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We can provide experienced and professional Dhol players for your next event. Our traditional Dhol is made a great addition to the Mehndi night, Sangeet, Baraat Procession, or during the Shaadi. Although we specialize in Indian Weddings, our talented Dhol is are available to play at various other occasions including Private Parties, Cultural Shows/ Performances, Club Events, and Concerts. We are dedicated to creating a memorable night and leaving the crowd inspired, energized, and ready to Bhangra.

Live Dhol can add fervor to any service. For the occasions, we differ the beats for each combine that meets and furthermore modify as indicated by what’s going on. Towards the finish of every unit when the festoons are traded, the Dhol is played the loudest and speediest. Upon ask for, our Dhol players can likewise dress in customary Punjabi outfits to make an energetic yet social environment.

Many who are not familiar with this part of the wedding would be asking what a Jaimala is? A typical Jaimala or garland is made up of jasmine flowers along with roses or marigolds. It is available in vibrant colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow and white are usually used along with certain embellishments such as pearls, stones, gold threads and strings that tie the flowers together. The purpose is to make the groom and the bride wear the Jaimala to signify the marriage. The artificially made Jaimalas are also useful for those who might be allergic to pollen present in real flowers.

What is so important about this function? Different types of flowers indicate different emotions and can represent the couple’s bond as well. Pink roses are an indicator of sheer happiness, while red roses represent true and passionate love. Orchids showcase magnificence, while marigolds indicate prosperity. On the other hand, Arabian jasmine (mogras) is an exhibition of piety, while orange roses represent passion. That is why a lot of thought process goes into the overall making of a Jaimala because it is a true illustration of what the couple feels for each other and their marriage.

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The jaimala or varmala ceremony is a symbol of love and shows the sacredness of a marital bond. Indian weddings are extremely popular all over the world and this ceremony is yet another ritual which is regarded as a beautiful tradition besides many others. During the ceremony, the relatives of both the groom and the bride stand behind each other to congratulate them. It involves a lot of excitement and fun. The stage is prepared in a grand and beautiful manner as per the wishes of the couple.

In recent times, the Jaimala ceremony has been highlighted due to Indian movies and songs and has been shown as a moment of climax when a couple gets married. It has grown insignificance. This is the reason weddings these days require a specialist Jaimala ceremony planer to ensure it is organized in an effective manner. We have unique and exquisite themes available to suit every wedding’s needs.

For any event, entertainment is indispensable, and to make the event memorable it is imperative to have the best entertainment. There is an extensive array of entertainment options available to make a selection. In the present times, to ensure events success to select something out of the box is always appreciated.

Shehnai is an incredible instrument with those calming and soothing notes. The Shehnai has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries and is often played on various occasions like weddings and other festive occasions. If one wants to add up something extraordinary to their event then Shehnai Players will certainly be the perfect choice to entertain everyone present at the event. The soothing music of the Shehnai will definitely charm the guests and allow them to share the joy.

Udaipur Event Management is a renowned company that offers Shehnai Players Service. We are professional Shehnai Players who have the vision to give our best every time we perform. We have performed at various major events and are available to perform across the country and abroad. The Shehnai Players reach the venue before and amaze the audience with their fascinating musical performance and make the event celebrations memorable.

When it comes to hiring professional Shehnai Players for the wedding and other big events Udaipur Event Management is the first choice. We endeavor to provide the highest quality of the Shehnai Playing services to the clients. If interested in booking Shehnai Players for your wedding or another event then contact Udaipur Event Management – The Choice of Millions!!

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