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Introduction of Kachhi Ghodi Dance
The centuries of history that is behind Rajasthan has resulted, among other things, in the gathering of very rich folk culture. The Kachhi Ghodi Dance Rajasthan is one of the most popular Folk Dances in Rajasthan. 

The Kachhi Ghodi Dance in Rajasthan India is performed on dummy horses. This dance is always performed by men. Men in elaborate costumes- red turbans and dhotis and kurtas ride the well-decorated dummy horses. With uncovered weapons in their hands, these dancers move musically to the beating of drums and fifes while a singer narrates the exploits of the Bavaria bandits of Shekhawati. 
Beginning of Kachhi Ghodi Dance
The dance begins from the bandit regions of Shekhawati, and this dance is performed for the leisure of the bridegroom’s party. Dancers elaborate costumes that look like them riding on dummy horses. It’s a kind of dynamic dance; it uses mock fights and the show of swords, nimble sidestepping, and pirouetting to the music of fifes and drums. A narrative singer usually sings the achievements of the bandit Robin protectors of Rajasthan. 

The performing arts of Rajasthan generally hail from the tribes of Rajasthan and show the socio-historical scenario that was strange to the time or race they represent. Horses have always been a very vital part of war and transportation in Rajasthan. The legend (story of past) of the Brave Rana Pratap Singh goes untold without the mention of his loyal vehicle- Chetek. Horses, as much as they were the symbol of royal power, were also used by the bandits and highwaymen who found it easy to stop people traveling on elephants of bullock carts with their horses. 
Performance of Kachhi Ghodi Dance
Kacchi Ghodi dance of Rajasthan is performed on the bridegroom’s party. On the narrative song, the dancers riding on fake horses use the mock fight to perform the scenes of the achievements of the bandit. Display of weapons and pirouetting to the beats of drums attracts the audience very much. Kacchi Ghodi of Rajasthan is a well-known folk dance full of enthusiasm and colors.

Kacchi Ghodi of Rajasthan is performed by men on dummy horses. Men wear elaborative costumes embroidered with amazing mirror-work and ride the dummy horses. The dummy horses are used as support and are equally decorated with meticulous embroidery and mirrored-work. The dancers ride the dummy horses with weapons in their hands. These dancers with weapons move to the beats of drums and fifes. In Kacchi Ghodi dance of Rajasthan, a singer describes the tales of Bavaria bandits of the Shekhawati region. 

The bandits of the Shekhawati region were especially popular, mostly due to the high concentration of businessmen and traders in that part of Rajasthan. And traders meant money, and traders meant long overnight journeys on caravans that are full of expensive goods. The Kachhi Ghodi Dance Rajasthan represents the conflict of the bandits of the Bavaria clan of tribes with the passing masses. 

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