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Udaipur Event Management can provide experienced and professional Dhol players for your next event. Our traditional Dholis make a great addition to the Mehndi night, Sangeet, Baraat Procession, or during the Shaadi. Although we specialize in Indian Weddings, our talented Dholis are available to play at various other occasions including Private Parties, Cultural Shows/ Performances, Club Events, and Concerts. We are dedicated to creating a memorable night and leaving the crowd inspired, energized, and ready to Bhangra.

Live Dhol can add excitement to any ceremony. For the Wedding, we vary the beats for each pair that meets and also adjust according to what’s happening. Towards the end of each unit when the garlands are exchanged, the Dhol is played the loudest and fastest. Upon request, our Dhol players can also dress in traditional Punjabi outfits to create a vibrant yet cultural atmosphere. 

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