Rajasthani Safa Turban

Safa Turban Pagadi Tieing for Guest

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Rajasthan is a rich state in culture and heritage. There are many varieties of Turban,pagari, Safa (Traditionally called in Rajasthan). This is a traditional headwear for men. The turban known as Safa and Pgari in Rajasthan is the most popular men’s accessory. In Rajasthan, the turban (safa) is a matter of pride and respect for one and all.

The pagari are very useful in any special occasions like Wedding or any other function when you want to look special. The guest and visitors are offered with the turban, which shows maximum respect to the visitor.

Rajasthani safa, specially Jodhpuri are known for their beauty and elegance. These turbans are called by varieties of names, like multi-colored Panchrangi Safa, Chundari Pagari, Gajsahi Turban, etc. which comes in color combinations of saffron, white, pink, red and yellow on chunri cloth and then jari turbans which are made by the cloth of jari and silk.

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