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Kalbelia dance is a folk dance of Rajasthan state of India. It is well known by other names like ‘Sapera Dance’ or ‘Snake Charmer Dance’. Kalbelia dance is particularly performed by a Rajasthani tribe called ‘Kalbelia’. The popularity of this dance is so much worldwide that Rajasthan’s Kalbelia dance and songs are now in UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from the year 2010. In Kalbelia dance, males play various traditional instruments and females perform the dance. Kalbelia dance is one of the most sensuous dance among all Rajasthani dances.Ghoomar is a traditional as well as an enthusiastic folk dance of Rajasthan. Ghoomar or Ghumar was basically developed by the Bhil tribe and was adopted by other Rajasthani communities.

Ghoomar is a traditional as well as an enthusiastic folk dance of Rajasthan. Ghoomar or Ghumar was basically developed by the Bhil tribe and was adopted by other Rajasthani communities. The Ghoomar dance is a particularly a women’s dance and performed by the women for exclusively ladies gatherings. Ghoomar dance is performed by groups of women moving in a circular fashion and in swirling robes accompanied by men and women singing together. This spectacular folk dance derived its name from ‘ghoomna’. Fascination starts when colors of the flowing ‘ghaghara’, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women flows during pirouetting. There is an amazing grace as the skirt flair slowly while the women twirl in circles, their faces covered with the help of the veil. This splendid view feels body with enthusiasm and more when one join the dance.

Rajasthan is popular for its traditional folk dance, many tourist visits to the Rajasthan to enjoy the folk dance of the Rajasthan. The quality of the folk dance is usually mixed of the folk songs of a love song, and heroic deeds. Rajasthan is full of cultures especially peoples who belong form the small village and nomads (Banjaras ) who move from one place to another and perform their folk dance and make their home in the desert for taking rest.

They celebrate each of life and thanks God by dancing and singing their folk music around the brone fire. From all the over the world people come during the special days and vacation and enjoy the live performance of the folk dance of Rajasthan. These dances are a mixture of a love song, devotional song, and heroic song.

We have the best dance group who perform at the different types of functions and you will feel like you are watching the direct performance of the folk by sitting in the Rajasthan. Each region has its own folk dance and music and also it differs from the songs, even the instruments which are used at the time folk dance are also different in every region, we have best event management company which will give you the opportunity of feeling the traditional culture of whole Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is a state of culture and it is known as the royal state, folk dance is also played an important role in the life Rajasthani people through they narrate the story of kings and their life. They think that narrating the story through dance is the best way for them and in this way, they can recognize their past.

Through the traditional folk dance of the Rajasthan you can make your day more special and memorable which will give different feeling and attraction towards the culture of Rajasthan. While performing their folk dance they get attire of bright colors with heavy jewelry for the women and men also wear jewelry in hands and neck. Which give them different look and attractive. We also provide a folk dance group for your training if you want to perform yourself.

There are many types of folk dance of Rajasthan which are enjoyed by the people which highlights the celebration and festive of the Rajasthan which full of colors and lively, their dance is expressive and enjoyable for the tourist. In the same way, we want to make your special day more expressive and lively, as we want to provide the best group of dancers with excellent in their work and have talented like the folk dancer in Rajasthan. With our management company, you will feel proud and authentic.

When we think about the folk song we get about the melodious Folk song of Rajasthan. Rajasthani folk music is very popular among and appreciated in the whole world, the people think that what makes the folk song more popular and the answer you will get will be unique is the musical instrument they use while singing and the music they get contributed from ‘Gharanas’ of music.

The Rajasthan

Folk music melody and techniques have won the heart of the people all over the globe as we all know any music is incomplete without instruments in the same way folk music is also incomplete with their traditional instruments such as the Rawanhattha, Sarangi, Ektara, and Morchang and it was present in shape and size. The Rajasthani have excellence in many other instruments like Shenai, Poongi, Been, and Tarpi.

All these instruments are exotic on their own when people were trained gold and enchant with the talented Rajasthani folk musicians, as the contribution of the music comes from the different state, the most famous of the musician are Mirasis and Jogis who belong to the Banjaras, Langas, Mewat, and many more which gives memorable performance likes Tamasha, Kuchamani Khayal, Rammat, Nautanki and Raasleela which are equally revered.

You will also find that the age of young children five to six-year-old are also performing on the stage with a large group. These are children taking forward their tradition in the future. The most prominent Manganiyars and Langas is known to the whole world because of their uniqueness which is performed in their traditional attire and wearing colorful turbans. You will find such type of performance in every corner of the world.

You will get excited to know about that these Manganiyars and Langas are performed in different ragas which also prepared according to the time, season, and they have different songs for occasions like birth, and weddings. They also performed music will are coming from the past years like devotional music which has a composition by the Kalidas, Tulsidas Surdas, and Meerabai. Rajasthani folk music also has Sufi rendition by the composition of Amir Khusro, Latif, and Bulleh Shah. With the music, they also have an expert in playing their traditional instrument. It is not easy for compositing the music its very complex and binds with rules which should be followed for bringing soothing music for your ears.

As the music is popular that everyone wants to listen to folk music so we have given this opportunity as we provide the folk singer for marriage with that effort, and with the same rhythm and touch of traditional of Rajasthan. You also want to make the wedding day memorable for everyone.

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