Wedding Folk Dance at Gauhati

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Flute music is not limited to any place or area. It can be performed anywhere, irrespective of the audience. The flute players in Udaipur are capable of performing as solo performers, in duets, or in group performances. They can also lead the show or be the fillers for the event. There are various ways in which event managing companies incorporate the flute players in events that are not basically oriented for them. They can be used as a part of the fillers team for the empty gaps in between the session of any corporate event. People can enjoy the music of the flute when there is a break. These flute players are highly professional and work according to their prescribed code of conduct. The flute players in Udaipur are available at different budgets, according to the needs of the clients. Wedding Folk Dance Ghumar and Jhumar are the main dances of Rajasthan. These dances are performed on important occasions and festivals. On the festival of Holi, Deepawali and Gangaur the atmosphere reverberate with Ghumar dance. In Ghumar, dance performing women wear ‘Lahanga’ and ‘Odhni’ and carry large plates full of lighted earthen lamps while moving their feet. In this dance, women move in a circle and because of this movement, it is called Ghumar. Like Ghumar in Rajasthan, ‘Bhawai’ dance is also practiced widely. ‘Bhawai’ is a dance of a sub-caste of Rajasthan. The Sangeet would last for 10 days, celebrating up until the wedding day – however over time this tradition boiled down to a one day function in order to fit all of the wedding events into one week. The Sangeet ceremony takes place two or three days prior to the wedding, before the Mehndi ceremony. This celebration includes dances performed by relatives and friends of the Bride and Groom, songs by the elder female members of the family singing in unison with the bride as the focal point, and an open dance floor to commemorate the festivities for the following days. The event takes place at the Bride’s home or a separate banquet hall, where the Bride’s family welcomes the Groom’s family by singing Suhaag, a traditional folk song, to the tune of the Dhol.


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