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Lac Bangle Maker:-

Lakh Bangles has captured the domestic market. These lakh bangles are available in a wide range of colors. We offer an exclusive range of designer lakh bangles at a Wedding Venue. We always bring reliable and genuine products.
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A specialty of traditional hub Rajasthan Lakh Bangles is a dear choice of women all across India. They have a unique look and appeal. Lakh Bangles add an exclusive touch to your persona. We have the widest collection in the most vibrant colors.

Our lakh makers/designers set the design of lakh bangles in such a way that it showcases the blend of traditional as well as modern look. Here you can find a wide range of modern and ethnic designs of lakh bangles and lakh kadas. Our Lakh Bangles are exported and supplied at reasonable prices which easily meet customer’s requirements and hopes. Our Lakh bangle set is handmade, by skilled craftsmen, with utmost precision and care. Our products are a perfect blend of aesthetic design and modern patterns.

Udaipur Event Management Provide the best unique collection of Lac bangles for Weddings. In this collection surely every product is exclusive and depicts the unique craftsmanship. We include a wide range of variety of lac bangles. These LacBangles are the most hunted after items among the fashion-aware generation of today. The valuable and lavishing Bangles are elegantly carved and finished with the utmost attention on each detail.

Pot Maker:-

Kumhar is a caste or community in India. Kumhar literally means potter in Indian languages. It is also known by the names Kumbhara, Kubera, Kumar, Kumor, Kubar, and Khubar.

The Kumhar community is found throughout India, in both Hindu and Muslim religions. Depending upon the subgroup or region they are classified as both Other Backward Class and the Scheduled Caste. Additionally, there is a proposal under process in Indian Parliament that the caste Prajapati (Kumhar) be declared as Scheduled caste and as a Scheduled Tribe in the states of Bihar and Orissa respectively.

Puppet Show:-

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Udaipur Rajasthan is famous for one particular style of puppets which is known as Marionette which means that puppets have to be manipulated from the top through the threads. Rajasthan puppets are made of wood. Kath (wood) + Putali (puppet, kathputali) has joined in the making of animated objects for the performance. Puppeteers come from a community of Bhats (genealogist) of Nagaur and around districts of Rajasthan. It is said that the Bhats adopted Kathputali from Mughal Courts i.e. from Persian puppeteers who played with paper machine puppets. The Bhats are also known as Nat i.e. acrobats. Puppeteers say that they play the story of Amar Singh Rathore, a medieval hero from Nagaur district who was serving in the Mughal court of Shahjahan. But the story of Amar Singh is only the frame of puppet play. They use the court for playing on wonderfully animated puppets like dancers, snake charmers, sword-fighters, horse and camel riders, etc. These puppets are the main attraction of their performance.

We Provide Rajasthani Traditional Cultural Stalls, Lac Bangle Making, Pot Making, Mochadi Wala, Puppet Show, Rajasthani Dress Photo Booth in Udaipur.