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April 10, 2019
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Wedding Light sound (DJ) Management

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Theme Light Decoration Services Udaipur, Jaipur

Yes, there are many Light Decorators in Udaipur and Jaipur and we are one of them. We pride in our service as we deliver additional service like planning the events, decorating the destination, etc. and because of this additional feature, we are famous in the market of Udaipur and Jaipur. If you want to have a light decoration for your home you can contact us. There is a discount for the people who have taken our package at the time of their events. We have specialized workers in the various field also in decorating the lights. Lights give your home a beautiful look and at the time of function or marriage, people prefer to lighten their house. Lights come in different color, shape, size or designs and the range also varies according to the brand or design. We ensure you we provide you the best service and choose the lights which transform your home into a stunning look. While selecting the lights for your place we keep the budget in our mind. Not only we provide service at the time of the wedding or events but we are available always to help you to decorate your new home with fancy lights.

Most of the people love to have good lighting for their house as people believe the home looks better in light and it makes you feel happy. We have men who will fix the long colorful lights at the time of Diwali. Actually, we have good terms with the vendors who supply different types of lights and at the time of the event, you need to run here and there for different services we are the one who can handle all alone. We have LED lights available with us. Lighting makes our mood alive and cherish and if the time is of vacations or winters we get a fancy light for your home to make your holidays special with your beloved. There are diverse kind of lights in the market choose which you want some of them are:-

Wedding string lights for wedding purpose

  • Balloon lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Paper lanterns
  • Wine bottle light
  • Tent light
  • Fairy light
  • Curtain light
  • Candleholder
  • Globe string light

Smart lighting enlivens an occasion to varying degrees depending on the concept, theme, and technology used. In today’s technologically charged environment there should not be any room for complacency when it comes to lighting up space. The following key points should be borne in mind when lighting up a wedding venue:

  1. Highlighting in different degrees: Lighting can be used cleverly to highlight certain aspects of the overall décor while understating some others for a magical outcome.
  2. Colour theme: Rotating or static colored lighting enhances the beauty and sophistication to a given decoration scheme.
  3. Size of lights used: Lights come in different shapes and sizes these days.
    To choose the appropriate size beginning with flower bud sized ones to huge Halogen lights requires dexterity and precision for a fabulous look.
  4. Frequency and density: The frequency and density of the number of lights used to depend on the degree of illumination required for a particular area. Thus the frequency should be worked out accordingly.
  5. Height: The height of positioning different lights in the done up area tells a lot about the craftsmanship involved. For instance, a huge light placed at a waist level would look hideous.
    Similarly, tiny lights scattered across the ceiling would look equally disturbing. Thus the height of placement of each string or stand-alone light has to be figured out appropriately to gel well with the entire décor.

Our lighting experts are at your disposal to provide you with state –of – art technology in lighting together with their years of experience in bringing an ethereal touch to your wedding venue décor.

Wedding lighting is a service that requires attention to details. Lighting is an element which is a necessary part of wedding decor. The service offered by Udaipur Event Management includes string lights, paper lanterns, centerpieces and chandeliers for the location. We have a wide variety of wedding lighting with different color combinations.
We Offer All Types of Light Decorations in Weddings

Types of Wedding lighting

Knowing the types of lighting on offer can make your choices easier. The most popular types of modern weddings are:

Stencil cut projection lighting – This is very popular as it lets the names of couples projected on the wall and dance floor. It is like personalizing the lighting and the guests love it too. Another variation of this kind of lighting is projecting certain patterns like a mantra or a verse.

Colored wash lighting – Lights changing color with time is really popular among clients for wedding lighting. We specialize in this kind of wedding light decoration in Udaipur and Jaipur. So, if you want to add color to light, call upon us and get the best.

Highlight style lighting – Lighting the pathway with paper lamps and the tent with hanging lights is the property of highlight style lighting. We use string and paper lanterns in this style to make your wedding location look like a palace of grandeur.

Landscape lighting with focus light – The wedding is the time for the couple to be in focus, and the focus light with the landscape is just right for this. You can use this type of lighting for outdoor or indoor locations.

Give us the chance to brighten your celebrations with our lighting services. Adding light to the revelry is one of our strong points.

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Wedding DJ Booking Udaipur, Kheroda Rajasthan

Udaipur Event Management made our event unforgettable! There was never a dull moment at our events and everyone had a blast. All the venues looked stunning because of all the lighting that was set up, all the plasma TVs and projectors they put up to the actual DJ set up everything looked amazing. Udaipur Event Management still cannot believe how packed the dance floor was. The music sets were phenomenal and catered to everyone at our events and across all age groups. I have been to a lot of events and have almost heard every DJ, but I do not think anyone can compare to the music selection they have and the actual timing of what to play when to keep the party and the crowd on the dance floor. Udaipur Event Management also made life easier on us when we were confused about selecting songs for our cake cutting, first dance, entrance songs for us and our bridal party. They had some fantastic suggestions that we used. Udaipur Event Management was very professional and flexible. They always picked up our calls and even met up with us at our home. They were on time for every event and were set up at least a half hour prior to our events starting. They also did an amazing job of cutting and mixing all the songs for our family and friends who performed dances at our events.

At The Udaipur Event Management, we have recognized the needs for different decoration for different occasions and if the occasion is a wedding and Corporate Event then lighting and decoration takes a front seat as one can’t think of a wedding and other ceremonies of the wedding without light and color or without pomp and show.
Udaipur Event Management assures you the best lighting and decoration for your entire function/ ceremonies. You can choose from our options and we’ll create it for you and we can even create a theme on your choice.
For Functions creating an ambiance requires skilled Best lighting effects to create an atmosphere as one can have a different venue effect by different lighting methods.
There are loads of options. Here are a few to get you started:

Colored lighting can set the mood and theme, soft washes of color across the walls or wherever you would like them. Majenta, clear, Pinks and yellows are gentle and flattering; blue can be striking and contemporary.
Candles are romantic and pretty. Popular ideas include altering candles raised high as table centerpieces, surrounded by flowers; or little tea-lights floating in bowls of water.
Twinkle lights though very popular, do create a magical atmosphere.
LED lighting technology has come on and sophisticated effects are affordable. Projecting light shapes on the walls is another option.
Hanging lanterns are popular. White or colored, they are pretty, affordable and still unusual enough to create a decorative statement. You can hang flowers or swathes of fabric alongside.
Mashal Lighting to create an old vintage classy look
Parken Lights used for focussed lighting
Strobe lights for the dance floor and life effects
Laser lights for creating magical effects 3D effects
Halogen lights for simple flood lighting
Many other SPL lights are also used as per the need of the occasion
Our experts can specially create lighting themes based on your requirement or you can choose from our resource library based on past lighting samples.

Flower Decoration Rajasthan

Welcome to Udaipur Flower Decor

We are professional wedding flower decorator located in Udaipur. We provide all kind of wedding flower decoration Udaipur services at pocket-friendly rates. We make your wedding events special and memorable by trendy and classy Wedding themes. Our main goal is to provide an excellent and unique flower decoration in marriage.

We do the flower decorations at homes, marriage venues, and cars for weddings and other events- like Wedding Flower Decoration, Pre-wedding Functions decorations, Theme Events decorations, Home decoration, stage flower decoration, Devotional decoration, and Car Decoration in all over Udaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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