Procession Setup- Camel Elephant Horse Animal Booking

Procession Setup- Camel Elephant Horse Animal Booking

Procession Setup-Camel Elephant Horse Animal Booking|Wedding Barat Management|Hire Ghori Baggi Udaipur

Wedding in Udaipur is a royal experience. Just experience the special treatment with special baraat procession, Royal Elephant, Camel, ghodi, baggi, Lawajama and Mashal wala, Sainik, etc. you will feel the exclusive royalty in every way….

Ghodi (horse for a wedding) and Elephant is one of the most important elements in any marriage, we provide beautifully decorated ghodi and Elephant for weddings. We provide wedding Ghori and Elephant for the groom. It is properly decorated by our expert team as per the client’s choice & requirements. This wedding Ghori is needed for rituals in Indian Hindu marriage for the groom in marriage.

Udaipur Event Management is very punctual about our services. Providing ghodis and Elephants to our esteemed clients at a given time is our specialty. We provide ghodis for royal processions and also provide a group of Ghodis for religious processions, We render professional services in offering our clients with Wedding Ghori Service. The ghoris we offer are of pure white color and who possess good height & high patience level. Besides, we decorate the wedding ghoris with flowers and other decorative materials as per the requirement & budget of the client. Our services are widely appreciated by the clients for their timely execution, professional services; theme-based decorations, and cost-effectiveness.

Udaipur Event Management is Rajasthan’s leading Ghodiwala in Udaipur City. We are providing time being services for our prestigious clients. We are specializing in Organizing Shahi Wedding Barat Occasions across Rajasthan.
We have Special arrangements for Band, Ghodis, Elephants, Mashal wala, Baggi With Four Horses (White), camel, Baggi with Two Horses, Baggi With one Horse, Victoria Baggi Old Years with Two Horses, Mirror Baggi with Two Horses, Lawajama, Punjabi Dhol, Bankya, Kacchi Ghodi With Three Persons, Kathputali Dance, Welcome Girls, Decorated Camels, Doli & Palki for the bride, Paalki with four & six persons.

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