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Punjabi Bhangra

Bhangra is a very lively form of folk music and dance that originated in the Punjab region situated in the North of India. Although Bhangra was a part of the Harvest Festival it has become a part of such diverse occasions as weddings and many other celebrations. Bhangra has surged in popularity worldwide, both in traditional form and as a fusion with genres such as hip-hop, house and reggae.

As Bhangra continues to move into mainstream culture, we hope to take you there with it through our Bhangra Workshops. The group is based in Amritsar. After setting up, the group attracted more and more members and today has a strong team of Dancers, Singers and Dhol players.

Wedding’s, birthday parties, festivals, processions, charitable and social events, community shows and on television are but a few events where the ‘Gabhru’s’ have dominated the entertainment programme. This unique dance has the western public completely spellbound, and no event is complete without the inclusion of Bhangra.

The vigour, vitality, speed and the synchronisation in which the movements are performed make ‘Bhangra’ a highly enjoyable spectacular dance to watch. No other dance can come anywhere near Bhangra in sheer force and tempo. It is a dance of stamina and the Gabhru’s always take special pride in performing it.

Punjabi Bhangra Dance

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Giddha is a popular folk dance form originating in Indian and Pakistan derived from an ancient dance known as the ring dance, just as energetic as bhangra yet more eloquently participated in displaying feminine grace, elegance and elasticity. While dancing the Giddha, the women usually sing traditional folk songs at the same time or dance along to the beat of traditional folk or bhangra songs playing in the background. One important element of the Giddha is the hand-clap; if you know Giddha, you know this!

The group also specialise in other forms of entertainment such as singing, playing the harmonium and dholki playing. This is great for a Mehndi or Sangeet night where the dholki playing and singing session is a very important part of the evening, bringing all ladies together for lots of fun, frolics and music.

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Bhangra is a folk dance of Punjab and an integral part of Punjabi culture. It is a vibrant dance with dhol (drums), boliyan (lyrical couplets), and it is typically performed during the harvest season and festive occasions.

Bhangra is often used to describe many different and distinct folk dances – bhangra, giddha, jhummer, etc. Bhangra is typically performed by men and is centered on the dhol. It often includes props (sticks, chimtas, etc.) and acrobatics. Jhummer is a particular style of bhangra. Giddha is performed by women and is centered around boliyan. Whether performed by men or women, Punjabi folk dances incorporate all the teasing, fun and exuberance of Punjabi life.

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Our range of recreational activities also includes Western Dancing which refers to any form of dancing done for pure enjoyment. These performances are delivered to provide highest level of enjoyment to our guests who come from varied regions of the country and the globe.

This women’s group runs on a weekly basis and there are associated Punjabi and Bhangra classes. Specific services for women include: counseling, flower arrangement and cooking lessons whenever required. The Jaggo, Punjabi Wedding ritual ceremony is where the family dances and sings Punjabi wedding songs on the road in front and around the beautifully decorated wedding home. The Jaggo happens in the last few hours of the night before the wedding.