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Carnival Theme Wedding

  • A Carnival theme event is the perfect way to liven up a party or gathering and it provides you with a range of creative options when it comes to decorating and planning your event.
  • Since most of us attended carnivals as children, a lot of people associate them with happy childhood memories. Attending a carnival is always going to be a nostalgic experience. That nostalgia is deepened by the fact that the traditional carnival theme is one which has historical roots.
  • Fun fairs have taken the same basic shape for many decades now. Many people enjoy the atmosphere of a carnival-themed party for just that reason. Carnivals summon up memories of childhood, but also reach into our ancestral memories of fun times throughout recent history.
  • We have done Carnival theme party in January which is in Novotel Goa for our client Keshav & Richa in their wedding haldi Function we have done carnival theme party.
  • Carnival theme party is also famous in cooperate annual meet were the company call the employee with their family member .we have done carnival theme party for client like veritas pune and Lanxess india in both event there was more than 1000 plus crowd .So we have designed and planned various activities, games and food stall that can entertained all the age group.
  • In carnival theme party we do the decoration of using so many things. We can use combination of colourful Drapes and we can make entrance décor by using balloons and we décor food counter also as per the carnival theme and using carnival props and décor seating area also.

Guest Welcome Punjabi Dhol Group

We have Punjabi Dhol Player In Udaipur who takes the full guarantee to make your party traditionally awesome by providing the best dhol services. We, Udaipur Event Management are fully dedicated to our clients and so we are the platform which provides an amazingly high quality of dhol services. What makes us stand out from the similar dhol service providing platform is that we do not bluff, we provide exactly what we say. There are several reasons that today we are a leading platform in the dhol providing services. The most important ones are described in brief below.

No Cheats

This is our first priority that we do not cheat or deceive our customers in any way. If we have promised to bring twenty dhol players on your event, we make sure that none of the players are missing out. In case if we are unable to provide what we promise for, we inform our clients beforehand. But usually, this does not happen as we always keep back up plans for each and everything.


We, Udaipur Event Management have been in the industry for a really long time. So due to this, our experience has made us fully aware of the expectations and desires of clients in the realm of Dhol services. This is why we know what our clients want and so our services have a variety of dhol players. People today are specific whether they want a nagara or dhol and what type of beats they want. We know all these intricate details and have a variety in this realm. This exceptional quality of ours makes us the preferred ones.

Value For Time

We value our customers’ time. We make sure that we are on exact time at the venue that is decided by our customers. Timing is very important in events. Who would want to get entertained with the dhol beats too early or too soon? This kills the mood of every occasion and disappoints the guests as well. Even if we arrive early we know when to play and what to play when the awesome ‘dhol beats’ are concerned. Our artists know what would attract the guests and so they perform accordingly.

Available 365 Days

We are not a platform who is available only during the times of festive or wedding season. No matter what the occasion is and what time of the year it is, we are just a call away. Yes, one needs to do advance booking for availing Punjabi dhol services in Udaipur during the wedding seasons but otherwise one can avail our services at any time of the year. Be it a birthday celebration or your success party, our dhol services always takes the fun and energy of your event higher.

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