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One of the oldest instruments in the world ‘Jal-Tarang’ comes from ‘Jal’ meaning water, and ‘Tarang’ that connotes to the “waves in the water”. Jal-Tarang is an ancient Indian wave instrument that continues to play till today in the Indian classical music repertoire to produce both ‘Ragas’ and light melodies. Jal-Tarang is a unique instrument in the sense that it is both a percussion, as well as a non-percussion instrument, used to play solo performances accompanied by Tabla or as an accompanying percussion instrument.

Flute Tabla Jaltarang

Flute Tabla Jaltarang

Udaipur Event Management 

Udaipur Event Management is the perfect music & entertainment Planners in Delhi. No matter how unique your theme or creative is your ideas, our finest musicians have fantastic and diverse acts for you to choose from. We have a huge selection of the best wedding reception bands and other bands’ ideas on how to pick your perfect wedding entertainment and other event advice for your big and special day. Udaipur Event Management is revolutionizing the best way people find their best live band like live wedding bands and many more for the better.

Udaipur Event Management tries to keep the event as attractive as possible so that everyone is enjoying all night long. With Udaipur Event Management, you are not only hiring the instrumental orchestra band in Delhi but the party itself. With a high energy performance and a professional guarantee, wonderful night for you and we make sure that your guests will be talking about for years to come! We have performed at many venues across India, and we know the ins and outs of providing professional and reliable event services to our clients.

Udaipur Event Management offers you the complete wedding entertainment packages of orchestra instruments along with the musical instruments players including Shehnai player, Sitar player, Sarangi player, Santur player, Flute player, Sarod, Piano player, Guitar player, Violin player, Mandolin, Tasha, Nagada, Jaltarang, Rabab, Bango, Dhol player, Tabla player, Dholak player, Pakhawaj, Mridungam, Acoustic Instruments, Drum player, Octapad, Dhol, Bongo player, Thumba Dholaki player, Accordion, Bugle, Bagpipe, Bass Drum, Side Drum, Saxophone, Soprano Synthesizer, Clarinet player, Cello, Bagpipe player, Piano player, Trumpet, Tabla, Harmonium, Congo Shehnai, Guitar, Harpist, Steel Flute.

We are the best event management company in Delhi, offer personalized event solutions with the dedicated team along with our flexibility in services that allow us to bring strong client relationships and to keep our clients coming back to us in time-to-time again. We do provide our services in various locations including Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon(Gurugram).

Couple Entry by dancing Girls

The groom always gets a princely treatment at weddings. For grooms, the feeling is almost superstar like, with whom everyone wants to have a picture clicked and who is being admired and scrutinized almost by each and every guest. All this makes the groom entry to be extra special. At Wedding planners in we plan the entry for the groom in the most creative and unique manner, which leaves the groom special on the wedding day and whenever he reminiscences about his wedding. The groom’s entry ideas list is endless and so is the fun.

Rajasthani Folk Singer

If you are looking to hire Singers for Rajasthani Marwari Wedding. so, here we book your best singer as per your choice and make your wedding entertainment. Our singers have performed many Rajasthani Marwari weddings in all our India. Even our singers had performed Rajasthani Marwari wedding in Dubai.

Singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding

We book singers and Music bands for all Wedding Function of Rajasthani Marwari Wedding- Ganesh pooja, Sagai, Mahira, Bhaat, Pheras, reception, Haldi. We have all types of Singers and bands for the Marwari Wedding. Ganapati Staphana and Griha Shanti Pooja – Devotional Music bands with all Indian Classical instruments after the Ganesh pooja for Marwari Wedding Function Pithi Dastoor/ Haldi in Marwari Wedding – Female singers sing with family ladies traditional and Bollywood songs and are accompanied by dhol/Dholak beats played by our musicians and women present at the Haldi Marwari Wedding function,- For Haldi Function we have Bollywood Music Bands.

Singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding

Mahira Dastoor/ Bhaat Marwari Wedding Singer-This is another important ceremony which is performed individually by our Female Singer who sing all Bhatt/Mahira songs at the bride and groom’s home, We have female Singers who sing all Marwari Mahira Songs. Pheras Music – Live music band with western instruments and Indian classical fusion with Bollywood retro covers and love songs. We manage all the music part of a Wedding Event. For hiring singers for Rajasthani, Marwari wedding contacts us.

Singers for rajasthani marwari wedding

Playback singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding
We provide male playback singers and female playback singers for the Rajasthani Marwari wedding. As per client choice and budget, we provide our best playback singers for a Rajasthani Marwari wedding. Our playback singers have performed in all over India and even they recently performed in other country cities like Dubai etc. contact us for booking singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding.

Singers for rajasthani marwari wedding

Hire a band for a Rajasthani Marwari wedding
your wedding will complete if you hire a band for a Rajasthani Marwari wedding. Our music band has performed many wedding events in Mumbai, Delhi, and Rajasthan. As per client budget and choice we provide our best band for an event. Hire a band for a wedding will make your ceremony wonderful, entertaining, enjoyable, and memorable at an affordable and flexible cost. For hiring a band for Rajasthani Marwari wedding contact us.


Our Magician is a wedding magician who can entertain your guests during the cocktail hour and get your reception off to a fun, festive start!

Our Magician will mingle with your family and friends and give them an incredible experience they can share together. You won’t believe your eyes!

This is more than great magic – it’s the perfect ice-breaker that sets a festive tone for the entire evening.

Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

Most wedding receptions get off to a slow start. While the wedding party is busy with photos, the guests arrive at the cocktail hour. The guests stand in line for drinks, making small talk, and waiting for the fun to start. They often wait for well over an hour.

Our Magician can fix that for you! Our Magician will mix and mingle with your family and friends, performing incredible magic that will have them laughing together in amazement.

A wedding magician is more than great entertainment – it’s the perfect ice-breaker that sets a festive tone for the entire evening.

Mehandi Girls

Every bride knows that the mehndi party is one of the most fun and meaningful parts of getting married! The iconic ceremonial art form of mehndi dates back to ancient Vedic tradition and is an integral part of the 16 bridal adornments that make up the solah shringar. The love, health, beauty, luck, and prosperity that will define your marriage are even believed to rely in part on the lasting color of your mehndi after your wedding.

In Indian wedding traditions henna or mehndi parties take place the day before the wedding and serve as a fun and casual gathering of family, friends, and other relatives. Though the artistic process of applying henna itself is painstaking and time-consuming, for the perfect most ornate Indian bridal mehndi design, it is totally worth it. Plus, it’s believed that applying henna to the hands and feet calms the nerve endings there and effectively helps relieve any stress the bride has before her big day. And nowadays, Indian brides incorporate a little more pomp and circumstance into their Mehndi parties with music, dancing, food, and gifts.

Traditional wedding mehndi designs include symbolic Indian motifs like peacocks, detailed floral and paisley patterns, Hindu gods, and replicas of the bride and groom. Many brides also like to hide the initials of their husband-to-be somewhere in the intricate and elaborate designs. Your Indian bridal mehndi design should truly be unique to you so make sure to choose imagery and coverage that matches your aesthetic sensibility, embraces your family heritage, and compliments your bridal outfit.

A professional Indian wedding henna artist will bring a skillful and artistic eye to your designs as well as know the latest mehndi trends and tips and tricks for making the henna take on a darker hue. After all, according to custom, the darker the final product, the more love your marriage will have. Even though the body art continues to darken in the days after it is removed, it is still recommended to keep it on your body anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.

Find the best Indian bridal mehndi artists in our carefully chosen vendor guide below and look for even more henna inspiration in our Udaipur Event Management’ Platinum Guide!

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