom to bring a distinct glow.

Mehndi is a yet traditional yet exciting pre-wedding ceremony. In Indian weddings, a lot of emphases are given on customs and rituals, and the same is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony before marriage. Mehndi ceremony has become such an integral part of the wedding ceremony that it cannot be imagined without it. Furthermore, Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride and her beauty is incomplete without it. Mehndi ceremony usually takes place just before marriage. According to the ritual, the bride does not step out of the house after this ceremony. Mehndi ceremony is essentially organized by the family of the bride and is usually a private affair that takes place in the presence of friends, relatives, and family members. However, the scale of the ceremony depends upon individual choice. Some people celebrate it with great pomp and show.


Udaipur Royal Wedding

Weddings are fairy tales come true for the bride and the groom. It is that time of life when finally a princess finds her prince charming and they have a happily ever after story to behold. And, their wedding day needs to be as memorable for them as for the guests who are attending it. One way to look at it is to find ways in which each of the rituals can be transformed into something that will be etched in the minds forever. Among the various important rituals on the wedding day, varmala is one of the most exciting ones. To make it truly memorable, here are some ideas and ways that would help you make your D-day memorable.


Royal Tent Decoration

Draping for weddings has become a key element of many wedding planners and brides alike. Soft draping helps add an element of elegance to any venue and adds to the overall atmosphere. Udaipur Event Management Custom Environments and Event Draping have been leaders in the wedding event, corporate event, and sought after for their beautiful draping treatments for wedding tents, banquet halls, and other venues. Draping ideas for weddings include ceiling canopies, room liners, and backdrops as well as tent and stage draping. Clients can expect professional experience design consultation as well as installation for their wedding day. Ceiling Canopies and Wedding Draping in Udaipur and surrounding areas. Udaipur Event Management Custom Environments and Event Draping has been a leader in the Udaipur wedding. We are highly sought after for our beautiful draping treatments for wedding tents, banquet halls, and other wedding venues.


Darban Security Management

Efficiently handle security management through deep integration within the system stack and across the IT environment. With an enterprise security management platform from McAfee, you gain global, contextual visibility into changing events and a cross-product command and control core. Intelligently connect dynamic context from global threat intelligence, enterprise risk, and system security posture in real-time. This interlacing of threat intelligence and risk management instantly blocks damaging attacks and enables you to adjust your security posture as risks change.


Artist Management Service

The presence of a star at any event definitely enhances its popularity quotient but with so many shows taking place nowadays, you must have a professional artist management company at your service that can make the event a success for you. We specialize in providing Artist Management Services that include the arrangement of artists for any occasion. Having close associations with artists from Bollywood, we are able to manage spectacular shows. Our creative skills, on the other hand, come into play for organizing the show from start to the end so that clients can relax while we take care of the details. Having good contacts with artists from the music industry, TV channels, comedians, and celebrities, we make your programs an event worth remembering for a long time.


Celebrity Security Service

Our Security has been providing the Wedding and Corporate event with quality professional guards for many times. Our premium service stands second to none when it comes to professionals, attitude, correct training, and the overall team strategies. Our services are for Celebrity Security Darban Security and bouncer security is carefully selected by Management to be able to work efficiently in the chosen Security Sector that they will be working in.


Bhangra Dhol Group

Udaipur Event Management which got established 35 years ago, is one of the most sought after, professionally run Punjabi Dhol organization in Udaipur. Our groups of musicians are masters in their work and work in perfect sync with the clients. “Udaipur Event Management” is one the most prominent Professional Dhol Players with sound expertise in Bhangra Dhol Players and Dhol Players for Weddings in Udaipur. We stay loyal to our roots and have gone on to win huge popularity cutting across various boundaries. Professional Dhol Players, we offer a wide range of service starting from Dhol players for weddings, Bhangra Dhol Players and many more.


Akbar Paan Wala

For something that is truly individual why not has a Pan Mimicry Artist at your event. Surprise your friends and family with traditional authentic handmade paan that is produced in front of their eyes. Our fresh Pan Mimicry Artist offers a paan walla who can produce mouth-watering sweet or bitter paans for any taste. The stall comprises of unlimited Pan Mimicry Artist for your guests, a selection of herbal digestive aids, soparis, mukwas and even sweets for your little guests. Housed in its own “paan hut”, this offering will truly take the breath away of your guests and leave them an everlasting memory of your event.

Male and Female Singers

Udaipur Event Management has been assisting several Event Managers across India in picking the right artist at the right price for their events. Our repeat customers are our success stories. Udaipur Event Management offers you to book Singer, Musicians, Rajasthani Langa Party, and more services you wish to book. These artists are ranked by the highest number of hits to the lowest via hits received on their profiles. So go ahead and browse the list of active celebrity Indian and International acts.

Wax hand

Our Wax Hand creations can stay a natural white color or be transformed into a rainbow of colors! Exciting, fun and safe for both children and adults. We take a natural white hand to a rainbow of colors in minutes. They will always have memories of where their wax hand came from. Children and adults always love to get into the fun!

Rajasthani Biscope

Parrot Astrologer

Parrot Astrology is a different method of fortune telling. Although question nature (not a question but question nature) does same each time, the answer may differ, because calculation will be based on your question wordings and nature. Sometimes, asking the confusing question, make confuse the bird and cause to give incorrect predictions. Like, if you ask “What will name of my future husband”, answer (No one can tell you will generic but will not a prediction.

Face Reader

Face reading or physiognomy is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features. This is a new concept in the wedding. We provide face reader in small intimate parties to large corporate events, for all ages and types of groups, for all cultures since it is a science and has been scientifically validated to 92% accuracy, does not infringe on any religion.

Drawing Artist

Udaipur Event Management captures a complete likeness with a huge amount of fun, in a small amount of time. Completing each drawing in 2-5 minutes, Damon offers each guest if they’d prefer a “cute” or a “funny”, and each is presented with a professional piece of art, worth framing.

Gola Wala

Sugarcane Juice

A glass of chilled sugarcane juice not only quenches our thirst but also invigorates us. Given its popularity to beat the heat, it is no surprise that India is one of the leading producers of sugarcane. It is also a good entertainment service for weddings and also necessary in the weather of winter in Rajasthan.

Entry Concept on Bullet

The preparation to make the wedding a grand affair never stops. Be it buying the wardrobes of the Bride and Groom or booking an exotic location for the ceremony or ordering continental food, to make the event an exceptional and remarkable one, no stones are left unturned. But a simple idea can do most of the work of making a wedding awe-inspiring, unique and grand bridal entry.

Phoolo ki Holi

Phoolon ki Holi as its popularly known is a beautiful concept that most couples are embracing at their weddings. These days, this merrymaking festival is replacing Haldi and Mehandi functions. The showers of colorful flower petals look amazing when captured in photographs.

Police Band Udaipur

Bhangra Dhol

Bhangra is a very lively form of folk music and dance that originated in the Punjab region situated in the North of India. Wedding’s, birthday parties, festivals, processions, charitable and social events, community shows, and on television. It is the best entertainment program at the wedding. This unique dance has the western public completely spellbound, and no event is complete without the inclusion of Bhangra.

Mandsaur Bhangra Dhol

We are one of the most believed firms engaged in serving our clients with Mansour Dhol And Wedding services. We are known to play the latest Mansour Dhol hits that set the floor dancing. With effective working, high performance, and timely execution of our services, we have earned a huge clientele over the years. Besides, reasonable rates are one feature that draws us a large number of customers. Our services can also be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

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