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Sky Lanterns are also called Wish Lanterns, Our Sky Lantern set will arrive fully assembled and ready to light and launch and are fully biodegradable & safe and simple to use. We are offering sky lanterns. lighting in the sky made by kite paper.

type: event & party, material: fire-resistance paper specifications 100% biodegradable flame resistant sky lantern, bamboo ring inside, fine fire retardant quality; test main products: sky lantern, paper lantern, water lantern, candle bag, paper garland, and other paper crafts. quality: we believe quality is the base of longtime cooperation.we have a strict quality control system to make sure our goods will be the same.

We offer printed sky lanterns. Sky lanterns can be used on any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or corporate events to illuminate the eve and make the day unforgettable. By writing your wish message on the sky lantern you can send it to god or late loved ones, sky lantern fly miles height & also it is believed that god angle slate loved ones may see your wish & bless. 

Let your hearts joyful feelings go higher and higher with this beautiful sky lantern. The sky lanterns are also known as kongming lantern, wish lanterns, fire balloons, nightkites. Full instructions are provided with every pack of Sky Lantern, to make the easy enjoyable experience and a perfect ending to any Party or Events. This is a pointed top lantern in an oval shape with approx 80 cms height and 45 cms width. It is considered good luck to release a sky lantern, and many believe they are symbolic of problems and worries floating away as they fly apart. The sky lanterns are unique and can obtain a considerable height of about 2200 ft. This sky lantern is traditionally hand made from paper on a Bamboo frame with metal wire in the center. The source of hot air in this lantern is a fuel block composed of a paraffin waxy combustible material which comes in each pack of a lantern.

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