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Indian weddings are not actually Indian if they are not filled with all the events and customs. That is why we used to call it Big Fat Indian Wedding that goes for several days or weeks. sometimes several months pass in the preparations of the wedding. There is one event that we wait for throughout the preparations and that is the ladies’ sangeet. Ladies sangeet is one of the most happening and entertaining functions of the wedding. This includes dance, songs, DJ, folk songs, and much more entertainment. We used to consume most of our time managing the entire event instead of enjoying it. This is why event organizers are made. We are the best ladies’ sangeet organizers in Udaipur that completely take over the command and follow all the instructions about how you want the event to be managed.

The team for organizing ladies’ sangeet is highly experienced in organizing such programs and events. They know what kind of songs are to be played at the sangeet and how the event goes on. This event brings joy and happiness to all the people attending the ladies’ sangeet. Our professional team takes proper care of the event to be managed smoothly.

Our professional team looks after all the things from decorations of the event, catering for the event, and much more. We make efforts to entertain all the people in the event as well as involve them in the songs and dances that are part of the event.

Ladies sangeet is a special event, especially for women where women of all ages enjoy together, sing together, and dance to folk songs as well as Bollywood songs fulfilling all the customs made by our ancestors. As we all know that sangeet is the function one day before the wedding and all the relatives enjoy it to the fullest the night before the wedding whether it’s from the bridegroom’s side or the bride’s side. If you are looking for a team of ladies’ sangeets for your event, you have landed on the right page. We are popular in Udaipur for our Lady’s sangeet services.

A lady’s sangeet group performs on the day of ‘sangeet’ in North Indian and Muslim weddings. For a women-centric occasion, you must be in need of female singers for the evening. Find the finest and most enthusiastic singers for sangeet with Udaipur Event Management. Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi ki Raat are among the ones which are our forte. We have male & female singers, emcees (Anchor), and Dancers, who can perform on songs with Dholaki players and an Orchestra Band group. We have done ladies’ sangeet for the following communities: Punjabi, Sikh, Baniya, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Marwari, Muslim, Jain, and other north Indian communities.

Beautiful décor and delicious food alone do not a party make. Be it your wedding or your Sangeet, your birthday or New Year’s celebration, big parties require someone to get things going and keep people hooked. We have various anchors for your wedding and sangeet events.

You no longer have to worry about arranging games for the children, music, dance for the young adults, and lively conversation for the elders. You, as the host, having organized the entire event, deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the party without feeling the pressure of conducting the event. Leave that job to our energetic and dynamic anchors/emcees who have something up their sleeve for everyone.

We have one of the best female anchors in Udaipur who can take care of Hosting a Sangeet, Anchoring a Mehandi function, Birthday parties, or any other event. Our Emcees are vivacious, funny and available for any weddings in Udaipur, Lonavla, Goa, Jodhpur, and Pune. Our wedding emcee and anchors can host your wedding event in Hindi, English, Marwari, Marathi, and Gujarati language.

Let our professional anchors do the job of making people laugh, getting the dance floor full, and engaging even the quietest of guests. Contact us to take the burden of hosting an event off your shoulders with the guarantee that the event will run smoothly. You can also reach us at +91 99286-86346, 9413174160.

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